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  • Hohner HRM6 Kids 6-Piece Rhythm Drum Set
    Item # EN034
    | Mfg # HRM6
    | UPC # 048667800298
    Strike up the band! All you need to have your own rhythm band party is included in this set. Includes; 6" tambourine, rhythm sticks, nylon wrist bell, wood sounder, 5" triangle with striker. Includes songs and activities to use with all the instruments.
    $33.99 | SAVE 24%
  • Hohner Kids MP370 - 8" Guiro
    Item # EN078
    | Mfg # S370
    | UPC # 048667801035
    A plastic version of the authentic wood fish guiro (wee-row) allows you to create a variety of sounds when scraped or hit with the included stick. Safe for ages + 3 years.
    $9.99 | SAVE 9%
  • Hohner Kids SP030 - Egg Shakers - Pair
    Item # EN103
    | Mfg # SP030
    | UPC # 048667800922
    Each egg fits easily into all hands and comes in primary colors. Always a best seller, they can make a variety of sounds depending how hard they are shaken. Sing-n-play activities are included - safe for ages + 3 years.
    $5.99 | SAVE $0.01
  • Hohner Kids MP-341 Cage Bell, Box of 12 Pieces
    Item # EN138
    | Mfg # MP341DB
    | UPC # 7290002582496
    A safe bell for small hands; the unique design has special safety features for toddler use. A fixed 1-1/4" diameter jingle bell, inside a colorful plastic cage with plastic handle, produces excellent bright sounds.Features: 5" height; loop handle is approximately 2-3/4" long x 2" wide Bell is approx. 2-3/4" wide at the base.
    $95.99 | SAVE $0.01
  • Hohner Kids Easy Grip Egg Shaker - Retail Display 40-Pack
    Item # EN130
    | Mfg # HO359DB
    | UPC # 048667412408
    Easy grip egg shakers are easy to hold and sound great! Kids will love the tactile feel the colorful painted bumps create while they are holding and shaking. A unique design with many safety features - durable and sounds great. (40 piece retail display pack)
    $119.99 | SAVE $0.01
  • Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes - 8 Note Diatonic Treble Set
    Item # EM970BW100
    | Mfg # BWDG
    | UPC # 674362000024
    They're wild! They're whacky! They're wonderful! They're your ticket to non-stop fun! Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are brightly colored plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. They are affordably priced, easy to play and lots of fun! Everyone can play them - and pro musicians think they're a blast! Whack just about anything and - boom! Play them together with other instruments! Jam together! Share the fun! Create games! Ge...
  • Hohner Kids MP383 Musical Shapes, 20 Pieces, 3 Unique Shapes
    Item # EN135
    | Mfg # MP383
    | UPC # 7290006631312
    Colorful geometric shapes including triangles, squares and circles. Each shape makes it easy for even the youngest child to experience music making. Due to ongoing product changes and availability, we can not guarantee exactly which Musical Shape you will receive
    $99.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Hohner Kids S4005 - Loop Bell - 3 Bells
    Item # EN085
    | Mfg # S4005
    | UPC # 048667800816
    The one-piece plastic loop securely holds 3 stainless steel 1" bells and makes it easy to hold and shake. Includes songs and activities to play along with. Safe for ages +3 years. Due to ongoing product color changes, we can not guarantee exactly which color you will receive.
    $8.49 | SAVE 15%
  • Hohner Kids MP-300 12" Twirly Whirly Rainmaker
    Item # EN151
    | Mfg # MP300
    | UPC # 7290002582588
    Watch the colorful beads cascade through the maze and twirl the colored flaps, providing visual as well as auditory stimulation for the player.12" long x 2.88" diameter (approx.)
    $19.99 | SAVE 13%
  • Hohner Green Tones Egg Shaker (10 with set)One piece wood body is easy to hold with smooth, curved edges. Recyclable pellets provide a soothing shaking sound. Great addition to story and playtime. All wood construction made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood with a non-toxic clear coat finish and water based VOC free paint.Hohner Green Tones Frog Castanet (6 with set)One piece wood body is easy to hold with smooth, curved edges. Solid wood ...
    $62.99 | SAVE 10%
  • Hohner Green Tones Triangle Castanet
    Item # EN188
    | Mfg # 3729
    | UPC # 048667351608
    5.5" Rubberwood castanet in unique triangle shape. Also with smooth easy grip handle. Provides clapper castanet sound and develops fine motor skills. All wood construction made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood with a non-toxic clear coat finish and water based VOC free paint.
    $8.99 | SAVE 10%
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  • Hohner Green Tones Endangered Animal Shaker Set
    Item # EN184
    | Mfg # 3788
    | UPC # 048667357525
    This special collection of endangered land, air, and sea animal shakers helps teach your child about environmental impact in a fun and engaging manner. Set includes ~ Long-Eared Owl, Amur Leopard, and Leatherback Turtle as well as an extra info sheet to help teach about each animal and conservation efforts. Shakers constructed of eco-friendly Rubberwood with a finish made of 100% water-based non-toxic clear coat finish.
    $21.99 | SAVE 12%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)