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  • LP Latin Percussion LP1207 Low/Medium Pitch Red Jam Block
    Item # PA675LOW
    | Mfg # LP1207
    | UPC # 731201133012
    The LP Jam Blocks are made from a specially formulated space age plastic that produces a very convincing wood sound while offering considerable volume increase, easy to reach striking edge, and indestructible construction.
    $34.99 | SAVE 33%
    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Pearl PAB50 Medium-Pitch Ash Tone Wood Block
    Item # PA719PAB50
    | Mfg # PAB50
    | UPC # 633816221835
    Pearl Ash Tone Blocks are made of very hard Ash wood, which allows these blocks to project with unmatched clarity. They are mountable on any 3/8" post, and are available in three pitches.
    $24.88 | SAVE 44%
  • Rhythm Band - RB760 Wood Block
    Item # EM614
    | Mfg # RB760
    | UPC #
    Professional style wood block in dark mahogany finish. Ideal for any music class. RB760
    $7.69 | SAVE 7%
  • Hohner S2203 Kids Hard Wood Block
    Item # EN080
    | Mfg # S2203
    | UPC # 048667800199
    Holding the hardwood block and tapping it gently creates a warm, rhythmic sound.Features: Hollowed wooden block with mallet can be played in a variety of ways for varied sounds Introduce your children to the fun of music through playing their own percussion instrument Perfectly sized for small hands to grasp comfortably for ease of play Made in the USA For ages 3 years and older
    $8.99 | SAVE $0.01
  • LP Latin Percussion LP1205 High Pitch Blue Jam Block
    Item # PA675HIGH
    | Mfg # LP1205
    | UPC # 731201132916
    The LP Jam Blocks are made from a specially formulated space age plastic that produces a very convincing wood sound while offering considerable volume increase, easy to reach striking edge, and indestructible construction.
    $31.99 | SAVE 31%
  • Woodblock, piccolo, 2 tone
    Item # GBAJWBP2
    | Mfg # JWBP2
    | UPC #
    Woodblock, piccolo, 2 tone
    $21.00 | SAVE 25%
  • Alfred's Kid's Drum Course is the easiest method ever for kids ages 5 and up from the makers of the #1 best-selling method for kids. This complete pack includes everything you need to get started playing right away including Alfred's Kid's Drum Course book and CD, plus high-quality instruments: frame drum, set of maracas, woodblock, and mallets. Using plain language that's easy to understand, the method teaches kids to play rhythms and songs on a...
  • LP Latin Percussion LP1204 High Pitch Orange Piccolo Jam Block
    Item # PA675PICC
    | Mfg # LP1204
    | UPC # 731201281706
    The new Piccolo Jam Block takes its place as the highest pitch in LP's series of four blocks. It emits a bright, almost "tuned" tone in the upper register and will be popular in orchestras, marching bands, and in percussion/drum set ups. From orchestral to film scoring to Latin and rock, the new Piccolo Jam Block is a new, must-have voice. It will withstand blows from the heaviest players yet respond if barely whisked. A heavy duty moun...
    $26.99 | SAVE 32%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • LP Latin Percussion LP1209 Purple Guiro Jam Block
    Item # PA675GUIRO
    | Mfg # LP1209
    | UPC # 731201281683
    Get ready for the guttural tones of LP's new Jam Block/Guiro. Crafted of LP's patented Jenigor formulation, it will deliver the rich low tones of treasured (and fragile!) old wood blocks with an added component: A dual playing surface, one with traditional surface, the other ridged in a series of grooves. The latter enables glissando and guiro-like effects. Again, the LP Jam Block/Guiro is strong, incredibly durable and capable of great projectio...
    $43.99 | SAVE 32%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Meinl NINO940B Nino Pine Wood Sand Blocks - Blue
    Item # PC060N940B
    | Mfg # NINO940B
    | UPC # 840553044188
    The Meinl NINO940B Nino Pine Wood Sand Blocks in Blue make very unique sounds by rubbing the sandpaper surfaces together. Sold in pairs, these fun percussion instruments are great for picking up and making interesting and exciting rhythms. Material Pine Wood (Pinus Radiata)Feature Sold in pairs Unique sounds 
    $5.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Timber Medium American Hardwood Block w/ Mallet
    Item # PC104T4M
    | Mfg # T4M
    | UPC # 674086005404
    Timber Drum Company is a small workshop dedicated to crafting MADE IN USA instruments. The sound of these wood blocks can be described as "organic, natural and woody". That is to say, it is the real and authentic wood block sound that plastic blocks merely mimic. These instruments are built from one solid piece of American hardwood with a hand-rubbed oil finish. The one-piece design projects a focused tone that cuts through the other instruments ...
    $17.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Black Swamp MWB1 Rock Maple Large Wood Blocks
    Item # PC043MWB1
    | Mfg # MWB1
    | UPC # 874717004565
    Large woodblock with a full, resonant tone without sounding overbearing. Combine with the MWB1 and MWB2 for a set of three woodblocks, standard for any percussion department or performer. We craft our woodblocks from select grade Rock Maple...the best available. The grain is oriented vertically on the soundboard, making them more resistant to cracking and splitting, resulting in the most consistent and highest quality woodblocks available. Ad...
    $43.00 | SAVE 24%
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