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  • Korg SY-1D SyncDancing Synchronized Dance Music Player
    Item # ET854SY1M
    | Mfg # SY1M
    | UPC # 4959112156890
    SyncDancing is an ultra-miniature music player for ballroom dance practice that you wear in your ear like an earphone. In addition to metronome functionality, it has 20 built-in standard ballroom dance songs, so you can practice at any time while listening your favorite dance songs. This one unit provides everything you need for improving your dancing skills, sharpening your sense of rhythm, and becoming familiar with dance songs. You can practic...
  • Korg SR-1G StrokeRhythm In-Ear Golf Metronome
    Item # ET854SR1G
    | Mfg # SR1G
    | UPC # 4959112156883
    Designed for the golfer, the StrokeRhythm is an ultra-small metronome that fits in your ear like an earphone. By practicing your swing while listening to the beat directly in your ear, you can stabilize your rhythm and improve your swing. You can also choose from a wide range of tempo and beat settings to find a swing rhythm that's right for you. The jog switch allows smooth tempo adjustment, and a unique mechanism holds the unit securely in your...
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  • Korg IE-1M In-Ear Metronome
    Item # ET854IE1M
    | Mfg # IE1M
    | UPC # 4959112156876
    The MM-1 micro metronome which went on sale in 2002 earned enormous popularity thanks to its shockingly small size and its revolutionary usability. After numerous requests, KORG is releasing a new in-ear metronome with even more functionality than the original. The In-EarMetronome is an ultra-small metronome that fits easily in your ear. Since you can hear the metronome sound directly in your ear without it being overpowered by sounds around you,...
  • Korg KA-183 9V Adapter for OT-120 Tuner
    Item # EA656KA183
    | Mfg # KA183
    | UPC # 4959112159990
    Quickly and easily power-up your OT-120 tuner via this dependable 9-volt power supply.
    $12.99 | SAVE 10%
  • Korg CA-2 Chromatic Tuner
    Item # ET841CA2
    | Mfg # CA2
    | UPC # 4959112135949
    Having become a popular standard in tuners and an indispensable item for brass band or orchestra thanks to its superior basic functionality and convenient functions, the CA series now has a fresh new look. Carrying on the stylish design with its simple layout of the basic functions, the note name display has been enlarged and the meter made even more visible. This is a must-have item not only for beginners but also for a wide range of musical ins...
    $17.99 | SAVE 18%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • D'Addario Woodwinds WW-PG-01 Practice Grip Hand Exerciser
    Item # WA637HAND
    | Mfg # WWPG01
    | UPC # 046716583550
    Practice Grip is a pocket-sized hand and finger exerciser ideal for woodwind and brass instrumentalists who use keys or valves. This conditioning tool is designed with light overall tension to foster proper, healthy finger motion, digital independence, and increased finger speed and dexterity. The tension in each individual spring-loaded piston is adjustable, making this device also useful for finger, hand, and forearm strengthening. Customizable...
    $14.99 | SAVE 31%
  • Peterson PitchGrabber Mobile Tuning Clip
    Item # EA242
    | Mfg # 403882
    | UPC # 805265500575
    Pitch Grabber™ tuning pickup easily and safely clamps on to virtually any musical instrument, capture the pitch using a piezo pickup, and send it directly to your tuner. The PitchGrabber Mobile™ in an active pick-up using the headphone/mic input of your mobile device to help isolate the sound of your instrument and give the strongest signal possible to the device even in very noisy environments.Features: Active piezo pick-up Dir...
    $15.49 | SAVE 22%
  • Snark SM-1 Touchscreen Metronome
    Item # ET797SM1
    | Mfg # SM1
    | UPC # 611820000707
    NEW from NAMM 2015, the Snark SM-1 Touchscreen Metronome features 6 distinct sounds, 15 rhythms, tap tempo, and a loud speaker.6 Sounds:  Wood Block Hand Clap Snare Cricket Chirp Dog bark Cowbell Pause/Play Feature Extra Loud Speaker Variable Volume 40-250 Beats Per Minute Speed Jack for Smart Phone Ear Buds
    $21.99 | SAVE 24%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Korg - AW3M - Dolcetto Clip On Tuner/Metronome for Orchestral Instruments
    Item # EA203AW3M
    | Mfg # AW3M
    | UPC # 4959112096967
    Korg's AW-3M clip-on tuner is designed for use with large variety of orchestral and concert band instruments. It features a double ball-joint, so you can easily clip and adjust it to any instrument. The AW-3M features a built-in metronome for assisting in rhythm training. A transpose feature lets you transpose tunings for brass and woodwinds at the touch of a button. Its vibration-sensing Piezo sensor is perfect for tuning in noisy environments. ...
  • Yamaha GCT1 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner For Guitar, Ukulele, Violin
    Item # ET929151
    | Mfg # GCT1
    | UPC # 086792323725
    Clip-on tuner. Settings for chromatic tuning, guitar, bass, viola, cello, and ukulele.
  • Seiko - DM71- Pocket Sized Digital Metronome, Silver
    Item # ET17270S
    | Mfg # DM71SU
    | UPC #
    Compact pocket sized full function Digital Metronome. Portable and versatile, you can take this metronome with you wherever you go.Product Description Tempo Range: 30 ~ 250 (221 Steps) Beat / 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 Sound Generation / C4~B4, A4~440Hz with LCD and 1 LED tempo and beat indicator Volume Control (4 levels) Earphone jack Memory Back up Built-in Stand High Contrast LCD offers excellent visibility Battery: 1 x CR2...
    $28.99 | SAVE 27%
  • Seiko - SAT50KE - Chromatic Tuner, Gold
    Item # ET266KE
    | Mfg # SAT50KE
    | UPC # 818823010546
    Seiko Chromatic Tuner Gold Chromatic Tuner with Flat Function, Sound generation, Line in/Line Out 
    $19.99 | SAVE 33%
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