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  • Yamaha YRA-302B Baroque System Alto Recorder
    Item # EM485
    | Mfg # YRA302B
    | UPC # 086792507828
    The 300 series offers a complete range of top quality recorders- from bass to soprano. All these instruments deliver a rich body of sound, while providing the convenience of a durable, maintenance- free ABS resin construction. With their broad range of tonal expression and their superb playability, these recorders are fully competitive with more expensive wooden models. The 300 Series recorders come in a variety of styles, some offering simulated...
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  • Ravel by Gemeinhardt 202SP Flute
    Item # FLU202SP
    | Mfg # 202SP
    | UPC # 845377039297
    Ravel is proud to offer the new 202SP flute - a reliable choice and strong foundation for the beginning student or intermediate player. This outstanding new flute offers you the Quality and Sound Value you expect from Ravel, combined with the Tradition and Expertise from the industry-leading manufacturer of the World's Best-Selling Flute, Gemeinhardt of Elkhart, Indiana. Meticulous Quality Control includes two tiers of professional Magnehelic Tes...
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  • Ravel by Gemeinhardt 202SP Flute Value-Pack - Includes Ravel Music Stand and Care Kit
    Item # PAXRAVEL202SP
    | Mfg # RAVEL202SP
    | UPC # 816627011875
    This exclusive Cascio Interstate value-pack is designed to give you all of the accessories you need to get started right away! Included Items: Ravel by Gemeinhardt 202SP Flute Ravel OP339 - Flute Care Kit Ravel Folding Music Stand, BlackRavel by Gemeinhardt 202SP Flute Ravel is proud to offer the new 202SP flute - a reliable choice and strong foundation for the beginning student or intermed...
    $314.99 | SAVE 28%
  • Hohner 1-Piece Plastic Soprano Recorder
    Item # EM014
    | Mfg # B9509
    | UPC # 400912603175
    Hohner has been intensively involved in the production of high quality traditional musical instruments since 1857 and numbers among the most successful and established manufacturers worldwide. The experience and skill of Hohner's designing engineers and their continual striving for improvement in sound and playability is reflected both in our plastic and our finely crafted wooden recorders. Today the combination of state of the art production eng...
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  • Le'Var LV100 Student Flute
    Item # FLULV100
    | Mfg # FLULV100
    | UPC # 894492002921
    Why rent, when you can buy?  Le'Var has the perfect instrument for the flute student.Play contemporary jazz or classical sheet music with this silver flute. It features a durable nickel-plated body with plastic resonators and undercut tone holes. Includes a polishing cloth and a cleaning rod.Features: Woodwind Features: Ergonomic Key Shapes, Adjustment Screws, Offset G, French Pointed Arms Key Features: Offset Trill Keys Key (tuned)...
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  • Aulos A303ADB Three-Piece Baroque Fingering Dark Brown Soprano Recorder
    Item # EM997S
    | Mfg # A303ADB
    | UPC # 4582202780097
    Three-Piece Baroque Fingering Dark Brown Soprano Recorde, Detachable thumb rest, Includes C# and D# holes, Accessories: Cloth carrying bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod
    $9.99 | SAVE 10%
  • Le'Var LV100 Student Clarinet
    Item # BCLLV100
    | Mfg # BCLLV100
    | UPC # 894492002938
    Why rent, when you can buy?  Le'Var has the perfect instrument for the clarinet student.Practice musical scales at home or play at formal recitals with this handsome black clarinet. For added comfort, it features ergonomic key shapes and a comfortable thumb rest. Includes a hard shell case to protect it.Features: Woodwind Features: Adjustment Screws, Comfort Thumb Rest, Ergonomic Key Shapes Key Features: Sheet Cork Tenons Key (tuned...
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  • Tudor TD275 Plastic Alto 3-Piece "F" Recorder
    Item # EM206
    | Mfg # TD275
    | UPC # 082562071490
    TD275 - ALTO Key of F. 3-piece instrument. Brown and white. Baroque fingering. From Soprano to Bass, in German or Baroque fingering, all Tudor® recorders are accurately tuned to A-440. Made of quality high-impact plastic. All instruments come complete with fingering chart, cleaning rod PLUS carrying pouch. Alto, Tenor and Bass instruments come with cases.
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  • Le Var - LV100 Student Alto Saxophone
    Item # EASLV100
    | Mfg # EASLV100
    | UPC # 816627010878
    Key of Eb, Gold Lacquered brass finish with nickel keys, High F# key, imported springs and pads, ergonomic key shapes, tilting left hand table, adjustable thumb rest, ribbed construction, teardrop alternate F key, custom engraved bell. Includes mouthpiece, cap and ligature, neck strap, cork grease, polishing cloth, pad saver, reed, professional style case with case strap.
    $489.00 | SAVE 59%
  • Ravel Student Flute RFL102
    Item # FLURFL102
    | Mfg # RFL102
    | UPC # 894492002754
    Ravel's student flute RFL102 offers the young band student or older beginner a reliable, quality instrument featuring a warm sound with good projection, suitable for both the concert stage and the marching field. It's an affordable yet durably constructed instrument, making it a popular choice for many directors and individuals.   On this flute, the Offset G Key allows a more comfortable, natural hand position for the G keys, plus stability ...
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  • Hohner Kids 9319S - Soprano Recorder
    Item # EN096
    | Mfg # S9319
    | UPC # 048667800632
    This 3-piece plastic recorder is the perfect way to learn about how breath and finger control work together to create music. The lightweight plastic body makes holding and playing easy. For advanced players a traditional fingering chart is included. Songs and playing instructions included. Safe for ages +3 years.
    $5.99 | SAVE 14%
  • Hohner 9520 Dark Pearwood/Plastic Soprano Recorder
    Item # REC9520
    | Mfg # B95509520
    | UPC # 048667004337
    Hohner brings you high-quality wood recorders that provide brilliant tone and durability with a patented mouthpiece that makes playing a breeze! Two-piece with dark finish C-Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering. Patented mouthpiece vanes for uniform wind dispersal. Body-molded thumb guides. Two-piece durable construction. Soprano Intonation Pear Wood Specially Seasoned and dark painted Baroque Fingering Ergonomically forme...
    $34.99 | SAVE 25%