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  • Aquarian SKII22 Superkick 2 Clear 22" 2-Ply Bass Drum Batter Head
    Item # DH20722
    | Mfg # SKII22
    | UPC # 659007003769
    The new Superkick bass drumheads feature a narrow muffling ring. This narrow ring is approximately 1/2 the width of the ring used on the Impact bass drum heads above. This new ring allows the drumhead to produce more low-end, more punch and more volume than any other pre-muffled bass drumheads. The "Floating Muffling System" is made of felt for a pre-muffled yet natural sound. The felt moves and "breathes" with the drumhead. T...
    $43.88 | SAVE 51%
    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Aquarian CCSN14 Classic Clear 14" Bottom Snare Side Drumhead
    Item # DH17714
    | Mfg # CCSN14
    | UPC # 659007001116
    A clear, single ply, thin weight(3mil) snare side drumhead.
    $11.38 | SAVE 50%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Aquarian Bass Drum Black Port Hole
    Item # PA531BK
    | Mfg # PHBK
    | UPC # 659007005879
    Aquarian Bass Drum Black Port Hole. An adhesive-backed hole-cutting template for front bass drumheads. 5" hole. Available in black or white.
    $5.88 | SAVE 32%
  • Aquarian TC14 White Texture Coated 14" Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH16414
    | Mfg # TC14
    | UPC # 659007000898
    These single-ply, medium weight, drumheads are specially formulated with a satin finish which resists chipping and outlasts all other coatings in test after test. It is a thin, extremely sensitive, durable coating that responds to the slightest touch with sticks or brushes.
    $14.08 | SAVE 50%
  • The Hi-Velocity is a coated, two-ply drumhead featuring a reverse Power-Thin Dot in the center for added reinforcement. The Safe-T-Loc Hoop prevents slippage inside the hoop so that the head does not de-tune during a performance and will not pull out. An exclusive Sound Curve Collar Design allows the drumhead to seat perfectly on the bearing edge. These heads conform instantly to any shell design. Extra-Warm Drumhead Film produces a rich, warm an...
    $19.78 | SAVE 47%
  • Aquarian Bass Drum White Port Hole
    Item # PA531WHT
    | Mfg # PHWT
    | UPC # 659007005886
    Aquarian Bass Drum White Port Hole. An adhesive-backed hole-cutting template for front bass drumheads. 5" hole. Available in black or white.
    $5.88 | SAVE 32%
  • Aquarian HE14 Hi-Energy 14" Snare Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH17814
    | Mfg # HE14
    | UPC # 659007001185
    Brutally tested, this head was determined to be lively and sensitive with Heavy Metal durability.
    $17.18 | SAVE 51%
  • Aquarian 14" Hi-Impact Snare Drum Heads - White
    Item # DH47314W
    | Mfg # HIP14W
    | UPC # 659007010316
    A coated two ply head that features two 10mil plies with a larger Power Dot underneath. Designed for Heavy Hitters and tested by key Aquarian Artists for durability and power. This is a tough head with surprising response and tone. Available in black and white.
    $21.38 | SAVE 50%
  • Aquarian REF14 14" Reflector Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH54314
    | Mfg # REF14
    | UPC # 659007013157
    The Reflector line of heads, inspired by drumming great Eric Moore, feature a new 2 Ply Hybrid Film combination that enhances the stick attack when played at higher volumes. And they are meant to be played - HARD and FAST! The Bottom ply uses our special 10mil Black drumhead film which is denser and brighter than our standard drumhead material. The Reflector Top layer uses Aquarian’s Classic Clear 7 mil drumhead film for warmth. This NEW 17...
    $17.98 | SAVE 51%
  • Aquarian 14" Modern Vintage II Tom Head
    Item # DH51114
    | Mfg # MODII14
    | UPC # 659007011603
    A coated, two ply drumhead composed of two 7mil plies. Aquarian's Vintage Coating and tone with the added durability that a two ply head delivers.
    $19.48 | SAVE 50%
  • Aquarian CC14 Classic Clear 14" Medium Weight Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH22714
    | Mfg # CC14
    | UPC # 659007000058
    Classic Clear drumheads have a wide-open, full sound when used as batter heads. When used as a resonating head on the bottom of tom toms, the result is a warm, choke-free response. Classic Clear drumheads work equally well as top and/or bottom tom tom heads.
    $12.58 | SAVE 50%
  • Aquarian MOTCM14 Modern Vintage 14" Medium Weight Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH18914
    | Mfg # MOTCM14
    | UPC # 659007003943
    Modern Vintage single-ply heads are designed specifically for vintage drums manufactured from the 1960's to the present. Heads are slightly oversized to fit over enlarged bearing edges and feature a smooth coating.
    $18.88 | SAVE 33%
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