No Quarter

Led Zeppelin Tribute

Saturday, November 9 – 8PM

Milwaukee's only Led Zeppelin tribute band recreates the classic 1975 Zep album, Physical Graffiti, in its entirety and in order. Don't miss it! No Quarter captures the power of Led Zeppelin while retaining the subtle nuances that helped make the band one of the greatest of all time.
China Crisis


Wednesday, November 13 – 8PM

China Crisis is an English pop/rock band. They formed in 1979 in Kirkby, near Liverpool, with a core of vocalist/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon. Their output was pop music similar in style to that of New Wave but with strong similarities to the post-punk movement of the early 1980s, namely inclusion of a broader range of musical influences and occasional flirtation with political commentary. Throughout their career, China Crisis has seen moderate success in the United Kingdom with ten hit singles between August 1982 and January 1987 and six albums, as well as commercial success in Western Europe, Australia and the Americas.

Doghouse Flowers

Friday, November 29– 8PM

In March of this year, Semi-Twang released their latest project, The Why & The What For, a recording that ups the stakes in a very entertaining way. It is topical and personal with a bit more R&B soul influence that includes a few throwbacks to the duckwalk days of Chuck Berry. The Why & The What For will be getting heavily promoted to the press and radio here in the states and in the UK by Pavement Media. If you have a taste for the sounds of Old 97's, The Jayhawks, Waylon Jennings with a side of vintage honky tonk, then you'll appreciate the sounds of Doghouse Flowers.
Ike Reilly Assassination


Saturday, November 30 - 8PM

Ike Reilly has been called a raconteur. Just give his latest solo album, Hard Luck Stories, a listen and you'll discover a rich, tour-de-force collection of tales that sound so authentic you'd swear they were all true. The Illinois-born musician delivers them with course, soulful lyrics and a sound that meets at the intersection of groovy blues, folk and plain ol' classic rock. In 2003, with mates Tommy O'Donnell, Ed Tinley, Dave Cottini and Phil Karnats, he created the Ike Reilly Assassination, and has moved back and forth between band and solo incarnations since.
For Tickets: Go to Shank Hall or visit
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