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  • Ravel - 25 Note Glockenspiel For Kids
    Item # RFKGLOCK25
    | Mfg # GLOCK25
    | UPC # 816627010861
    This glockenspiel is the ideal melodic instrument for children to learn basic musical harmony. The 25 notes are arranged just like a piano, a perfect stepping stone to the piano and other instruments. The glockenspiel makes it easy to repeat a melody that has been heard before, or for creating original songs. Visually, children can see that the smaller bars make high sounds, while the larger bars produce lower sounds. Mounted inside a durable cas...
    $26.99 | SAVE 40%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Hohner Kids MS4001 - Toddler Music Band
    Item # EN074
    | Mfg # MS4001
    | UPC # 7290006631282
    Five-piece band will get all the little ones involved in the fun of making music. Set includes three musical sound shapes, mini-wave drum, and a toddler glockenspiel with safe mallet. This set comes in an attractive storage box with carrying handle.
    $29.99 | SAVE 31%
  • Boomwhackers Boomophone XTS Whack Pack
    Item # EM757
    | Mfg # BPXS
    | UPC # 037728508853
    Boomwhackers & Tuned Percussion Tubes, C Maj Scale - Set of 8 Tubes Everything you need for a new way to play Boomwhackers--like a xylophone! Includes: 8-note Diatonic Set of Boomwhackers, Xylotote tube holder, pair of Boomwhacker Whacker Mallets, one Octavator tube cap, and the Whack-a-Doodle-Doo songbook (19 familiar children's songs and one original song, with notes colored to match the tube colors).
  • Hohner KC50 Kazoos of Assorted Colors, 50 Pack
    Item # EN111
    | Mfg # KC50
    | UPC # 048667001640
    50 plastic Kazoos of varying colors in a cardboard countertop box. 
    $39.99 | SAVE 11%
  • Hohner Kids UC102R - Toy Accordion - Red
    Item # EN076R
    | Mfg # UC102R
    | UPC # 048667800953
    A scaled down version for kids of our larger models. This child sized accordion includes seven treble and two chord buttons. Includes songbook and playing instructions.
    $29.99 | SAVE 14%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Hohner Green Tones Monkey Glockenspiel
    Item # EN194
    | Mfg # 3730
    | UPC # 048667351615
    Ergonomically designed Mangowood base fits easily on a lap or table. Eight precision tuned bars in the C major diatonic scale provide an authentic musical experience. Specially designed resonator chamber enhances the beautiful melodic sound.
    $34.99 | SAVE 12%
  • Hohner Green Tones Papa Bear Glockenspiel
    Item # EN186
    | Mfg # 3715
    | UPC # 048667351486
    13" Rubberwood bear design features a resonator chamber which enhances bar sustain. Five precision tuned bars in C pentatonic scale creates a pleasing soundscape no matter which notes are played. Each note precision tuned to provide an accurate musical experience. Special arm design prevents the removal of bars making it safer for toddlers. Includes wood mallet.
    $28.99 | SAVE 17%
  • Hohner Green Tones Beginner Drum Set
    Item # EN202
    | Mfg # 3750
    | UPC # 048667351639
    Four instruments on a central base perfect for the budding Ringo Starr two removable drums, bright cymbal and multi-timbre wood block add to the array of sounds you can make. Play with your hands or the pair of wood mallets included and the drums can be taken off the base and played separately. 12.5" Ergonomically designed curved national wood base fits easily in your lap or on a table. Includes pair of wooden mallets.
    $54.99 | SAVE 8%
  • Hohner Green Tones Temple Blocks
    Item # EN199
    | Mfg # 3740
    | UPC # 048667351622
    Rubberwood blocks with five different pitches for fun rhythmic play. When struck with a mallet the blocks sound higher or lower depending on their size οΎ– the smaller the block the higher the pitch. 12" ergonomically designed Mangowood base fits easily in your lap or on a table. Includes pair of wood mallets. 15 ply curved base constructed of environmentally friendly Mangowood with non-toxic clear coat finish and blocks made of Rubberwood with wat...
    $39.99 | SAVE 11%
  • Hohner Kids HRM6 - 6-Piece Rhythm Instrument Set
    Item # EN086
    | Mfg # HRM6
    | UPC #
    Strike up the band! All you need to have your own rhythm band party is included in this set. Includes; 6" tambourine, rhythm sticks, nylon wrist bell, wood sounder, 5" triangle with striker. Includes songs and activities to use with all the instruments. Comes with a canvas carry and storage bag.
    $39.99 | SAVE 11%
  • Rock Science DrumChannel.com Drum Trivia Game - Board Game
    Item # QTT391302
    | Mfg # 99-RSBG004DRC
    | UPC # 735006277049
    Celebrate the incredible music and performances of the greatest drummers of past and present, as well as the history and legacy of the world's first musical instrument, with this fun and challenging board game.The DrumChannel.com game from Rock Science is a board game for 2-6 players. Players answer questions about drummer anecdotes, myths, drummers past and present, as well as legendary albums and songs. Each question has three levels of difficu...
  • Rock Science Original Game: Join the Rock Alliance (2nd Edition) - Board Game
    Item # QTT372536
    | Mfg # 99-RSBG002EN
    | UPC # 7350062770025
    The original version of Rock Scienceallows you to explore decades of rock history with your friends. Fromsolid game mechanics down to the details of the packaging, this boardgame is pure rock! With 1,600 questions on hundreds of artists from the'60s through today, compete by placing bets on other players' rockknowledge and by choosing the difficulty level of each trivia question.Select from 6 question categories about songs, albums, rockers, andm...
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