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To place an order via phone, inquire about returns, merchandise questions, item availability, placing an order with multiple destinations and/or payments, tracking a package, shipping questions or have any other customer service questions please call us at:

(800) 462-2263 (Toll Free in the U.S. only)
(262) 789-7600 (Outside the U.S.)

(800) 529-0382 (Toll Free Fax in the U.S. only)
(262) 786-6840 (Outside the U.S.)

Alternatively, if you wish to contact us by email:

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Please do not send any product (return, exchange or otherwise) to the address listed above. All returns and exchanges require a Return Authorization number. All items delivered at the above address will be returned to the sender at sender's expense. If you have a product that you wish to return, please view our Return Policy and follow the procedure and our customer service center will issue a return authorization that includes our ship-to address.

Rachel Repetti

DJ Hostettler

DJ started playing drums at the tender age of 10 and never stopped, having toured the country a few times over with his various artsy noise-rock bands. While drumming is his #1 area of expertise, DJ also occasionally monkeys around with synths, audio collage, and especially enjoys singing and harmonizing with his wife and fellow musician Dixie. Above all, DJ believes in making sure Interstate Music's customers are comfortable knowing that their needs will be met every time they call, email, or chat online.

Sam Ludwig

Jordan Davis

Jordan has been involved with music since he was a child. He is an avid collector of records and vintage keyboards, and is quite knowledgeable about 20th century music history. Jordan plays many instruments and has been involved in bands in Wisconsin and abroad since he was 14, playing mostly guitar, organ and occasionally drums. Jordan learned recording at the Madison Media Institute and is mostly experienced with older analog gear, which to him is still the most fun to work with.

Maria McQuestion

John Gilson

John Gilson has been playing music in and around the Milwaukee area for 20 plus years, playing garage rock inspired guitar in several different bands. John has done a fair bit of work as a sound engineer at local venues and loves to experiment in home recording techniques on the computer. After spending several years working a variety of customer service representative jobs it finally occurred to him to combine his talents. He enjoys using his music knowledge to help customers with their buying decisions every day. John has seen and experienced a lot of changes over the years, from tape to computers, and is happy to share what he's learned with our customers.

Amelia MIller

Alex Julien

Alex has loved this thing we call music since he was a kid, playing professionally for about 15 years. His choice of weapon is a Fender Jazz Deluxe 5 String Bass. Alex enjoys listening to all types of music as well as playing all types of music and loves assisting our wonderful customers here at Interstate Music!

Steve Davidson

Justin Krol

Justin started playing drums at the age of 9 and still continues to play today, 25 years later. Besides playing in rock n' roll bands, he also teaches drum and percussion students young and old alike.

Andy Shultz

Debi Kossoris

Debi has been a professional working musician and teacher for over 40 years. She is an accomplished vocalist, bassist and guitarist, having performed thousands of gigs as well as recording sessions throughout the U.S. Her extensive industry experience includes working 14 years for Hal Leonard Publishing in Sales and Service, as a music agent for TEC in Wisconsin, a vocal and guitar teacher, and is still performing professionally. She loves being part of our Call Center Team and is a tremendous asset!

Andy Shultz

Peter Neumer

Peter has been with Cascio Interstate Music for 25 years. During that time he has worked as a retail sales rep, dept. sales coordinator, and band and orchestra buyer. Presently a member of the company's catalog division/contact center he enjoys interacting with a broad customer base of individuals and schools daily. Specialties include woodwinds, brasswinds, P.A. and recording product lines.

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  • Since 1887, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments. Musicians worldwide place their confidence in Yamaha Drums, Keyboards, Woodwinds & Brass, plus Live Sound and Recording Gear.
  • C. F. Martin & Co. has been creating the finest instruments in the world for over 175 years. One of the world’s leading acoustic instrument makers, Martin guitars are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and women, using both old and new design and techniques.
  • Meinl Cymbals inspire drummers, offering them new sounds to hear and feel. Six different alloys are used for crafting cymbals, offering   the widest selection of basic cymbal sound characteristics. Based in Germany, Meinl also offers a wide assortment of high quality percussion instruments for all skill levels.
  • Archer offers Acoustic, Electric and Bass models – quality instruments with "sound" value at modest prices. Designed and performance-tested in the USA, these are ready-to-go right out of the box! With Archer, you're not paying for the "name," you're paying for the guitar. 
  • Union Drum Sets are designed and performance tested in the USA ... and come with everything needed to start playing, right out of the box. Quality Drum Hardware and Hand Percussion round out the Union Drums line.
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