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  • Remo KS061400 Black Max 14" Marching Snare Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH26514
    | Mfg # KS061400
    | UPC # 757242153048
    Black Max combines the strength and high-tension benefits of an advanced, woven Aramid fiber material with the weather-resistance and musical benefits of competition-proven Mylar film. Black Max heads are designed to promote the trend of slightly lower batter head tensioning, while offering durability and stick response plus a musical warmth and feel. These marching heads are now available in White.
    $51.38 | SAVE 55%
  • Remo Suede Max™ Marching Snare Drumhead - Black, 14"
    Item # DH26514BS
    | Mfg # KS081400
    | UPC # 757242639832
    The Suede Max™ Marching Snare drumhead provides a softer feel and warmer tone featuring a black matte suede finish for a warm attack. Suede Max is constructed with a State of the Art high tension fabric weave for maximum durability combined with Remo’s proprietary suede texturing process.Features: Softer Feel Warmer Tone Higher Clarity at lower Dynamic Levels Features a black matte finish
    $54.38 | SAVE 55%
  • Remo KS052400 CyberMax 14" Batter Drumhead for Pipe Drums
    Item # DH39014
    | Mfg # KS052400
    | UPC # 757242444108
    Remo's new CyberMax drumheads for Pipe Drums offer exceptional strength, responsiveness, precision and stability. These heads are designed to perform at incredibly high tension thanks to the unique "Duralock" technology and state-of-the-art Aramid fiber material. They were developed in conjunction with Jim Kilpatrick, world renowned, award-winning percussionist.
    $55.88 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo Falams® XT Smooth White™ Snare Side Marching Drumhead, 13"
    Item # DH02513XT
    | Mfg # KL1213SA
    | UPC # 757242504833
    The Falams® XT Smooth White™ Snare Side drumhead features a crisp, articulate Snare response with extreme durability. Combining a high-tension Duralock® Crimplock® hoop with a 5-mil Kevlar® weave laminated to Smooth White™ film, Falams® XT Smooth White™ Snare Side drumheads provide a very bright Snare response and extreme durability. The 5-mil Mylar® inlay ring controls unwanted overtones. Available in 13...
    $40.58 | SAVE 55%
  • Evans SB14MHG Hybrid Grey 14" Marching Snare Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH42014G
    | Mfg # SB14MHG
    | UPC # 019954953904
    The Hybrid marching snare batter head blends two unique high tensile fibers to achieve only the positive attributes that corps, instructors, and players are looking for. To answer the high-tension requirements demanded by modern drum corps activity, one fiber was chosen for its extreme durability. As a result of its innate strength, this fiber produces the additional benefit of enhanced attack and projection. The 2nd fiber, however, was chosen fo...
    $59.98 | SAVE 52%
  • Evans SS13MX5 13" Gold MX5 Marching Snare Side Drumhead
    Item # DH29513S
    | Mfg # SS13MX5
    | UPC # 019954941574
    The 5mm, thin aramid fiber/polyester laminate gives the MX5 maximum snare response, while a thin polyester overtone control ring reinforces the edge durability and eliminates unwanted overtones, further enhancing articulation.
    $45.78 | SAVE 53%
  • Evans SS14MH1 Hybrid 14" Snare Side Marching Drumhead
    Item # DH42014S1
    | Mfg # SS14MH1
    | UPC # 019954953942
    Drum Corps and marching bands have long chosen to use Kevlar bottom heads due to their durability despite a preference for a more open and sensitive sound. Traditional polyester bottom heads, despite their positive sound characteristics, stretch out too quickly and need replacement frequently. The Hybrid snare side offers the best of both worlds. By imbedding high tensile fibers in an open weave pattern between two ultra thin layers of clear film...
    $36.08 | SAVE 51%
  • Remo KL0214SA Falams K Series 14" Marching Snare Side Resonant Drumhead
    Item # DH02514S
    | Mfg # KL0214SA
    | UPC # 757242151921
    Falams K provides the toughness of Kevlar with the stability and all weather performance of Mylar film. These heads offer great sound along with unequalled durability for high power rock, drum corps and other demanding usage.
    $40.18 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo Pinstripe® Clear Crimplock® Tenor Drumhead, 6"
    Item # DH2246
    | Mfg # PS0306MP
    | UPC # 757242150146
    The Pinstripe® Clear Crimplock® drumhead features a proprietary dampening process which provides outstanding attack, articulation and tone control without sacrificing projection. Combining 2-plies of 7-mil Clear Mylar® film with Remo's high-tension Crimplock® hoop for added tuning stability and durability, the Pinstripe® Clear Crimplock® drumhead is the most popular Marching Tenor drumhead in the world. Available in sizes ...
    $15.78 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo 22" Powermax 2 Ultra White Marching Bass Drum Head
    Item # DH50722W
    | Mfg # PM2022MP
    | UPC # 757242552506
    The Powermax 2 features 2-plys of mylar film for added articulation, durability, and tone control.Includes a pre installed free floating muffling ring and controled sound dot underneath for optimum sound, projection, and tone control.  No glue, no fuss, just take it out of the box and put it on the drum.  From the stadium to the indoor arena, the Powermax 2 does it all.  Powermax 2 is available in sizes 14" thru 32" in Ultra and Eb...
    $47.68 | SAVE 53%
  • Evans SS14MX5 14" Gold MX5 Marching Snare Side Drumhead
    Item # DH29514S
    | Mfg # SS14MX5
    | UPC # 019954941581
    The 5mm, thin aramid fiber/polyester laminate gives the MX5 maximum snare response, while a thin polyester overtone control ring reinforces the edge durability and eliminates unwanted overtones, further enhancing articulation.
    $48.88 | SAVE 52%
  • Evans System Blue 10" Tenor Marching Tom Batter Head
    Item # DH46910
    | Mfg # TT10SB1
    | UPC # 019954968724
    Evans System Blue tenor heads were designed in cooperation with the Blue Devils percussion staff and feature a 2-ply design with 7mil top-ply and 7.5mil bottom. This combination delivers tonal clarity and projection while also increasing durability and pitch stability, reducing the need for frequent tuning. The series also utilizes Evans' unique Sound Shaping Technology, a damping technique that targets unwanted overtones and provides the control...
    $13.38 | SAVE 58%
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