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  • Mapex B200RB Rebel Entry Level Cymbal Boom Stand, Double-Braced
    Item # ST183B200RB
    | Mfg # B200RB
    | UPC # 635464996714
    Rebel hardware features light duty construction for ease of use and portability. Engineered to feature double braced legs with Mapex mirror chrome finish. Features: Designed to handle the rigors of constant setup and teardown. Made of high-quality, durable components. Allows for easy placement to enhance your playing experience.
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  • Union DSS-718B 700 Series Snare Stand
    Item # SS288SS
    | Mfg # DSS-718B
    | UPC # 816627012155
    The Union DSS-718B 700 Series Snare Stand has super-solid, double-braced tripod legs, large diameter tubing, memory locks and large rubber feet. This snare stand is basket style with a large turning wheel and large protective basket grips.  
    $29.99 | SAVE 66%
  • Union DCS-416B 400 Series Cymbal Stand
    Item # SS579CS
    | Mfg # DCS-416B
    | UPC # 816627012179
    This Union DCS-416B 400 Series Cymbal Stand is lightweight, yet sturdy and solid, with double braced tripods.
    $29.99 | SAVE 49%
  • Union 400 Series Drum Hardware Pack
    Item # SS579HWP400
    | Mfg # DHWP400-1
    | UPC # 816627017464
    These 400 Series Stands are lightweight, yet sturdy and solid and feature double braced tripods. The pack includes a Union 600 Single Chain Bass Drum Pedal that features a chain drive, dual spring tension adjustment, and a 2-sided beater.Includes: Boom Cymbal Stand Straight Cymbal Stand Hi-Hat Stand Snare Stand Union 600 Series Bass Drum Pedal
    $99.00 | SAVE 68%
  • DW Drum Workshop DWCP9701 Low Boom Cymbal Stand
    Item # ST3599701
    | Mfg # DWCP9701
    | UPC # 647139192499
    Whether you chose the versatile 9700 straight/boom cymbal stand, beefy 9710 straight stand or new 9701 low model, you'll be playing a cymbal stand that's used by more top professionals than any other. Drummer-friendly features like toothless tilter with Techlock, adjustable cymbal seat, integrated memory locks and heavy-gauge tubing make these stands road worthy and reliable beyond compare. 9700 wt. 12.3 lbs / 9710 wt. 10.4 lbs, 3/4" upper t...
    $159.99 | SAVE 40%
  • DW Ultralight Boom Cymbal Stand
    Item # ST9196700UL
    | Mfg # DWCP6700UL
    | UPC # 647139459141
    Pick-up the ultralight boom stand! Weighing in at a mere 2.9 pounds, the new 6700 "baby boom" is part of the complete line of retro-styled 6000 Ultralight flush-based hardware. With a small footprint and a 6.5" boom arm with Glide Tilter, it's perfect for vintage kits, bop kits and any around-town playing situation. See the full line of 6000 hardware at dwdrums.com.
    $79.99 | SAVE 40%
  • DW Drum Workshop 9300 Extra Heavy Duty Standard Snare Drum Stand
    Item # ST358
    | Mfg # DWCP9300
    | UPC # 647139107240
    The 9300 Series Snare Stands are the only stands designed with double pedal setups in mind. The offset basket allows you to comfortably position the tripod legs and then fine-tune your snare drum position both vertically and horizontally. The knurled snare basket knob can be easily reversed, allowing the basket to be in a more closed position for holding smaller drums. The snare drum angle adjustment can be firmly locked with the large reset hand...
    $179.99 | SAVE 40%
  • DW Drum Workshop 9700 Extra Heavy Duty Double-Braced Boom Cymbal Stand
    Item # ST359
    | Mfg # DWCP9700
    | UPC # 647139107295
    DW's 9700 Extra Heavy Duty Double-Braced Boom Cymbal Stand features a Mega Tripod Base, Integrated Memory Lock, Toothless Tilter, TechLock, Tilter Ratchet Handle, Adjustable Cymbal Seat, and Quick-Release Ratchet.
    $179.99 | SAVE 40%
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  • Yamaha PTS3A Cymbal Tilter Sleeve
    Item # PA603CSSLV
    | Mfg # PTS3A
    | UPC # 086792879796
    This Yamaha PTS3A Cymbal Tilter Sleeve protects cymbals from key holing, and are threaded to prevent rattling. 
    $4.00 | SAVE 4%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • DW Heavy Duty Tom/Snare Drum Stand
    Item # ST3589399
    | Mfg # DWCP9399
    | UPC # 647139266558
    It is more common than ever to see a rack tom mounted in a standard snare basket. The idea has been around for years and with the growing popularity of vintage drums, it’s even more prevalent today. That’s the reason we now offer the DW 9000 Series tom/snare stand. The beefy 9399 specializes in securely cradling rack toms by offering increased isolation and resonance via specially-designed Neoprene® pads. These soft pads act as a ...
    $179.99 | SAVE 40%
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  • Pearl S930 Snare Stand
    Item # SS413S930
    | Mfg # S930
    | UPC # 633816499227
    New streamlined pipe joints now include Pearl’s new “clam shell” style collars on the 930 series. The base of each stand has received an upgrade with the addition of the new double braced Trident Design Tripod which prohibits damage to the stand’s pipe from excess torque. The S930D Model features a drop basket for deeper snare drums.   Features: Height: 18.11" - 25.59" Basket: 12”-14” drums Ti...
    $74.00 | SAVE 49%
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  • Ahead Mini Snare / Pad Stand w/Basket
    Item # SS595APPS2
    | Mfg # APPS2
    | UPC # 753283000648
    Designed to hold small practice pads or snare drums ranging from 6" to 12" in diameter.Features: Adjustable clamping, mini basket Holds practice pads or snare drums ranging from 6" to 12" in diameter Compact, light weight 3 section Single brace, wide base Limited 1 Year Warranty *This product is only the stand.
    $53.17 | SAVE 29%