Bach Flugelhorn Mouthpiece - 1.5C

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Rim shape is described for each individual model. Model numbers progress numerically from model #1 with the largest cup diameter, to model #20C with the smallest cup diameter.

Cup depths are notated with letters. "A" cups are the deepest; standard cups have no letter designation; progressively shallower cups are marked B through F.

"A" Models have very deep cups, #24 backbores, and emit a large, dark sound.

Models with no letter designation have deep cups, #10 backbores, and produce a rich, full, clear tone.

"B" Models have medium deep cups, #7 backbores, and have a full, Teutonic tone with great volume.

"C" Models have medium cups, #10 backbores, and are preferred by many players that alternate between Bb, C and D trumpet.

"D" Models have medium-shallow cups, #76 backbores, and produce a sparkling, brilliant tone, especially in the high register. Artists who continually play in the extreme high register use them to advantage.

"E" Models have shallow cups, #117 backbores, and are designed for use on soprano and piccolo trumpets. Also preferred by extreme high register players.

"F" Models have extra-shallow cups, #76 backbores, and are also preferred by extreme high register players.

"V" Models have V style cups. "V" designates a very deep cup, #20 throat, and #25 backbore; "MV" designates a medium deep cup, #25 throat, and #25 backbore; "SV" designates a shallow cup, #25 throat, and #25 backbore.

"W" Models have a wide, cushion rim for soft, thick lips.

Model No. - Rim Shape
  • 1 - Medium thin
    Extra-large cup for players with a robust embouchure. Produces a great volume of tone.
  • 1X - Medium wide
    The pre-1970 (old style) No. 1, with slightly smaller cup and wider rim than the present model.
  • 1C - Medium wide
    Large diameter, medium cup ? good for all-around use.
  • 1½C - Medium wide, not too sharp
    Large diameter, medium cup ? good for all-around use.
  • 3 - Medium wide
    Fairly large cup with full, rich tone.
  • 3C - Medium wide
    Fairly large cup, good for all-around use.
  • 5A - Medium wide, rounded inside edge
    A fairly large cup with a dark, full, mellow tone.
  • 5B - Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Medium sharp edge
    A precise rim and a fairly large cup. The tone is vivid and full.
  • 5C - Medium wide, not too sharp
    For players with a strong embouchure who do not like a sharp edge. The tone is lively and rich.
  • 6C - Medium wide, not too sharp, rather flat
    A distinctive C trumpet cup. Its clear tone cuts through the largest bands and orchestras.
  • 7A - Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Med. Sharp inside edge
    Warm, melodious, rich tone approaches the quality of a lyric soprano voice. Free blowing.
  • 7 - Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Medium sharp inside edge.
    This popular model produces a colorful, liquid tone which is uniform over the entire scale. Desirable for all-around work.
  • 7C - Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Medium sharp inside. Well-rounded edge with a perfect grip
    Probably the most widely used model in the world. Its brilliant tone is preferred by school musicians and by artists.
  • 10C - Fairly wide with rather broad, flat surface
    Same rim as No. 10, but with a medium C cup. Especially designed for high notes and sparkling brilliancy.
  • 10½C - Medium wide
    Fine high register, resonating low register. Particularly useful to players without a strong embouchure. Ideal for C trumpet.

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