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  • These cymbals are all hand-picked and sonically matched in the Sabian cymbal vault by Sabian cymbal makers. This is a perfect set of cymbals for the drummer who's getting back into drumming and wants a quality, well-matched cymbal set-up. This handy box set of one of Sabian's most popular cymbal lines, the AAX, includes a pair of 14" Stage Hi Hats, 16" X-Plosion Crash, 20" Stage Ride, and a FREE 18" X-Plosion Crash Cymbal.
    $729.99 | SAVE 46%
    Includes a FREE 18" X-Plosion Crash Cymbal!
  • Sabian SR2 Performance Cymbal Set w/ Free Bag
    Item # CYMSR5003
    | Mfg # SR5003C
    | UPC # 622537071850
    SR2 cymbals are SABIAN B20 cast cymbal returns from trade shows, artist loaners, store displays, and more. After a thorough inspection process, qualifying models are refurbished and sold as SR2 - where they’re available to you at a great price! Includes: 14" Hi Hat Cymbal 16" Crash Cymbal 20" Medium Ride FREE Cymbal Bag
    $328.00 | SAVE 53%
    *****5 of 5 (3 Reviews)
    Includes a FREE Cymbal Bag
  • Designed for the entry-level player, the Sabian B8X Super Cymbal Package sets the standard for quality cymbals. These fully hammered and totally lathed B8X's deliver the tone and value of Sabian bronze quality, boasting bright, focused and penetrating sounds. The Sabian B8X Super Cymbal Package includes 14" crisp and lively hi-hats, a penetrating 16" thin crash, a bright, loud 16" BB Pro O-Zone crash and an articulate 20" ride.If you desire a uni...
    $299.99 | SAVE 45%
    Includes a FREE Thin Crash Cymbal!
  • Sabian XSR Performance Set w/free 18" Fast Crash
    Item # CYMXSR5005GB
    | Mfg # XSR5005GB
    | UPC # 622537076732
    Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze using trickle-down technology from award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, XSR delivers unpresendented sound and performance at a price designed to fit your cymbal budget. The SABIAN XSR Performance Set includes the highly-responsive 14" XSR Hi-Hats, a versatile and effective 16" Fast Crash, a tasty 20" XSR Ride and FREE 18" Fast Crash! XSR is not a budget series, but rather a line of smartly-priced cymb...
    $499.99 | SAVE 43%
    Includes a FREE 18" Crash Cymbal
  • Sabian 15007XBS HHX Super Cymbal Set w/ FREE 10" Splash & 18" HHXplosion Crash
    Item # CYM15007XBS
    | Mfg # 15007XBS
    | UPC # 622537059957
    HHX puts out rich, simmering tones that burn through the coolest music. Super sized hammering and an exclusive Tone Projection feature add bite to project the musical sounds of HHX through everything from pumped up grooves and thickly textured tracks, to guitar heavy, high end wailing. HHX combines the best of two worlds, Traditional Tone and Modern Projection. With HHX compromise is not an option. This super cymbal set includes 10" HHX Spla...
    $1,099.99 | SAVE 50%
    Includes a FREE 10" Splash & 18" Crash
  • Sabian B8X 2-Pack - 14" Hi Hat, 18" Crash-Ride w/ Free 14" Crash
    Item # CYM45002X14
    | Mfg # 45002X14
    | UPC # 622537073731
    Sonically matched in the Sabian Vault, the Sabian B8X 2-Pack includes 14" B8X hi-hats and an 18" B8X crash-ride. Also included in this set is a FREE 14" Crash Cymbal. A perfect set for the serious and discerning beginner who needs larger cymbals that the B8X First Pack. Precision formed, hammered and lathed for pure, tonally tight sounds, B8X makes your first move into this precious metal an easy one.Includes:     Sabian B8...
    $199.99 | SAVE 47%
    Includes a FREE Crash Cymbal
  • Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Cymbal Set w/ FREE 18" Ozone Crash - Brilliant
    Item # CYM15005XEBP
    | Mfg # 15005XEBP
    | UPC # 622537055669
    The Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbal Package boasts excellent projection and a full, rich tone. This pack includes a set of 14 inch hi-hats, a 16 inch crash, a 20 inch ride, and a free 18 inch Ozone crash that cuts through any mix with its quick, explosive response and tight focus! Sabian delivers their most sonically advanced cymbals in this HHX Evolution cymbal pack. Includes: 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals 16" Crash Cymbal 20" Ride Cymbal Free 18" ...
    $899.99 | SAVE 47%
    Includes a FREE 18" Crash Cymbal
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