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  • Canto CR101 Dark Brown One Piece Soprano Recorder
    Item # EM840SDB
    | Mfg # CR101
    | UPC # 037728508907
    The Canto® Dark Brown One Piece Soprano Recorder from Rhythm Band is an entry-level instrument economically priced to accommodate tight budgets. This Baroque fingering soprano recorder has a dark brown body with an ivory-colored mouthpiece and a curved windway. A bag and fingering chart are included.
    $3.99 | SAVE 6%
  • Tudor TD185 2 Pc Soprano Recorder - Key of C
    Item # EM361
    | Mfg # TD185
    | UPC # 082562071568
    True to the company name, Tudor's Consort Recorders feature Renaissance-style ABS construction for durability, a curved windway for enhanced response, and baroque/English fingering. They also include a zippered bag, cleaning rod, and fingering chart.
    $3.47 | SAVE 41%
  • Yamaha YRT304B Tenor "C" Plastic 3-Piece Recorder
    Item # EM522
    | Mfg # YRT304B
    | UPC # 086792572550
    Yamaha Recorders provide the perfect musical foundation. This Rottenburg style recorder utilizes ABS resin for strength and durability. It is exceptionally comfortable to play, and they are designed for ease of reaching upper register. They are considered fully compatible with wooden recorders.
    $72.99 | SAVE 33%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Cambridge Soprano "C" 3-Piece Brown Plastic Recorder
    Item # EM021
    | Mfg # 575
    | UPC # 082562070004
    The Cambridge is a more advanced 3-piece recorded. (The three pieces allow the instrument to be adjusted to play in tune with other instruments.) An outstanding value with great tone and is extremely durable. Complete with carrying bag and finger chart. Dark Brown.
    $4.89 | SAVE 29%
  • Aulos A203A Two-Piece Baroque Fingering Soprano Recorder
    Item # EM7123
    | Mfg # A203A
    | UPC # 4582202780042
    Two-Piece Baroque Fingering Soprano Recorder, Ivory Color,  Detachable thumb rest, Single holes for low C and D provide ease of playing in lower register, Accessories: Cloth carrying bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod.
    $8.99 | SAVE 10%
  • Tudor TD175W Plastic Soprano 1-Piece "C" Ivory Recorder
    Item # EM205I
    | Mfg # TD175W
    | UPC # 082562071544
    TD175W - SOPRANO Key of C. 1-piece instrument. Ivory color. Baroque fingering. From Soprano to Bass, in German or Baroque fingering, all Tudor® recorders are accurately tuned to A-440. Made of quality high-impact plastic. All instruments come complete with fingering chart, cleaning rod PLUS carrying pouch. Alto, Tenor and Bass instruments come with cases.
    $2.79 | SAVE 29%
  • Hohner 9520 Dark Pearwood/Plastic Soprano Recorder
    Item # REC9520
    | Mfg # 9520
    | UPC # 048667004337
    Hohner brings you high-quality wood recorders that provide brilliant tone and durability with a patented mouthpiece that makes playing a breeze! Two-piece with dark finish C-Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering. Patented mouthpiece vanes for uniform wind dispersal. Body-molded thumb guides. Two-piece durable construction. Soprano Intonation Pear Wood Specially Seasoned and dark painted Baroque Fingering Ergonomically forme...
    $34.99 | SAVE 25%
  • Yamaha YRS-402B Ecodear Baroque System Soprano Recorder
    Item # EN168B
    | Mfg # YRS402B
    | UPC # 086792999111
    Baroque system soprano recorder in the key of C. Bodies made of plant-based “Ecodear” plastic achieves a mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders.New Plant-Based Plastic BodyBodies made of plant-based “Ecodear” plastic: the world’s first application of this material in a commercially available musical instrument. Improved instrument performanceThe change in material has resulted in a mello...
    $25.99 | SAVE 24%
  • Rhythm Band Red 1 Piece Soprano Canto Recorder
    Item # EM840SR
    | Mfg # CR101R
    | UPC # 037728518913
    Rhythm Band Red 1 Piece Soprano Canto Recorder
    $2.98 | SAVE 9%
  • The 300 Series offers a complete range of top quality recorders- from bass to sopranino. All these instruments deliver a rich body of sound, while providing the convenience of a durable, maintenance- free ABS resin construction. With their broad range of tonal expression and their superb playability, these recorders are fully competitive with more expensive wooden models. The 300 Series recorders come in a variety of styles, some offering simulat...
    $27.28 | SAVE 33%
  • Aulos A103N Soprano Recorder, Baroque Fingering, Dark Brown
    Item # EM300
    | Mfg # A103N
    | UPC # 4582202780028
    One-Piece Baroque Fingering Soprano Recorder. Built-in thumb rest places right hand in correct, relaxed position. Curved windway. Single holes for low C and D provide ease of playing in lower register. Dark brown with ivory-colored trim, comes with the Accessories: carrying bag and fingering chart
    $9.29 | SAVE 24%
  • Yamaha YRN22B Sopranino "F" Plastic 2-Piece Recorder
    Item # EM012
    | Mfg # YRN22B
    | UPC # 086792507941
    Yamaha Recorders provide the perfect musical foundation. This recorder is easy to play with precise, uniform intonation for players of all levels. The Baroque fingering system is one of the most popular fingering options. This is a very durable plastic ideal for student recorders. The two-piece construction of this recorder makes tuning easy and cleaning easier.
    $6.89 | SAVE 31%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
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