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  • Union 700 Series Drum Hardware Pack
    Item # SS288HWP700
    | Mfg # DHWP7001
    | UPC # 816627017457
    These 700 Series Stands feature super-solid, double-braced tripod legs, memory locks, large diameter tubing, and large rubber feet. The Cymbal Boom Stand is convertible and can be used as a boom stand or a straight cymbal stand. The Hi-Hat Stand has a chain drive and includes a standard clutch. Snare Stand is basket style with a large turning wheel and large protective basket grips. The Bass Drum Pedal features heavy cast frame, smooth-action dou...
    $199.99 | SAVE 52%
  • Revolution Drum TTCL TruTones Premium Drum Dampers - Clear
    Item # PC446TTCL
    | Mfg # TTCL
    | UPC # 094922583765
    TruTones are produced with a proprietary material to drastically reduce unwanted overtones. Designed for maximum versatility, simply move the damper around the percussive surface to obtain the exact tone you are looking for.By drastically reducing over-ring, you can hear your drums TruTones. Designed with feedback from top Artists, the TruTones are long lasting, leave no residue on your drum heads and can be washed with mild soap and water to bri...
    $10.95 | SAVE 26%
  • Vic Firth SBG Benny Greb Signature 5B Drumsticks
    Item # SM021SBG
    | Mfg # SBG
    | UPC # 750795020355
    German drumming sensation Benny Greb requires no introduction in the percussion world. A true student of the instrument, his analytical and holistic approach to the drums fuels his enviable ability to groove in any musical setting. As much an educator as he is a performer, Benny strives to share his knowledge and passion with future generations of drummers in his instructional roles at the Popakademie in Hamburg and the Hamburg School of Music.In...
    $10.49 | SAVE 43%
  • Ahead ABDD Pro Kick Bass Drum Dampers, 4 Pack - Clear
    Item # PC129ABDD
    | Mfg # ABDD
    | UPC # 753283001942
    The Pro Kick Bass Drum Dampers are a gel muffling system designed specifically for your bass drum. These simple to install premium external dampers won't restrict airflow inside of your bass drum, encouraging the natural sustain and low-end that makes your bass drum sound its very best.Features: Includes 4 gel bass drum dampers Use on batter drum head, resonant, or both Has smooth and grooved side for different effects and drum head surf...
    $15.99 | SAVE 20%
  • Drum-N-Base HP180 Bass Drum Hoop Protector 180
    Item # PA201DNB
    | Mfg # DNB
    | UPC # 3701070003140
    Drum-N-Base has launched a new product that will become the new standard of bass drum hoop protection! The Hoop Protector 180 (HP180) gives bass drum hoops the best total protection on the top, side and bottom of the hoop, 180 degrees! This way a bass drum pedal has no chance to damage the lacquer and/or wood of your hoops.Besides protecting the hoop, the HP180 also increases the pedal grip – so there's no moving pedal anymore!The Hoop Prot...
    $6.99 | SAVE 22%
  • Questlove is best known as the drummer and joint frontman for the Grammy Award-winning band The Roots. One of the longest and thinnest sticks we offer, the wildly unique Questlove Signature Stick is now optionally available without VicGrip or paint.Length = 17", Diameter = .520"
    $10.49 | SAVE 43%
  • Zildjian Z5A 5A Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks
    Item # SM455Z5A
    | Mfg # Z5A
    | UPC # 642388317204
    Our most popular model. Full-size oval tip produces full tone.Length = 16", Diameter = .560"Medium Taper
    $8.99 | SAVE 44%
  • The world’s most played drumsticks, treated with our DoubleGlaze lacquer formula. A consistent and classic feel that’s great for dry hands.5A Size: Length = 16", Diameter = .565"
    $9.49 | SAVE 41%
  • The world’s most played drumsticks, customized for sweaty players. Lacquer-free with special PureGrit processing for added abrasive texture.5B Size: Length = 16", Diameter = .595"
    $9.49 | SAVE 41%
  • Vic Firth SGAR Matt Garstka Signature Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021SGAR
    | Mfg # SGAR
    | UPC # 750795020584
    Matt Garstka is regarded as one of the key progressive drummers of his generation. This Berklee educated drummer has been gigging since age twelve. He can effortlessly move between genres and across time signatures, and has the ability to make even the most complicated groove feel comfortable. His highly technical style has been the driving force of instrumental progressive metal band, Animals as Leaders since 2007. Matt set out to design a stick...
    $10.49 | SAVE 43%
  • Zildjian ZASJD Josh Dun Artist Series Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks - Red
    Item # SM455ZASJD
    | Mfg # ZASJD
    | UPC # 642388318188
    Built to stand up to the aggressive grooves that drive Twenty One Pilots. A beefed up 5A shaft with extra length for more reach and effortless velocity. A medium taper keeps everything in balance. Oval tip creates a surface area ideal for punchy drums and bright cymbals. A stick made to be seen and heard!Length = 16 1/2", Diameter = .585"Medium Taper
    $9.99 | SAVE 44%
  • Promark TX2BWFG FireGrain Classic 2B Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM4522BW
    | Mfg # TX2BWFG
    | UPC # 616022131945
    Promark has turned up the heat with FireGrain – a revolutionary heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability. While keeping their original weight, balance, and attack, Promark FireGrain sticks allow drummers to hit harder and play longer, naturally. No excess vibration, no space age gimmicks, just natural hickory, hardened by flame. FireGrain will be available on Class...
    $12.99 | SAVE 42%