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  • Dunlop Crybaby Original Wah-Wah
    Item # EFFGCB95
    | Mfg # GCB95
    | UPC # 710137006171
    This is the original wah-wah pedal used to create the vintage sounds of Rock & Roll. Used by such greats as Clapton, Vai, Satriani, etc. 9V DC adaptor or battery required.
    $79.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Dunlop ECB003 Power Adapter 9V 200mA Barrel Connector
    Item # ET688
    | Mfg # ECB003US
    | UPC # 710137007253
    ECB003 Power Adapter 9V 200mA Barrel Connector. This is a 9V DC @ 200mA 5% regulated. 2.1mm x 5.5mm + Barrel negative center. This product plug works for American standards.
    $10.99 | SAVE 41%
  • Dunlop AC 9-Volt Adaptor, Cry Baby Series
    Item # ET739
    | Mfg # ECB002US
    | UPC # 710137007277
    Output: 9V DC 200MA. 3.5mm Positive tip for Dunlop pedals, specifically the Cry Baby line.
    $11.99 | SAVE 36%
  • Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah Guitar Pedal
    Item # EFFCBM95
    | Mfg # CBM95
    | UPC # 710137081345
    Don’t let its small size fool you—the CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah doesn’t skimp on tone or usability. It comes equipped with the legendary Fasel inductor, a full sweep range, and three internally adjustable voicings—Low, Vintage, and GCB95. At half the size of a standard Cry Baby pedal, the CMB95 is perfect wherever space comes at a premium, such as on a travel board. To top it off, this pedal features true bypass switching an...
    $99.99 | SAVE 29%
  • Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Band of Gypsys Guitar Pedal
    Item # EFFFFM6
    | Mfg # FFM6
    | UPC # 710137081505
    Over the course of ’69–’70, Jimi Hendrix appeared at his most noted live appearances—Live at Woodstock, Live at Berkeley, and Live at the Fillmore East—using a mysterious red Fuzz Face Distortion with white knobs. That fuzz box sounded like a completely different animal from any of the other Fuzz Face pedals in Jimi’s arsenal, snarling with a far more aggressive, biting tone.The pedal itself has been lost to hi...
    $119.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Dunlop M293 MXR Booster Mini Guitar Effects Pedal
    Item # EFFM293
    | Mfg # M293
    | UPC # 710137101333
    The MXR Booster Mini gives you the sonic secret sauce of the Echoplex Preamp with the legendary boosting power of the MXR Micro Amp in a lightweight, space-saving mini housing. The Volume control has up to +25dB on tap while the Tone control rolls off highs. To add a little extra grit to your signal, adjust the internal Echoplex Preamp level control. Put the MXR Booster Mini on your board to save space, season up your tone, and fly high above the...
    $99.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Jim Dunlop AC Adaptor for Crybaby 535Q
    Item # ET85804
    | Mfg # ECB004US
    | UPC # 710137007475
    18-Volt AC adapter *Note: Be sure to check the label on the power supply to ensure compatibility with your effects pedal. ECB004 adapters manufactured before summer 2011 had a current rating of 150mA are NOT compatible with the DC Brick. Newer ECB004 manufactured summer 2011 or later, which are marked with a current rating of 1A (1000mA), can safely be used with the DC Brick. Features: 18VDC @ 150mA, 5% regulated 2.1mm x 5.5mm Positive b...
    $17.39 | SAVE 35%
  • Dunlop Crybaby Classic Wah Wah Pedal
    Item # EFFGCB95F
    | Mfg # GCB95F
    | UPC # 710137023048
    When you think about the classic wah-wah sounds of the 60s, you think about British bluesmen and psychedelic American rockers, not Italy. But those Sunshine-y and Foxey tones could not have existed without the Italian-made Fasel inductors that were in the first wah pedals - including the original Crybaby. These inductors were the key to the pedals' tone, but have been unavailable for years. Not anymore. Your Crybaby Classic with Fasel Inside will...
    $109.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Dunlop JHM7 Jimi Hendrix Univibe Chorus/Vibrato Pedal
    Item # EFFJHM7
    | Mfg # JHM7
    | UPC # 710137098640
    The thick wash of Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato that permeates the landmark Band of Gypsys album is undeniably some of the most transcendent tone ever recorded. With its phasey, chorusy, Leslie-sounding goodness, Jimi Hendrix was able to sum- mon startlingly rich textures that sound as if you can actually spoon them out of the speakers. is pedal delivers these classic tones in all of their stunning analog glory, and at a fraction of the size of the vin...
    $129.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Dunlop JHM8 Jimi Hendrix Gypsy Fuzz Pedal
    Item # EFFJHM8
    | Mfg # JHM8
    | UPC # 710137099135
    Get Jimi's unique and bitingly aggressive Band of Gypsys fuzz sound in a Phase 90-sized housing, including an all-new Tone control for sonic fine-tuning. The housing features artwork from legendary rock artist Gered Mankowitz.     The rare fuzz tone heard at some of Jimi's most iconic live performances Includes on/off status LED & AC power jack Featuring iconic Hendrix art from legendary rock artist Gered Mankowit...
    $129.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Dunlop JHM9 Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal
    Item # EFFJHM9
    | Mfg # JHM9
    | UPC # 710137098985
    Jimi Hendrix relied on his wah to deliver a stunning array of tones. This pedal is crafted to deliver the same dynamic tonal sweep of Jimi’s original Italian-made Thomas Organ unit with half the footprint of a standard wah pedal. It features a classy chrome top rocker and black gator base.     Hendrix’s huge sound in a mini housing Chrome top rocker with black gator base True bypass switching
    $129.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Dunlop Way Huge WHE408 Russian Pickle Fuzz Pedal
    Item # EFFWHE408
    | Mfg # WHE408
    | UPC # 710137096165
    The Russian-Pickle Fuzz dishes out smooth, creamy fuzz tones with a clear midrange to cut through the mix and a fat bottom end that keeps your sound thick and full. With a no-nonsense interface featuring Volume, Tone, and Distortion controls, you can quickly dial in your sound and get to playing. Bass players, take note—this pedal has enough low end to tremble the earth. Whether you’re going for ’90s-era grunge, swinging stoner ...
    $159.99 | SAVE 29%
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