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  • Remo 8" Pinstripe Clear Drumhead
    Item # DH0448T
    | Mfg # PS030800
    | UPC # 757242150207
    Clear Pinstripe® heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar® plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the "fat" sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B and for those who want a low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics.
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  • Remo AX-0114-00 Ambassador X Coated 14" Drum Head
    Item # DH45614
    | Mfg # AX011400
    | UPC # 757242500750
    Ambassador® X - heads from Remo® utilize the same film as the industry standard Coated Ambassador® but are 20% thicker producing greater attack, volume and wider mid range tones while increasing durability and providing a unique feel for enhanced stick rebound. Available in sizes 8" through 16".
    $15.48 | SAVE 54%
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  • Remo P70113C2 Powerstroke 77 Coated Drumhead - 13"
    Item # DH39713C
    | Mfg # P70113C2
    | UPC # 757242542873
    The 13" Remo P7-0113-C2 Powerstroke 77 Coated Drumhead features two-plies of 7-mil Mylar® construction with a small 7-mil underlay ring (P3 style) to reduce overtones, and a 5-mil clear center dot for added durability. Provides excellent response from center to edge.
    $16.98 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo PP0110BA Coated Ambassador 2 Drumhead Prepack Set
    Item # DH268BA2
    | Mfg # PP0110BA
    | UPC # 757242316399
    Weatherking Coated Ambassador heads are medium weighted heads made with a single ply 10mm film to produce a dark resonant sound with plenty of attack. They can be used as batter and resonant heads. This package includes a 10", 12", and (2) 14" Coated Ambassadors.
    $41.08 | SAVE 55%
  • Remo PS-0413-MP Ebony Pinstripe Crimplock 13" Tenor Drum Head
    Item # DH46113
    | Mfg # PS0413MP
    | UPC # 757242501740
    Two plies of 7.5-mil film featuring a top ply of high strength Ebony® film combined with a clear bottom layer with a built-in ring reducing agent for tone control, improved sustain and heat resistance.
    $18.58 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo KS052400 CyberMax 14" Batter Drumhead for Pipe Drums
    Item # DH39014
    | Mfg # KS052400
    | UPC # 757242444108
    Remo's new CyberMax drumheads for Pipe Drums offer exceptional strength, responsiveness, precision and stability. These heads are designed to perform at incredibly high tension thanks to the unique "Duralock" technology and state-of-the-art Aramid fiber material. They were developed in conjunction with Jim Kilpatrick, world renowned, award-winning percussionist.
    $50.48 | SAVE 55%
  • Evans SS13MX5 13" Gold MX5 Marching Snare Side Drumhead
    Item # DH29513S
    | Mfg # SS13MX5
    | UPC # 019954941574
    The 5mm, thin aramid fiber/polyester laminate gives the MX5 maximum snare response, while a thin polyester overtone control ring reinforces the edge durability and eliminates unwanted overtones, further enhancing articulation.
    $43.78 | SAVE 54%
  • Evans UV1 14" Coated Drumhead
    Item # DH53914
    | Mfg # B14UV1
    | UPC # 019954202767
    The UV1 is the end result of years of research, experimentation, and product development. Featuring the latest innovation from D’Addario, this drumhead is the very first to market with a newly patented UV cured coating. It is the most consistently applied coating ever seen on a drumhead. Drummers will be pleased to know that it is an extremely durable alternative in comparison to other traditional coatings. This is the number one solution f...
    $18.28 | SAVE 54%
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  • Remo CS031410 Controlled Sound 14" Clear Batter Drumhead w/ Black Dot
    Item # DH04114T
    | Mfg # CS031410
    | UPC # 757242146095
    Single-ply Controlled Sound drumheads have medium and heavy-duty drumhead characteristics. The outer area of the head's playing surface offers mid-range tone and sensitivity while the laminated center dot adds durability and tonal focus.
    $16.98 | SAVE 54%
  • Evans BD22EMAD2 2-Ply Clear EMAD 22" Bass Drum Batter Head
    Item # DH307222
    | Mfg # BD22EMAD2
    | UPC # 019954951276
    For Evans, the unbelievable success of the original EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) bass drumhead was just the start. The EMAD acronym recently expanded to include a resonant head, and now the company introduces the EMAD2 bass batter head a two-ply version of the head that started a new era in drumhead sound adjustability and became the world's fastest-selling bass batter head. The EMAD2 consists of a 6.5 mm outer ply and a 10 mm inn...
    $45.48 | SAVE 54%
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  • Remo Emperor Crimplock 10" Multi-Tom Clear Batter Head
    Item # DH41810
    | Mfg # BE0310MP
    | UPC # 757242332504
    Remo is the overwhelming choice of the finest high school and college marching bands, drum corps, indoor drumlines, and educators worldwide.Clear Emperor® Crimplock® heads ar constructed with two-plies of specially selected heavy duty film for a total thickness of 15-mil. Increased tone, attack and projection. Loud and clear with maximum durability.The Crimplock hoop is a hybrid design combining a crimped leg over the WeatherKing® pou...
    $16.78 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo FA152200 22" Fiberskyn 3 Bass Drum Batter Head
    Item # DH02022B
    | Mfg # FA152200
    | UPC # 757242210758
    These medium weight bass drum heads represent the latest in drum head advancements from Remo, Inc. The combination of their unique laminating technology, PolySpun fibers and proprietary bonding agents allows Remo to offer a revolutionary material that gives the player access to traditional drum sounds of many cultures.
    $40.58 | SAVE 55%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)