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  • Vandoren 5RVLyre Traditional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
    Item # MP0015RVLYRE
    | Mfg # CM302
    | UPC # 008576210038
    Vandoren 5RVLyre Traditional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
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  • This kit includes all you need to get your accordion playing on the road. Perfect for professionals this kit includes a padded gigbag, ergoline straps, and a polishing cloth.
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  • Vandoren M13L Profile Clarinet Mouthpiece M13 Lyre
    Item # MP288M13L
    | Mfg # CM4158
    | UPC # 008576211165
    M13-Lyre Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Profile 88A little more open than the M13 mouthpiece, it permits easy blowing with harder reeds and produces a rich and centered sound. The M13 Lyre is recommended for symphonic and chamber music.
    $109.99 | SAVE 40%
  • George M. Bundy Signature Student Bari Sax Mouthpieces
    Item # MP0243
    | Mfg # B4053
    | UPC # 641064051012
    Bundy mouthpieces, made from molded hard rubber, are precision machine faced for consistently high quality. Available for all members of the clarinet and saxophone family, these mouthpieces fill the need for a student mouthpiece with professional features, such as hand-adjusted baffles for rich, centered tone quality and balanced rails for even response. Supplied with Medium-Open Facing #3
    $99.99 | SAVE 44%
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  • Rico - Baritone Saxophone Reeds - Strength: 2.5, 25-Pack
    Item # RE0082.5
    | Mfg # RLA2525
    | UPC # 046716532640
    Designed for a wide variety of playing situations, Rico Reeds are cut of our most flexible grade of cane. The ease of play, affordable price and convenient packaging options are why more musicians worldwide find Rico the best value. Designed for ease of play Unfiled for powerful tone Thinner vamp cut designed for ease of play Priced affordably for educators Available for full range of clarinets and saxophones Offered in pac...
    $95.29 | SAVE 49%
  • Yamaha breaks new ground with the innovative and unique Venova Casual Wind Instrument. Designed to be an inexpensive and accessible alternative to traditional winds, the Venova’s state-of-the-art design blends the simplicity of a recorder with the rich sound of a saxophone. The result is a fun-to-play instrument that’s equally at home in the hands of an experienced player or a complete beginner!Features: Fully chromatic 2-octave ra...
    $99.99 | SAVE 23%
  • Beechler Great Neck Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - White, Facing #4
    Item # MP208W4
    | Mfg # A30W4
    | UPC # 879281000661
    Beechler Great Neck Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - White, Facing #4
    $101.00 | SAVE 34%
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  • E. Rousseau New Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece, 4N (1.63mm) Medium
    Item # MP4754
    | Mfg # ER20024N
    | UPC # 648023106936
    The E. Rousseau New Classic alto mouthpiece was developed to complement the highly successful 'R' series. It has been designed with an entirely new choice of facings to meet the demands of the world's top performers. Features include a new chamber with a redesigned baffle and sidewalls to provide an even more centered tone; a new tip rail for a more precise fit of reed; and a longer shape for a more secure fit and easier tuning.Eugene Rousseau ha...
    $98.99 | SAVE 32%
  • Legend BT-1 BandTool w/ Knife Blade
    Item # BA702
    | Mfg # BT-1
    | UPC # 642310786054
    Everyday emergency band repairs can be done in the field with this tool:     True the bent shank on any brass mouthpiece Adjust any key on any woodwind instrument (2 jewelers screwdrivers and many other screwdriver options) Push or pull a woodwind spring back into place (3 spring tools) File sharp edges, knicks, etc. Cut rope, cork, tape, excess threads on uniforms, etc. with knife blade. Cut wire for any ele...
  • Selmer 9220DR Complete Mouthpipe Assembly for 1256/2166 Baritone Saxophones
    $159.99 | SAVE 53%
  • Hercules - DS538B - Alto/Tenor/Soprano Saxophone Instrument Stand
    Item # SS220ALTNSOP
    | Mfg # DS538B
    | UPC # 635464453460
    Duo Folding Yokes hold your Alto/Tenor saxophones securely on the standFeatures: Adjustable backrests fit both Alto and Tenor sax 1 SFF-coated Soprano Saxophone peg detaches for storage 2 SFF-coated Flute/Clarinet pegs detach for storage Swivel Legs fit around other equipment One piece design folds up compactly Height: 395mm (15.6") Weight: 2.13 kg (4.7lbs) Load capacity: 20kg (44.09lbs) Folded size: 390x150mm (15.4x5.9...
    $89.99 | SAVE 25%
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  • Hohner Harmonica Service Set
    Item # HA002330SS
    | Mfg # 330SS
    | UPC # 400912621438
    This Hohner Harmonica Service Set is a set of carefully selected tools specifically designed for everyday harmonica maintenance and optimization requirements, to enable you to get the best out of your instrument. With the Hohner Harmonica Service Set you can - offset the reeds to suit your playing style, fine tune or re-tune your harmonica, maintain, replace and experiment with wind saver valves, and adjust and lubricate the slide mechanism on ch...
    $118.00 | SAVE 30%
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