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Mapex is bringing custom drum kits to musicians like you across the country, and Cascio Interstate Music is here to help you get the kit of your dreams at a price you'll have to see to believe. Choose from maple or birch shells, pick from a wide range of drum sizes to build a custom arrangement, then mix and match 50 finish types with 8 hardware colors (there are over 500 million possible unique designs)! It's fun and easy to design your own kit online in just a few minutes. Once you're done, click the order button at the top to get your unique model number. Then call 1-800-462-2263 to order your kit! Delivery is guaranteed within 30 days of ordering. Design your custom kit now at

Here's how to design and order your custom Mapex kit:

  1. 1. Create a user account at
  2. 2. Build and save your custom designs (500 million possible combinations)
  3. 3. Click the "order" tab to get your custom kit reference number
  4. 4. Contact our customer service department by phone (1-800-462-2263), email ( or via live chat to get your special price
  5. 5. MyDentity drum orders can also be placed in person at our Retail SuperStore

Start with one of the following templates, or design from scratch:

  • 4-Piece Shell Packs: $999.99
  • 5-Piece Shell Packs: $1099.99
  • 6-Piece Shell Packs: $1199.99
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Mapex drums are handcrafted by skilled employees who apply their talent and expertise to their craft. Premium grade hardwoods are hand-selected, creating the signature tonal and resonant properties that define the Mapex sound, and their drum finishes are durable and easy to maintain.

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