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  • As Part of the Xeno Series, this special model features a longer tapered reversed leadpipe with reversed main tuning slide sleeves. Xeno (pronounced 'Zeno' ) trumpets are designed for those who want power and projection as well as a big warm sound. Developed from more than 30 years' research with leading artists throughout the world, Xeno trumpets incorporate their dreams, their experience, and their talents-as realized through the skills and ide...
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  • Yamaha YSL-882O Xeno Series Trombone w/ F Attachment
    Item # FBOYSL882O
    | Mfg # YSL882O
    | UPC # 086792825601
    Yamaha Xeno Trombones, with the assistance of key orchestral players and soloists throughout the world, represent some of the best instruments using the most advanced design technology available. One piece hand hammered bell A one-piece bell has an axial (lengthwise) seam, making it a continuous extension of the instrument's material. This results in pure, uniform resonance and superior tone. Larger bell The bell is 8 11/16" in diamete...
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  • Akai Advance Series 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Control Plugin Integration
    Item # SYSADVANCE61
    | Mfg # ADVANCE61
    | UPC # 888365316031
    The Advance 61 gives you unprecedented playability and unrestricted manipulation of any virtual instrument with our exclusive interactive, full-color display, complemented by performance-friendly hardware controls. Available in 25-, 49-, and 61-key sizes, the Advance Keyboards deftly fuse the power of software instruments with the live playability of a keyboard workstation, so you can create like never before. The dividing line between software a...
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  • Best of the Black Crowes - Softcover Guitar TAB
    Item # QPC430577
    | Mfg # 147787
    | UPC # 888680075200
    The Black Crowes have sold over 35 million albums and are still activelytouring. This collection features 12 of their best transcribed note fornote for guitar with standard notation and tablature. Songs include:Hard to Handle • Jealous Again • Kickin' My Heart Around • Remedy • SheTalks to Angels • Sister Luck • Sometimes Salvation • Soul Singing •Sting Me • Thorn in My Pride • Twice As Hard &bull...
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  • Casio Privia PX760WE 88-Key Piano w/Bench, Stand and 3 Pedals, White
    Item # SYSPX860WE
    | Mfg # PX860WE
    | UPC # 079767362072
    With its expressive timbre, the PX-760 offers to all piano purists a selection of sounds which is very close to an acoustic instrument. This focus on pure piano sounds is supported by the integrated triple pedal unit with its damper resonance producing fine sound quality. The new "Concert-Play" function is also integrated into the PX-760 and its perfect piano playing. With 10 orchestral pieces for piano,piano parts can be practiced and played, wi...
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  • Casio Privia PX860BK 88 Key Digital Piano w/Bench, Stand and 3 Pedals, Black
    Item # SYSPX860BK
    | Mfg # PX860BK
    | UPC # 079767362058
    The perfect sound in a compact piano. With the PRIVIA top model you will see the achievements of AiR technology, showing how these compact design instruments can also develop their full sound potential. All the new elements in the new sound tones of the PX-860 are completely convincing when the lid of the PRIVIA is opened up. You will to appreciate the smallest subtleties of the sound, as it turns the sitting room into a concert hall. Using the n...
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  • Get it right from the start – with Scarlett StudioThe complete professional recording package for musicians.Whether you’re just starting out on your musical career or you’re a seasoned professional, Scarlett Studio gives you everything you need to start recording studio-quality music right away – right down to the microphone cable. Just add your computer.Now you can record guitar, vocals, bass or other instruments directly...
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  • Mackie - SRM1850 18" 1600W High-Output Powered Subwoofer
    Item # SRSSRM1850
    | Mfg # SRM1850
    | UPC # 663961036381
    Built to be worked, Mackie SRM 1600W High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers deliver on Mackie’s “Built-Like-A-Tank” SRM legacy in professional-grade all-wood designs with the output, clarity and simplicity you demand. Featuring Mackie High Definition Audio Processing™ and optimization tools like application-specific speaker modes and a feedback destroyer, SRM is the ultimate moderneveryday PA speaker.Features: 1600W paire...
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  • Mackie PROFX12V2 12-Channel Compact Mixer w/USB and Effects
    Item # SRSPROFX12V2
    | Mfg # PROFX12V2
    | UPC # 663961045635
    Mackie ProFXv2 mixes provide a comprehensive live sound solution with a wide range of models, each delivering unmatched performance.With the all-new preamps and effects engine plus tools like GEQ and USB recording/playback, ProFXv2 mixer performance will truly elevate your live sound game.Vita PreampsDesigned specifically for live sound, Vita preamps are virtually noiseless, featuring a discrete Class-A front end design, dual feedback stabilizati...
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  • Mackie Reach Professional Bluetooth PA-System
    Item # SRSREACH
    | Mfg # REACH
    | UPC # 663961046144
    The Mackie Reach is a powerful, easy to use all-in-one professional PA system with complete wireless control and audio streaming that delivers high-fidelity, room-filling sound via the ARC™ high-frequency array and usercustomizable built-in stage  monitoring through its unique EarShot™ personal monitoring system, all front-ended by an intuitive 6-channel digital mixerUltra-Wide CoverageMackie Reach’s ARC™ (Amplified R...
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  • Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System
    Item # SRSSRM150
    | Mfg # SRM150
    | UPC # 663961028379
    The SRM150 combines Mackie's proven mixer and SRM Active loudspeaker technologies to create a powerful, great-sounding 3-channel PA system that is ultra-compact, versatile and expandable. The Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from boardroom A/V to live musical performance in coffee houses, piano bars, or rehearsals, just to name a few. Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System Features: Ex...
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  • DJing with Serato DJ will never be the same, once you step up to the NV controller from Numark. This unique DJ controller offers you a comprehensive set of hands-on controls covering all of Serato DJ's major functions, plus a pair of extremely cool full-color displays that give you such detailed information, you won't even have to glance over at your laptop. A pair of redesigned dual-zone platters offer consistent performance in any environment, ...
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