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  • Behringer CS400 Ultimate Dynamics Effects Pedal
    Item # EFFCS400
    | Mfg # CS400
    | UPC # 736211842879
    Let Behringer's Compressor/Sustainer CS400 effect pedal put your guitar signal on the main stage. The CS400 is perfect for compressing loud volume peaks and boosting low signals. This gives you the ideal volume and level at all times. You'll love the smooth compression and massive sustain the CS400 adds to your signal. it's perfect for punchy, clean guitar tones and for hot, rock solos. Features: Smooth out your sound and add sustain with this...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Ultravoice XM1800SFew things are more essential to recording or live performance than dynamic microphones. Ask any sound engineer and they will tell you to keep as many as possible on hand. Behringer has bundled a set of 3 great-sounding XM1800S dynamic microphones into one impact-resistant case, with stand adapters and mic clips so you’ll be ready to capture your sound in brilliant resolution.What is a Dynamic Microphone?Dynamic mics have ...
    $39.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Behringer HD400 Ultra-Compact 2-Channel Hum Destroyer
    Item # EFFHD400
    | Mfg # HD400
    | UPC # 736211577047
    The HD400 features two channels that can eliminate hum in two mono signals or one stereo signal. Try putting it between a stereo mixer and your power amps for a squeaky-clean sound free of AC hum. It breaks ground loops safely while maintaining the highest sound quality. It can even convert unbalanced signals into balanced without any signal degradation.Features: Removes AC hum and noise - fast, easy and reliable Breaks ground loops safely,...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Behringer Microphono PP400 Ultra-Compact Phono Preamp
    Item # ET925PP400
    | Mfg # PP400
    | UPC # 689076811781
    In the age of the MP3, it can be easy to forget that a turntable signal needs a little help before it reaches a mixer or home stereo if it's going to be heard. Thanks to the MICROPHONO PP400 phono preamp, your turntable will get the boost it needs to bring your vinyl to life.Features: Converts your phono signal to a line level signal State-of-the-art phono preamp to accommodate all magnetic pickups Dedicated RCA and1/4" TRS output connec...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Behringer VD400 Vintage Analog Delay Effects Pedal
    Item # EFFVD400
    | Mfg # VD400
    | UPC # 689076111911
    From elastic delay to vintage slap-back echo, the VINTAGE DELAY VD400 harnesses the authentic sounds of classic 1960s studio wizardry.Though digital sound technology constantly evolves, nothing sounds quite like the “old-school” analog Bucket Brigade-style delay you get when you step on the VD400. With its dedicated Repeat Rate, Intensity and Echo dials, this amazing little stomp box evokes the spirits of some of rock and roll’s...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Behringer TM300 Ultimate Tube Amp Modeling Effects Pedal
    Item # EFFTM300
    | Mfg # TM300
    | UPC # 689076112413
    Tube Amp Modeler TM300 - Ultimate Tube Amp Modeling Effects PedalSetting up amps, dialing in tones and positioning mics takes a lot of time and patience. Step on the amazing TUBE AMP MODELER TM300 and skip straight to the good part! The TM300 features authentic modeling technology for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 gain modes and 3 mic placements for a total of 27 configurations that let you easily achieve the most sought-after tube amp sounds &nd...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Behringer OD300 2-Mode Overdrive/Distortion Effects Pedal
    Item # EFFOD300
    | Mfg # OD300
    | UPC # 736211844170
    Overdrive/Distortion OD300Some songs call for an edgy modern-crunch; others call for the classic sound of hot and bothered tubes – still others need a little of both. The OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION OD300 has all your bases covered, allowing you to expertly sculpt your tone with the Level, Tone, Drive and Mode controls.Truckloads of ToneThanks to the OD300’s Overdrive/Distortion blend dial, you can turn all the way to the left for pure overd...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Behringer BOD400 Bass Overdrive Pedal
    Item # EFFBOD400
    | Mfg # BOD400
    | UPC # 736211843579
    Bass Overdrive BOD400Get rich, tube-like distortion, smooth sustain and super-fat tone! Here’s an overdrive pedal that supports the entire frequency range of bass guitars, even 5 & 6-stringers. The best part of all, the Bass Overdrive BOD400 was designed specifically for bass, so the bottom-end won’t drop out when you pull the trigger.VersatilityOne of BOD400’s coolest features is its BALANCE control, which lets you mix the ...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Authentic Vintage-Style Phase ShifterAuthentic and classic 3-dimensional phase shifting – the VINTAGE PHASER VP1 provides everything from whirling speakers to impressive jet plane effects! There is a dedicated Rate control and separate Tone switch for fine-tuning the speed and tone. No matter what phasing effect sound you’re after, VP1 makes getting there easy!Ease of UseIt doesn’t get any easier than having only one big knob to...
    $24.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Behringer DI800 Professional Mains/Phantom Powered 8-Channel DI-Box
    Item # EFFDI800
    | Mfg # DI800
    | UPC # 689076111317
    The Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 Active Phantom Powered 8-channel DI Box is a rackmount DI with sufficient inputs to accommodate everyone onstage or in the studio. Direct Injection (DI) boxes, of course, let you plug guitars and basses, keyboards, etc. directly into your board. For impedance matching and signal integrity, they're indispensable. The DI800 is a DI on steroids. With its active circuitry, it sports buffered inputs that won't pollute ...
    $119.99 | SAVE 33%
  • The compact Q802USB mixer allows you to effortlessly achieve premium- quality sound, thanks to its 4 onboard studio-grade XENYX Mic Preamps and ultra-musical “British” channel EQs. And our easy-to-use “one-knob” compressors provide total dynamic control for the ultimate in punch and clarity, while respecting all the power and emotion you pack into every note. Add to this, the sweet forgiveness of our British-style EQs and ...
    $79.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Looking for a simple, affordable way to get your music into the digital realm? Or maybe you’d like to connect your computer to an external effects unit or recorder? Want to transfer your old cassette tapes to CD before the oxide falls off the tape? The fastest, easiest way to get analog audio into your computer is with the U-CONTROL UCA222 Audio Interface.Features: Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. wit...
    $29.99 | SAVE 33%
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