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  • The Fundamental Educational Packages are a set of three different educational products designed with input from today's leading percussion educators. Each package offers the necessary percussion tools for the beginner, intermediate, and college bound percussion student, all in one easy to purchase stick bag and at an economical package price. FP-2 Intermediate Pack Contains: F2 - Hard Marimba Mallets F9 - Xylophone Mallets CT3 - Medium Ti...
    $75.00 | SAVE 52%
  • Innovative Field Series FS2T Shorty Tenor Mallets
    Item # SM229FS2T
    | Mfg # FS2T
    | UPC # 819148003480
    The Innovative Percussion FS-2T Shorty is a shorter version of Innovative Percussion's popular FS-2 drumstick, shortened for multi-tom use. Features: - Heartwood Hickory - Reverse Teardrop Bead - Short Taper - Length: 16 1/4" - Thickness: .698"
    $9.58 | SAVE 46%
  • Manufactured by the leader in high quality keyboard mallets, the Fundamental Series Keyboard Mallets were specifically designed with the beginning percussionist and budget conscious band director in mind. This economical series offers the beginning percussionist and band director a line of quality keyboard mallets at an affordable price. The Fundamental Series is available in 15 different models. All models feature black painted birch dowels and ...
    $13.28 | SAVE 45%
  • The FS-JC signature model marching snare stick is the newest addition to the Field Series Drumsticks designed to the exact specifications of Jim Casella, former percussion arranger for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps. Jim's stick is constructed of heartwood hickory featuring an oval bead and a long taper for increased rebound and smooth action.
    $10.28 | SAVE 47%
  • The FS-1N nylon tip marching drumstick features all the specifications, feel, and response of our popular FS-1 marching stick, but with a nylon tip for increased articulation and durability. This model is great for marching shows that call for a large number of ride cymbal or high-hat passages.
    $10.08 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion Joey Waronker Standard Hickory Drum Sticks
    Item # SM344JW1
    | Mfg # JW1
    | UPC # 819148007099
    The Joey Waronker model features a quick taper with an elongated bead.  JW-1 Features: Hickory Elongated Bead Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .540"  
    $9.18 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion IP1 General Concert Snare Drumsticks
    Item # SM228IP1
    | Mfg # IP1
    | UPC # 819148000649
    The IP-1 is designed for general concert snare drum use. This stick is constructed of heartwood resulting in a denser and slightly heavier stick weight. The IP-1 is designed slightly thicker and longer for increased control and balance. The elongated oval bead creates a darker sound, while the short taper increases the tip weight for better response at lower dynamic levels. The IP-1 is an excellent multipurpose concert snare drum stick.
    $8.98 | SAVE 48%
  • Innovative Percussion Chad Wackerman Heartwood Hickory Drum Sticks
    Item # SM344CW1
    | Mfg # CW1
    | UPC # 819148007297
    The Chad Wackerman model is constructed of heartwood hickory and features a quick taper with a small collar and an elongated barrel bead.  Features: Heartwood Hickory Elongated Barrel Bead Length: 16" Diameter: .605" 
    $9.18 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion PS-RM2 J. Reid Maxwell Slim Snare Drumsticks
    Item # SM229PSRM2
    | Mfg # PSRM2
    | UPC # 081914800822
    After the booming success of the RM1 Pipe Band Snare Drumstick by IP Signature Artist J. Reid Maxwell, we are proud to introduce his newly completed line, "The MSR Series". 'MSR' is an acronym for March, Strathspey and Reel which are three contrasting Scottish tune types regularly played by pipe bands worldwide. This set of Scottish tunes is considered the golden standard competition format for nearly all pipe bands and soloists of all levels. IP...
    $9.98 | SAVE 48%
  • Bob Breithaupt, Professor of Music at Capital University and Executive Director of the Jazz Arts Group, has assisted Innovative Percussion in developing the second addition to our Combo Drumstick Series. This model is available in maple and features a teardrop bead for full drum and cymbal sounds. Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .570"
    $8.43 | SAVE 53%
  • Ed Soph, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas and drummer with many big bands including the bands of Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Bill Watrous and Clark Terry, has assisted Innovative Percussion in developing this new line of drumsticks with the drum set player in mind. The first of the Combo Drumstick Series, the Ed Soph drumsticks, are available in maple for combo or small group playing or white hickory for big ban...
    $9.18 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion FS4 Wood Tip Hickory Marching Drumsticks
    Item # SM229FS4
    | Mfg # FS4
    | UPC # 819148008539
    The FS-4 is designed specifically for the outdoor marching percussion environment. It is constructed of white hickory and features a round bead for increased articulation as well as a short taper and smaller neck for quick rebound and excellent response. Features: White Hickory Round Bead Short Taper Length: 17" Thickness: .710"
    $9.58 | SAVE 46%
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