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  • Sabian 2019 Black Friday 17" XSR Extra-Thin Concept Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYMXSR17BF
    | Mfg # XSR17BF
    | UPC # 622537087936
    The 17” XSR Concept Crash adds a whole new sound to the XSR range of cymbals. As thin − if not thinner − than the XSR Fast Crash, the Concept Crash sports a low profile bell, pinpoint lathing and a lower overall cymbal profile. The low profile bell creates a dark, fast attack. Overall, the result is very quick response and the darkest sounding cymbal in the XSR line. Drummers have asked for darker sounds in the smartly priced XS...
    $78.00 | SAVE 70%
  • This unique light with a combined battery bank is a brand new music performance accessory from Mighty Bright. Originally designed for working musicians on the road, this light is also perfect for business travelers, service technicians and handymen, artists, or for anyone who needs bright portable light and backup power. The BrightFlex was created as a multi-purpose upgrade to our original, industry-standard Orchestra Light. No longer just for mu...
    $39.99 | SAVE 20%
  • Mighty Bright 47830 NuFlex® Rechargeable Light - Black
    Item # LT40547830
    | Mfg # 47830
    | UPC # 729578478300
    The NuFlex® was originally created to improve upon one of our best-sellers, the HammerHead - and now we've made the NuFlex® even better by making it rechargeable!Built for large pages and projects that need more light, the NuFlex® Rechargeable provides 35 lumens of warm white light via three energy-efficient LEDs. It provides a broad field of light that is clear, consistent, and easy on the eyes.Features: Rechargeable (charges full...
    $35.19 | SAVE 20%
  • Yamaha YVS-120 Alto Venova Wind Instrument w/ Mouthpiece & Case
    Item # EN217ALTO
    | Mfg # YVS120
    | UPC # 889025126199
    Introducing the New YVS-120 Alto VenovaBuilding on the runaway success of the original Venova Casual Wind Instrument, Yamaha is expanding the line with the addition of the new YVS-120 Alto Venova. This new model is physically larger and uses an alto saxophone mouthpiece and reed to produce a lower and more mellow sound, with the same state-of-the-art technology that made the original Venova so unique.Like its smaller cousin, the Alto Venova is li...
    $179.99 | SAVE 15%
  • Hercules GS415BPLUS Plus Series Universal AutoGrip Guitar Stand w/ Foldable Yoke
    Item # SS415BPLUS
    | Mfg # GS415BPLUS
    | UPC # 635464420943
    The Hercules GS415B Guitar stand features the upgraded Auto Grip system with a fold down yoke, easy height adjustment, and SFF rubber on all contact points, including the legs. Features: Upgraded Universal Auto Grip System Instant Height Adjustment Clutch Specially Formulated Foam Specs: Load Capacity: 15 kg (33 Ibs.) Base Radius: 320 mm (12.6”) Limited Lifetime Warranty
    $52.99 | SAVE 29%
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2-In 2-Out USB Audio Interface, 3rd Generation
    | UPC # 815301005179
    The perfect audio interface for a singer-songwriterThe simplest model in the range, the third-generation Scarlett Solo provides singer-songwriters with a reassuringly easy recording process. Equipped with high performance 24-bit/192kHz AD-DA converters, Scarlett guarantees the same professional sound quality throughout the third-generation range. Its features include a single upgraded third-generation Scarlett mic preamp with a switchable Air set...
    $109.99 | SAVE 21%
  • Promark TX747WFG Classic 747 Rock FireGrain Hickory Drumsticks w/ Wood Tips
    Item # SM452747W
    | Mfg # TX747WFG
    | UPC # 616022134809
    Promark is excited to announce the expansion of our popular FireGrain line to include the iconic Classic 747 drumstick profile. The Classic 747 features a 5A diameter with a large oval tip and extended length. The Classic 747 also features a thicker taper than our Classic 5A, making it ideal for heavier playing and projection.FireGrain is a patented flame-tempering process that turns ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecede...
    $12.99 | SAVE 42%
  • The TXDC17W-WHITE was designed by drum corps legend and System Blue drum instructor, Scott Johnson. The stick features a medium taper and full bead for a wide range of dynamics on the marching snare while still providing a great feel in the player's hands. This version comes in an elegant, painted white finish for high visibility on the playing field.Features: Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its resilience, respon...
    $8.89 | SAVE 57%
  • The BYOS FireGrain stick is engineered to function as a traditional marching implement and a well-balanced show style trick stick with increased durability. Featuring a medium taper and large round bead, this stick will provide the necessary output volume needed for the marching activity both indoor or out. The grip ring on the butt end provides a comfortable grip while executing stick tricks. FireGrain is a revolutionary heat-tempering process t...
    $13.99 | SAVE 45%
  • Tama HC038 Boom Cymbal Stands, 2-Pack
    Item # ST989HC038WX2
    | Mfg # HC03BWX2
    | UPC # 4549763195258
    Tama's standard boom stand 2-pack provides a practical cymbal mounting option with strong value. Stand features include nylon bushing joints for easy and stable height positioning, double-braced legs for stability, boom/straight convertibilty and fine-gear tilter. Tama's reversible cymbal sleeves extend life of sleeves by turning them upside-down when they become worn and the Cymbal Mate nylon cymbal toppers are designed for quick, ergonomic rota...
    $89.99 | SAVE 47%
  • Our Extreme 5A profile treated with our DoubleGlaze lacquer formula. A consistent and classic feel that's great for extra grip when you need it.Specs: Length: 16 1/2" Diameter: .565" Taper: Medium Tip: Tear Drop Material (Wood): Hickory Finish: DoubleGlaze
    $9.99 | SAVE 41%
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2-In 2-Out USB Audio Interface, 3rd Generation
    Item # COMSCAR2I23G
    | Mfg # AMSSCARLETT2I23G
    | UPC # 815301005162
    The world's best-selling audio interfaceThe most popular audio interface for artists across all genres, the third-generation Scarlett 2i2 provides two mic/line/instrument inputs allowing simultaneous recording and playback of up to two channels with independently controllable headphone and monitor outputs.The 2i2 features two upgraded third-generation Scarlett mic preamps with optional Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of Focusrite’s ...
    $159.99 | SAVE 20%