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  • Veyron Tube BV1001T:The Bugera Veyron Tube satisfies your need for the utmost in unbridled horsepower. An ultra-compact and stylish bass amplifier, the impressive Veyron Tube packs an incredible 2,000 Watts of lightweight, Class-D power under the hood – with plenty of room left over for some amazing features. Inside you’ll find an expressively-dynamic optical compressor, a trio of 12AX7 tubes configured in a 6-stage Class-A preamp, as...
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  • T50 Infinium:When you think of classic British rock, the sound is undeniable. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, that sweet clean-crunch that spawned a generation of legendary players and the music that has stood the test of time. We packed all that iconic tone, and all the edgy character of a modern high-gain amp into a small, but powerful package – the T50 Infinium! We added a no-compromise post-phase-splitter, dual-VR Master Volume...
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  • Bugera T50PC High-Quality Protective Cover for T50 Infinium
    Item # SR178T50PC
    | Mfg # T50PC
    | UPC # 748252160546
    T50PC:Your guitar amplifier is one of your most-prized possessions – so protect it with a custom-fit Bugera cover. Made of super-tough black nylon, the T50PC is a “must-have” accessory for your T50.Protection Against the Elements:The rugged T50PC helps keep your amp free from dirt and moisture during transit to and from the gig or studio, and protects it from dust when not in use. And if the gig or session runs for more than one...
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  • FSB102B:The FSB102B Heavy-Duty 2-Button Footswitch is the ideal companion for our BXD and Veyron Series amplifiers. It is designed to perform as a remote activator/deactivator for the onboard FX Loop and Mute functions.Built Like a Tank:Featuring a rugged metal case, the finest switching components and a generous 15' (4.5 m) cable, the FSB102B connects to the rear panel of the amplifier for convenient, hands-free operation.Features:  Dual...
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  • Bugera 6262 Infinium Ultimate Rock Tone 2-Channel Guitar Tube Amp Head, 120 Watt
    Item # AMP6262INFINIUM
    | Mfg # 6262INFINIUM
    | UPC # 705105162782
    Our #1 goal with the 6262 Infinium amp head was to create a high-powered, super lead amp with all the virile crunch required to detonate the center stage – and we definitely succeeded!Our revolutionary Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology allows you to use a quartet of 6L6s, for a very open and glassy tone – or EL34s, for a more compressed and noticeably-aggressive midrange character. The 6262 Infinium’s 2-channel, 6 x 12AX7...
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  • Bugera 12AU7 Dual Triode Tube
    Item # AM79412AU7
    | Mfg # 12AU7
    | UPC # 696859054488
    Bugera premium-grade 12AU7 tubes are hand-selected for their expressive tonal range, reliability and ultra-low noise operation and are highly recommended for all guitar, bass and other audio tube amplifier applications.Glorious Tone and Dependability:Our 12AU7 high-end preamp tube features ultra-low audio and microphonic noise, and provides the maximum level of gain and overall tonal quality. The 12AU7 is a classic preamp tube found in many vinta...
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  • Bugera 333XL Infinium 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head, 120 Watt
    Item # AMP333XLINFINIU
    | Mfg # 333XLINFINIUM
    | UPC # 705105162287
    The 333XL Infinium is a cutting edge, modern-style tube guitar amp designed for use in any situation or genre – the harder the better. The name says it all 3 - 3 - 3; three fully independent channels for three fully independent gain structures and tone stacks.The 333XL Infinium takes it up a notch – 4 notches to be exact, with the addition of an overall active presence control; a very-effective analog noise gate on the lead channel; E...
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  • The Behringer Ultrabass BX2000H is an ultra-versatile and incredibly powerful bass amplifier, packing an impressive 2,000 Watts of lightweight, Class-D power into its portable and well-designed chassis – with plenty of room left over for some amazing features. Inside you'll find an exceptionally warm high-voltage MOSFET preamp, an expressively-dynamic classic compressor, as well as our Dynamizer technology that really packs a punch! Togethe...
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  • V22HD Infinium:The impressive and hand-built 22-Watt V22HD Infinium guitar head exudes vintage tone and style, and possesses modern features that will launch your sound into the sonic stratosphere. Loaded with 3 x 12AX7 preamp and 2 x EL84 power tubes, this incredible boutique-style powerhouse gives you the flexibility of two independent channels and selectable reverb, both switchable via the included heavy duty footswitch. Connect one of our 112...
    $399.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Bugera 112TS 12" Turbosound Speaker Guitar Cabinet, 80 Watt
    Item # SRS112TS
    | Mfg # 112TS
    | UPC # 696859054273
    The incredibly powerful Bugera 112TS is an ultra-portable, classic-style guitar cabinet that features a single, 12" worldclass Turbosound speaker with an impressive 80-Watt power handling capacity. The 112TS’ high-sensitivity performance means more of your amp’s power is converted to audio output, creating rich and vibrant sound with explosive impact. Custom-engineered to unleash the true tone of your guitar, amp and effects, once you...
    $159.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Bugera 1960 Infinium British Classic Guitar Tube Amp Head, 150 Watt
    Item # AMP1960INFINIUM
    | Mfg # 1960INFINIUM
    | UPC # 705105162980
    We did a lot of listening to obscure, long-departed British amp designs, and spent the better part of a year tweaking the hand-selected EL34s and ECC83s to give the 1960 Infinium its tremendous range of tonal options. We added a no-compromise post-phase inverter Master volume that can be bypassed for a direct signal path, and a huge output transformer with specially-nested windings for increased dynamic response and clarity. The onboard FX Loop (...
    $549.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Bugera 1990 Infinium British Bite Guitar Tube Amp Head, 120 Watt
    Item # AMP1990INFINIUM
    | Mfg # 1990INFINIUM
    | UPC # 705105163086
    You asked... We listened... Then we listened some more. Then we gave the 1990 Infinium an even cooler look – with flawless performance and better sound than ever! The Infinium version of our highly-popular 1990 amp head allows you to switch between full-throttle pentode, or more harmonic triode (60-Watt) operating modes.We gave the clean and lead channels individual master volume and reverb controls. We even added a dual-control footswitch ...
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