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The Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift is a simple, yet effective tool for raising a bass drum off the floor, improving resonance and beater striking location. By providing a 2-3” lift and removing any excessive clamping forces on the drum, the Bass Drum Lift improves resonance and provides the absolute best quality of sound to any bass drum.

  • Lifts bass drum 2-3” off the ground for improved resonance and beater striking location
  • Designed to work with bass drums ranging from 16” – 24” in size
  • Bass drum pedals clamp directly onto the lift rather than drum hoop
  • Designed by drummer and inventor Arti Dixson
  • All Evans accessories are designed, engineered and manufactured to the most stringent quality controls in the industry
Based on 4 Reviews
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Product Reviews
  • *****
  • Better than expected
  • October 14, 2017
  • By: MARTIN

What a great product! I admit I was a little skeptical about this design of bass drum lift, since it isn't attached to the bass drum. However this is not an issue in any way. I'm using this with a 20" bass drum, and the drum rests in the curve of the lift comfortably. I haven't had any issues with the bass drum's stability at all. I also like that it doesn't wreck the bass drum hoops or finish of the drum. As for sound, it allows the shell to float between the legs and the lift, leading to a fuller, richer bass drum tone not muted by sitting on the floor. And the beater can hit wear you want it to, which is the whole point of this and other bass drum lifts. Good design with good results - Recommended!

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  • *****
  • Does what it says it will do!
  • January 10, 2016
  • By: Steven

Works as it should. Using with a 18" kick. It does help the tone, more punchy. This works better than the lift that came with the set (Gretsch catalina jazz). Also, for me makes set-up and tear down quicker, as the pedal is not connected to the drum.

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  • *****
  • Improves BASS Response!
  • September 21, 2015
  • By: MIKE

I most always use a 20" bass drum, so am always looking for a method of boosting bass response. Kick Ports do a very good job of this but coupled with the Dixson Lift really does the trick! The 20" size has beater attack built in but this is also greatly enhanced with the Lift. I was amazed at the tonal difference from the first hit! It is on the pricey side for what it is. It's "tab" for attachment to pedal is not low to floor as most all pedals are made for. I had to use a 1/8" strip of rubber underneath the "tab" for better grip. Without it the pedal was prone to drifting. The Lift comes with a thicker neoprene strip that has adhesive on one side. I think this was included to add to the cradle surface in case you are using 18" or 16" drum and want more lift. It was too thick for my purpose. It does require some "fiddling with" to position, which at a gig you might not have time or space for. I suggest leaving it attached to the pedal to make for quicker set up. You will also have to dedicate a pedal to use with the Lift because your settings and feel will change. It's GREAT to finally be able to adjust the beater for the "sweet spot" without sacrificing leverage and to really hear more of the shell sound. This product WORKS!

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  • *****
  • Improves drum resonance
  • June 18, 2013
  • By: Thomas

Although the product website has a cheesy explanation on how your bass drum can benefit from this item, there are tangible reasons to use one of these: 1. Isolation: when your bass drum is touching the floor, vibrations are transmitted through the floor, which affect how your bass sounds. This lift isolates it (think of tom suspension mounts) so that the bass not only projects better, it is clear from dampening effects from the floor. Your snare rests on a stand with rubber claw tips and your floor tom legs have rubber feet, so it should be natural to isolate your bass drum. 2. Beater positioning: when you have a double pedal's slave beater hit off center, its rebound and feel is different, making the difference between master and slave pedal feel even greater. This solves that problem. 3. Wear reduction: mounting pedals onto bass drum hoops gradually causes damage. It is cheaper just to buy one of these than to order replacement hoops (there are some affordable hoops here, but they are unfinished). By using the lift, the rear of your bass drum isn't resting against the floor while the front is being pushed up by spurs, further reducing stress on the drum and hoops. The attachment of the pedal to the lift reduces the amount of direct force going into the drum. While this product is good, it is rather expensive for a piece of plastic of simple construction. The inside of the lift has hollow chambers which I believe help reduce weight and perhaps reduce dampening effects. Hopefully the price will drop if these become adopted by more drummers. If you stuff your bass drum with pillows, this item will still help your drum, but you should remove your pillows to hear any sort of benefit.

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