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  • Pacific 700 Series Lightweight Hi Hat Stand
    Item # ST102HH700
    | Mfg # PDHH700
    | UPC # 647139113418
    Designed with all players in mind, Pacific's lightweight 700 Series drum hardware combine strength, reliability and adjustability with many drummer-designed details. Like the heavy duty 900 Series, the 700 line features cast tilters, and double braced legs with large rubber feet. Double Braced Medium Gauge Tubing Rubber Feet
    $59.98 | SAVE 45%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Union DHS-416A 400 Series Hi Hat Stand
    Item # SS579HH
    | Mfg # DHS-416A
    | UPC # 816627012186
    This Union DHS-416A 400 Series Hi Hat Stand is lightweight, yet sturdy and solid, with double braced tripods.
    $40.99 | SAVE 40%
  • DW 9500D 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand w/ 3-Legs
    Item # ST3919500D
    | Mfg # DWCP9500D
    | UPC # 647139172552
    The DW 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stands utilize a patented Double Eccentric Cam that increases the sensitivity of the footboard in relation to cymbal movement, resulting in a unique, incredibly fast and responsive feel. (U.S. Patent No. 5266733) Comes with 3 legs for even more stability than before.The Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature allows for precise adjustment to offset the weight of the top cymbal, creating a customized feel. (I...
    $349.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Union DHS-718-2 700 Series Hi Hat Stand
    Item # SS288HH
    | Mfg # DHS-718-2
    | UPC # 816627012148
    The Union DHS-718-2 700 Series Hi Hat Stand has super-solid, double-braced tripod legs, large diameter tubing, memory locks and large rubber feet. This Hi-Hat Stand has a chain drive and includes a standard clutch.  
    $59.99 | SAVE 40%
  • DW 9500TB 9000 Series 2 Legged Hi-Hat Stand
    Item # ST3919500
    | Mfg # DWCP9500TB
    | UPC # 647139141862
    The DW 9500TB 9000 Series 2 Legged Hi-Hat Stand is a 2-leg rotating model, engineered to provide modern drummers with quality. This cutting edge model includes drummer-designed details like captive wingscrews, interlocking memory locks, built-in spurs, Techlock tension adjustment and standard clutch. This rotating 2-leg model features DW's exclusive folding pedal plate and performance-proven cable drive system.
    $349.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand
    Item # SS413H930
    | Mfg # H930
    | UPC # 633816498046
    The H-930 features many of the same type of components as our flagship H-2000 stand. NEW Demon Style Long Footboard, Trident Design Tripod with Swivel Function, and Spring Tension Dial. Features: Drive: Chain Drive Clutch: Standard Clutch Leg Tips: Rubber
    $124.00 | SAVE 49%
    *****3 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Pearl H830 Hi-Hat Stand
    Item # SS413H830
    | Mfg # H830
    | UPC # 633816499098
    The Pearl H-830 Hi-Hat stand leads the pack when it comes to entry level hardware. This value priced, high quality stand features double braced legs which offer great stability while remaining compact and lightweight. A retractable spur is also provided for added slip-resistance. This stand features Pearl’s “demon style” single-color long footboard.Features: Drive: Chain Drive Clutch: Standard Clutch Leg Tips: Rubber
    $77.00 | SAVE 50%
  • Yamaha HW3 Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack w/ Carry Bag
    Item # SS423HW3
    | Mfg # HW3
    | UPC # 889025116848
    The HW3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack includes two CS3 cymbal stands, one SS3 snare stand and one HHS3 hi-hat stand. The ensemble comes with a carrying case that was designed to fit all pieces, as well as most drum thrones and bass drum pedals. Each component in the hardware pack is also sold separately.This modern-style hardware is made out of aluminum, with standard diameter tubing that also works with Yamaha System Hardware, offering a st...
    $399.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Tama Iron Cobra HH205 Hi Hat Stand
    Item # ST807HH205
    | Mfg # HH205
    | UPC # 606559776993
    The Tama HH205 Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand has five different levels of tension that can be achieved quickly by using the five easily visible settings. The rubber insulator at the end of the rod prevents the rod from loosening, as well as, the noise caused by metal-to-metal contact. Since the foot pedal can be rotated around the tripod base, the swivel foot feature greatly expands floor space and set-up flexibility. Features: Direct pull action...
    $99.99 | SAVE 38%
  • DW 9500TBXF 9000 Series Extended Footboard 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand
    Item # ST3919500XF2
    | Mfg # DWCP9500TBXF
    | UPC # 647139289021
    The DW 9500TBXF 9000 Series Extended Footboard 2 Leg Hi-Hat Stand boasts extra-smooth action and high-grade build quality. The 9500 XF Hi-Hat stand is designed to provide superior play-ability and drummer friendly innovative features for all styles of music. The all-new 9500XF Hi-Hat employs the 9500’s chain-drive twin cam design with an extended footboard to match the 9000 Series XF Pedal footboards. The stand comes in 2-legged and 3-...
    $349.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Gibraltar 4707 Hi Hat Stand
    Item # ST4144707
    | Mfg # 4707
    | UPC # 736021438378
    The Gibraltar 4707 Hi-Hat Stand has a solid feel that is hard to find in other affordable hi-hat stands. The deluxe hi-hat clutch, double braced legs and hinged height adjustment make this a great stand for beginner and pro alike.
    $66.88 | SAVE 46%
  • Yamaha HHS3 Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hi-Hat Stand
    Item # SS423HHS3
    | Mfg # HHS3
    | UPC # 889025116862
    The Crosstown line of advanced lightweight hardware is the next generation of portable and sturdy cymbal, snare and hi-hat stands. This modern-style hardware is made out of aluminum, with standard diameter tubing that also works with Yamaha System Hardware, offering a sturdy yet lightweight design for portability.Features: Lightest hardware in the industry - 34% lighter than comparable standard hardware Lightweight, durable, and stable S...
    $129.99 | SAVE 39%
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