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  • Zildjian L80 Low Volume 20" Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYMLV8020RS
    | Mfg # LV8020RS
    | UPC # 642388316399
    Zildjian’s one-of-a-kind L80 Low Volume cymbals are up to 80% quieter than traditional cymbals without losing the authentic Zildjian feel. They are ideal for practice spaces, drum lesson, low volume gigs or anywhere you can’t play loud. Building on the incredible success of the cymbal sets, the L80 Low Volume cymbals are now available in two new sizes a 20” Ride and a 10” Splash. In addition to the new sizes the 18” ...
    $149.95 | SAVE 50%
  • Sabian Brass SBr 20" Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYMSBR2012
    | Mfg # SBR2012
    | UPC # 622537061295
    Strong, clean stick definition and a bright bell add up to versatility. Your very first step into cymbals is a big one. But SBr makes it easy. With its hammered and lathed surface and tightly focused sounds of pure brass, SBr comes at a very nice price. Stamped with the SABIAN logo, the looks and sounds of this series put it in a class of its own. SBr is brass cymbals at their finest.
    $69.99 | SAVE 44%
    *****3 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Paiste 2002 Classic 22'' Ride
    Item # CYM1061622
    | Mfg # 1061622
    | UPC # 697643100145
    Introduced in 1971, Paiste 2002 was Paiste's top quality cymbal featuring sounds for the new electrified music styles. The original 2002 line became legendary, creating a rich heritage of jazz, rock, fusion and country. In more recent years, the 2002 line has been expanded to accommodate changing music trends. With the introduction of the new Dimensions line, the expansion 2002 cymbals become sonically obsolete and have been discontinued. The ori...
    $398.00 | SAVE 38%
  • Zildjian 23" A Sweet Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYMA0082
    | Mfg # A0082
    | UPC # 642388309629
    These are the cymbals that launched a million drum solos and shaped musical history – tried and true musical icons whose history spans centuries and infinite musical styles. A Zildjians are the world’s most popular and versatile cymbals, and for good reason. Splashes, Crashes, Rides, HiHats or Effects, they all explode with a spectrum of tonal colors and excel in any musical setting. They’re extremely sensitive to your particula...
    $349.95 | SAVE 44%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 21" Transition Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYMB21TSR
    | Mfg # B21TSR
    | UPC # 840553013160
    Living up to their name, these cymbals are extremely dry, with low-pitched, trashy sounds and short sustain. The raw unlathed surfaces and extensive hand hammering suggest that their sound might be loud and fierce. In reality, the Extra Dry series reveals its dark, earthy tones and comes to life when played at lower volumes. Perfect transition from articulate sticking to wide open crashing while never loosing the stick definition. Clear stickin...
    $399.99 | SAVE 46%
    *****4 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Zildjian PLZ4PK Planet Z 4-Cymbal Pack 14" Hi-Hat Pair, 16" Crash, 20" Ride
    Item # CYMPLZ4PK
    | Mfg # PLZ4PK
    | UPC # 642388312650
    For drummers looking to make their first entrance to the Zildjian family, the newly updated Planet Z is the place to start the journey.  Crafted in USA of a new nickel-silver alloy, the new Planet Z is a sonically superior cymbal in its price category and is truly worthy of bearing the Zildjian name.The splash cymbal emits a quick, focused tone with a quick decay. The china puts out powerfully accents that cut through the mix with ease. ...
    $199.95 | SAVE 39%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Sabian 22480A Big and Ugly AA Apollo Ride Cymbal - 24"
    Item # CYM22480A
    | Mfg # 22480A
    | UPC # 622537075131
    Introducing the 22480A 24” AA Apollo Ride Cymbal, part of the new Big and Ugly Collection from Sabian.  These are fun-to-play Ride cymbals that are big, dark, and dynamic.  They offer so much complexity and versatility that you won’t ever want to stop playing them! Versatility, versatility, versatility. Hit it hard for a modern sound, or play it with dynamics for controlled stick and sublime shimmer. Apollo was the God ...
    $359.00 | SAVE 39%
  • Zildjian ACP25 A Custom 25th Anniversary Limited Edition 23" Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYMACP25
    | Mfg # ACP25
    | UPC # 642388317143
    2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of Zildjian’s legendary A Custom Cymbal Series. In 1992, the A Custom Series broke new ground in cymbal manufacturing techniques and is now considered one of the most iconic and popular cymbals in the world. A Custom is universally recognized for its bright, cutting sound, brilliant finish and is played by many top International artists across all genres of music. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary, we created...
    $429.95 | SAVE 38%
  • Paiste 125DJ45 PSTX 45 Daru Jones 12" Crash/12" Ride/12" Hi-Hat Cymbal Set
    Item # CYM125DJ45
    | Mfg # 125DJ45
    | UPC # 697643113954
    PSTX is a complete collection of extremely affordable effect cymbals. The core of the PSTX is made up of the Swiss models, cymbals that achieve a noisy, dirty, trashy sound quality by the use of specific layouts and varied sizes for the holes. Their silky surface distinguishes the cymbals visually. The aluminum Pure Bells stand out due to their distinct character and concept and are warm, calm and sustaining.The PST X DJs 45 Set was created in co...
    $288.00 | SAVE 40%
  • Paiste 2002 Alex Van Halen 'Reverend Al's Big Ride' - 24" Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYM1061824
    | Mfg # 1061824
    | UPC # 697643109162
    The 2002 Big Ride is based on the design parameters and character of the Giant Beat series. The finish is vintage 2002 style. The cymbal features a full, silky, powerful, deep sound character, and a sweet, glassy ping over a big, dark and misty wash, making it a versatile Ride cymbal with great crash-ability, a perfect addition to Alex Van Halen's very own big signature cymbal sound. As a tribute to Alex's collaborative effort in the creation o...
    $465.00 | SAVE 38%
  • Sabian 120102 HH Remastered 20" Garage Ride Cymbal
    Item # CYM120102
    | Mfg # 120102
    | UPC # 622537075698
    Inspired by Claus Hessler, the Sabian 120102 HH Remastered 20" Garage Ride Cymbal is a versatile model with dry, controlled stick and a low level of wash, even when you dig in. Its smaller size makes it an ideal all-purpose cymbal that doubles nicely as a very-controllable crash. Medium-light with a small raw bell, it attacks with minimal sustain and dry, controlled stick. SABIAN introduces HH Remastered – with more hammering, more complexi...
    $399.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Sabian 12280N Big and Ugly HH Nova Ride Cymbal - 22"
    Item # CYM12280N
    | Mfg # 12280N
    | UPC # 622537075162
    Introducing the 12280N 22” HH Nova Ride Cymbal, part of the new Big and Ugly Collection from Sabian.  These are fun-to-play Ride cymbals that are big, dark, and dynamic.  They offer so much complexity and versatility that you won’t ever want to stop playing them! Like that one-of-a-kind cymbal you find in a dusty rack at the back of a music or pawn shop, the Nova delivers extremes − as in, extremely low and extrem...
    $485.00 | SAVE 39%
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