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Bob Ackerman

Bob Ackerman

Electronic Repair Expert

Bob Ackerman, the "Repair Doctor", is an experienced technician who has run our full-service electronic musical instrument repair shop since 1986. He's a classic rock junkie and an expert in tube technology and servicing vintage equipment.

Bob is an active member of the Musical Instrument Technicians Associate (MITA) as he specializes in servicing, recording equipment, effects units, lights, speakers, and more.

Full Service Electronic Instrument Repair for Milwaukee and Beyond

Cascio Music offers electronic instrument repair on a variety of gear, plus warranty service on products from various manufacturers. We repair:

  • Guitar, Bass & Keyboard Amplifiers (including tube amps *)
  • Keyboards
  • PA Gear
  • Recording Equipment
  • Effects Units
  • Speakers
  • Lighting
  • Wireless Microphone Systems

Tube Amplifier Repair

Bob Ackerman's specialty is tube amp repair. It's no secret that just like a high performance car, tube amps require the occasional trip to the "garage" for maintenance and tweaking. With his many decades of experience repairing tube amps, Bob Ackerman is the "go-to guy" in Milwaukee that knows tube amps like the back of his hand. Bob has worked on the oldest vintage Marshalls to the current amp models.

When you trust your tube amp to Bob, you can be sure that your amplifier will receive the same kind of attention that touring headliners come to expect from their personal amp techs. Bob will personally discuss your amp's needs with you before proceeding, and then repair your amp as if it was his own (and trust us, he's finicky!) When you get your amp back from Bob, it will have the roar, grind and punch that made you fall in love with it in the first place!

Brands We Service

We commonly handle product repairs for the following brands: Ampeg, B52, Boss, Casio, Crate, Crown, Fender, Furman, Gallien Krueger, Genz Benz, Hughes & Kettner, JBL, Korg, Kurzweil, Line 6, Mackie, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Nord, Peavey, QSC, Rane, Rhodes, Roland, SWR, Tascam, Teac, Vox and Yamaha. Contact us with any other warranty service questions.

Packing & Shipping Information

When sending your instrument for repair, make sure to use a sturdy box. You can even double-box the instrument for added protection. Also, be sure to use plenty of packing material around the instrument. If using packing peanuts, first enclose the instrument in a large garbage bag to keep the styrofoam from getting into the instrument. When sending an instrument, it is also recommended to have the package insured. If you are shipping a tube amp, remove the tubes and send them separately to prevent breakage. If you are shipping a combo amp head, remove the head from the cabinet and send the head only to save on shipping weight and to prevent the possibility of damage to the speaker. Before sending in a product for repair, you will need to print and fill out a repair ticket (click here). Please ship your repair to Bob Ackerman at 13819 W. National Ave. New Berlin, WI 53151.

The Cascio Music Advantage

We offer professional service with quick turn-around and a dealer repair discount. You can reach us by stopping by our retail store, contacting us by phone at 262-439-5815, or emailing us at Print and fill out a repair ticket here.

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