Ludwig Standard Series Fiberglass Timpani w/ Tuning Gauge - 32"

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Introducing The New Era Of Ludwig Timpani

Ludwig Timpani has set the standard for performance in bands and orchestras around the world. Ludwig is proud to announce the newest line of Grand Symphonic, Professional and Standard Series Timpani. All three lines of timpani have been updated with incredible new features to improve functionality and mobility.

It is estimated that there are more Ludwig USA Timpani in the market today than all other brands combined. These features are what separate Ludwig from the rest:
  • Serviceability: should repairs be required, Ludwig timpani are easily serviceable and will continue to perform for years to come.
  • Longevity: with proper care and maintenance, Ludwig timpani can last for over 50 years.
  • Sound: the parabolic kettles provide a one-of-a-kind sound only available from Ludwig. 

The ingenious profile collar extends the head beyond the edge of the kettle to project greater resonance, pitch definition and easily controlled, accurate tuning. The double-ring suspension system and seamless one-piece angle steel counter hoops create an undisturbed and undistorted tone. The patented Balanced Action™ tuning pedal moves smoothly through the range. No locks or ratchets are needed to hold pitch.

Standard Series

The Ludwig Standard Series is one of the most used timpani in the world. The series comes in polished copper or fiberglass kettles. The struts are mounted directly to the kettles with an internal tuning mechanism which allows a tuning range of a Major 6th. As in our Grand Symphonic and Professional Series, the Standard Series include engraved brass tuning indicators with a standard American Tuning Gauge set up. The tuning gauges can also be set up in a German style. The Omni wheel is placed under the pedal and allows the player to position the timpani into any position with ease. Detachable quick-release, large rear casters are a standard feature of all Ludwig Timpani.

The Making of the First Ludwig Timpani

The Ludwig family business was built upon a long-standing heritage of timpani know-how and playing expertise within the Ludwig family. William F. Ludwig, Sr. began his timpani studies ‘in 1899 under the direction of the timpanist of the Theodore Thomas Symphony, later to be called the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

As timpanist of the Pittsburgh Symphony, William F. Ludwig, Sr. shared a love for the classical works that was only equaled by his passion to perform them on-stage. In 1909, Ludwig grew frustrated with the hand-tuned timpani of the era. It wasn’t long before his frustration turned to inspiration. With a more practical, portable, pedal-tuned timpani in mind, the accomplished timpanist took on the role of part-time inventor. Ludwig’s earliest designs and models failed. Hydraulically operated hoses leaked, cables stretched, but Ludwig was determined and never gave up. In 1921, after years of disappointments, he struck perfection. Originally called the “Natural-Way Balanced-Action” the Balanced Action Pedal soon found its way into the Ludwig Catalogs and was an immediate success.

All Ludwig timpani are designed to give the performer superb musical tonality and outstanding service for many years. Ludwig Drum Company’s entire staff and workforce stand behind all timpani.


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Ludwig Drums
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Two brothers, William F. and Theo Ludwig, developed a bass drum pedal in 1909 that could play fast, forming "Ludwig and Ludwig."  Ringo Starr’s use of a Ludwig drumset in the 60’s made the brand well- known. Today, the "Most Famous Name On Drums and Percussion" offers a full line of drumsets, concert & marching drums, plus quality hardware.