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The Kaoss DJ from Korg is a USB DJ controller, audio interface, and standalone mixer with a built-in Kaoss pad; a real-time effects processor that allows users to easily control multiple effects and parameters by stroking, tapping or rubbing the touchpad interface with their finger. With the slim-line controller connected to a computer, the Kaoss DJ offers simulated vinyl control from the integrated touch-sensitive platters, as well as touch sensitive hot cue/looper ribbons.

Each channel features a 3-band EQ and controls for pitch, nudge and sync functions. The integrated browser control makes searching and loading tracks a breeze. The Kaoss pad features 120 effects and synths with an integrated sampler, built-in scale functions for synth parts, auto BPM, and FX release & hold controls.  Disconnect the controller from the computer and the Kaoss DJ functions as a stand-alone 2-channel mixer.  The controller works with the free, downloadable version of Serato DJ Intro, or the optional Serato DJ software.  The Kaoss DJ ships with a standard USB cable.


  • FX RELEASE function automatically adds a delay when you take your finger off the touch pad, naturally blending the effect into your sound
  • Hold function maintains the effect even after you release your finger
  • Auto BPM function automatically detects the BPM of the song and synchronizes the effect
  • Scale/Key settings let you play a synthesizer in the key of your song without any wrong notes

Kaoss Effects List

  • Filter (13): F.01 Low Pass Filter, F.02 High Pass Filter, F.03 Band Pass Filter, F.04 72dB/oct LPF, F.05 Morphing Filter, F.06 Vowel Filter, F.07 Mid Cut Filter, F.08 Isolator, F.09 Dist Isolator, F.10 Center Cancel, F.11 Radio, F.12 Telephone, F.13 Reverb Filter
  • Modulation (12): m.14.Vinyl Break, m.15 Break Reverb, m.16 Jet, m.17 Manual Phaser, m.18 Talk Filter, m.19 Digi Talk, m.20 Decimator, m.21 Fuzz Distortion, m.22 Bass Distortion, m.23 Ring Mod HPF, m.24 Pitch Shift HPF, m.25 Mid Pitch Shift
  • Dynamics (3): d.26 Ducking Comp, d.27 LowBoost Comp, d.28 Hard Limiter
  • LFO (17): L.29 LFO LPF, L.30 LFO HPF, L.31 Infinite Filter, L.32 Jag Filter, L.33 Yoi Yoi, L.34 Flanger, L.35 Flanger Filter, L.36 Infinite Flanger, L.37 Phaser, L.38 Mid Phaser, L.39 Step Phaser, L.40 Auto Pan, L.41 Mid Auto Pan, L.42 Slicer, L.43 Mid Slicer, L.44 LPF Slicer, L.44 LPF Slicer, L.45 HPF Slicer
  • Delay (12): d.46 Delay, d.47 One Delay, d.48 Ping Pong Delay, d.49 Multi Tap Delay, d.50 Modulation Delay, d.51 Tape Echo, d.52 Dub Echo, d.53 Feedback Echo, d.54 LPF Delay, d.55 HPF Delay, d.56 Phaser Delay, d.57 Flanger Delay
  • Reverb (5): r58 Hall Reverb, r59 Room Reverb, r60 Spring Reverb, r61 Pump Reverb, r62 Freeze Reverb
  • Grain Shifter (3): G.63 Grain Shifter, G.64 Mid Grain, G.65 Mix Grain
  • Looper (21): o.66 KP2 Looper, o.67 LPF Looper, o.68 HPF Looper, o.69 High Looper, o.70 Iso Looper, o.71 Freeze Looper, o.72 Phaser Looper, o.73 Flanger Looper, o.74 Deci Looper, o.75 Slice Looper, o.76 F/R Looper, o.77 KP3 Looper, o.78 Backing Looper, o.79 Shuttle Looper, o.80 RwDelay Looper, o.81 OverDub Looper, o.82 Break Looper, o.83 KP3 RwLooper, o.84 Pitch Looper, o.85 Weird Looper, o.86 Looper & Noise
  • Lead (9): L.87 Unison Saw, L.88 KP3 Unison Saw, L.89 Unison Lead, L.90 Pulse Verb, L.91 Paz Square, L.92 8bit Square, L.93 Ring Flutter, L.94 Say Yay Synth, L.95 Air Spectrum
  • Acoustic (2): A.96 Ray EP, A.97 Didgeridoo
  • Bass (6): b.98 Slap Bass, b.99 Unison Squ Bass, b.a0 Hoover Bass, b.a1 Wobble Bass, b.a3 Fall Bass
  • Chord (5): C.a4 Pulse Code, C.a5 Pump Chord, C.a6 Scale Chord, C.a7 Sine Chord, C.a8 Pad Chord
  • Sound Effect (12): S.a9 Noise Filter, S.b0 Pump Noise, S.b1 Bubble SFX, S.b2 Resonator, S.b3 Itch Noiz, S.b4 Ring Mod SFX, S.b5 Beam Saber, S.b6 Kaoss Drone, S.b7 Sync Random, S.b8 Disco Siren, S.b9 Rise/Fall, S.c0 Sweep

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