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  • Boss - BAG-L2 - Carry Bag For GT Series Multi-Effects
    Item # EC298L2
    | Mfg # BOSSBAGL2
    | UPC # 761294066706
    A handy, rugged carry bag built just for your BOSS GT-10, GT-10B, GT-8, GT-Pro, GT-6 and GT-6B.Recognized by guitarists everywhere as the world's first name in compact effects pedals, BOSS makes sure you get the tone you want every time you play. Whether it be classic or hard rock, blues, jazz, country, funk or something new, wild and completely on the edge, BOSS helps you find your tone.Beyond the killer effects pedals, BOSS is also constantly p...
    $59.99 | SAVE 13%
  • The Engle - Special Edition Guitar Hammer with Case
    Item # GA464ENGLESE
    | Mfg # THEENGLESE
    | UPC # 856425004006
    The Engle offers a new creative approach for all guitar enthusiasts!! Capture increased rhythmic accuracy and clear, dulcimer-like tone! The Special Edition Engle comes with vinyl mini-guitar case, as well as a keycard that unlocks our online instruction and access to archived live events FOR LIFE!! Access lessons with Byron Gore or Christie Lenée: beginner to advanced.
    $29.95 | SAVE 14%
  • The Engle - Original Guitar Hammer
    Item # GA464ENGLE
    | Mfg # THEENGLE
    | UPC # 856425004013
    The Engle offers a new creative approach for all guitar enthusiasts!! Capture increased rhythmic accuracy and clear, dulcimer-like tone! The Engle features a cherry wood handle, stainless steel arm, and polymer head. It can be used by left or right-handed players, on electric or acoustic guitars.
    $19.95 | SAVE 20%
  • On-Stage Stands EB9760B Exterior Mounting Bracket
    Item # SR916
    | Mfg # EB9760
    | UPC # 659814051359
    Makes any speaker cab pole-mountable! The EB9760B Exterior Mounting Bracket fits on a 1-3/8" stand and mounts to any speaker cabinet. Black finish, includes hardware.
    $9.95 | SAVE 37%
  • Kala VSCU Amplifier Adapter 9-Volt DC
    Item # ET659VCSU
    | Mfg # CHGRAMP
    | UPC # 812040019320
    This is a replacement 9-Volt Adapter for the Kala VSCU Amplifier. 
    $7.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Ernie Ball Cord & Spring Kit Standard Size Volume Pedal
    Item # GU788P06157
    | Mfg # P06157
    | UPC # 749699161578
    String and spring replacement kit for full size volume pedals.  Fits models 6166, 6165, 6167, 6168.
    $3.80 | SAVE 13%
  • Mesa/Boogie 12AX7 Premium Grade Preamp Tube
    Item # AM767
    | Mfg # 750150F
    | UPC # 809404004597
    MESA 12AX7's are premium grade preamp tubes that provide the maximum level of high gain output and overall tonal quality with unsurpassed consistency and reliability - They possess a smooth and balanced response across the tonal spectrum and are extremely lively, open and expressive.
  • Mesa/Boogie 5AR4/GZ34ACF Rectifier Tube, Premium Grade Vacuum Tube
    Item # AM770
    | Mfg # 750504F
    | UPC # 809404004634
    The MESA 5AR4 rectifier tube produces a vintage feel with light to mild "sag" - While it produces more "sag" than Silicon Diodes, it is the least "saggy" of our tube rectifier offerings (The Rectifier is part of the Power Supply and its purpose is to convert AC into DC).
  • Mesa/Boogie EL-84 / 6BQ5 Russian Premium Grade Vacuum Tubes, Matched Pair
    Item # AM188
    | Mfg # 750606D
    | UPC # 809404004672
    The MESA EL-84 / 6BQ5 is the little brother to the EL-34 and is the classic European designed tube that lead the British invasion - Our EL-84 is tight and aggressive, yet smooth and warm, with an amazing chiming mid and top end - Brilliant focus with a frequency response that always brings your guitar to the front of the mix - This tube is true to its classic roots and is extremely consistent and reliable.
  • Bugera T50PC High-Quality Protective Cover for T50 Infinium
    Item # SR178T50PC
    | Mfg # T50PC
    | UPC # 748252160546
    T50PC:Your guitar amplifier is one of your most-prized possessions – so protect it with a custom-fit Bugera cover. Made of super-tough black nylon, the T50PC is a “must-have” accessory for your T50.Protection Against the Elements:The rugged T50PC helps keep your amp free from dirt and moisture during transit to and from the gig or studio, and protects it from dust when not in use. And if the gig or session runs for more than one...
    $17.00 | SAVE 33%
  • Mesa/Boogie 3" Individual Trak-Loc Replacement Caster
    Item # SQ085359035
    | Mfg # 359035
    | UPC # 809404014541
    3" Individual Trak-Loc Replacement Caster Track-Loc removeable caster sets with mounting hardware and replacement casters available in various sizes
  • Dunlop ECB325 HT1 6.5' Vinyl Tube
    Item # RP979ECB325
    | Mfg # ECB325
    | UPC # 710137020948
    Dunlop ECB325 HT1 6.5' Vinyl Tube
    $14.40 | SAVE 27%