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  • Audix D2 Dynamic Instrument Microphone
    Item # MICD2
    | Mfg # D2
    | UPC # 687471121016
    Ideal for rack toms, floor tom, congas and horns. Slight mid-bass boost.The D2 is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. It is designed with a hypercardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control and is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction.The D2 is an excellent choice for miking instruments with a percussive nature such as rack toms, congas, saxophones, guitar cabinets and brass.&nb...
    $129.00 | SAVE 18%
  • Audix CabGrabber - Mic Clamp for Guitar Amps/Cabinets
    Item # ET328CAB
    | Mfg # CABGRAB1
    | UPC # 687471131404
    The CabGrabber (CABGRAB1) is a tension-fit microphone holder that clamps on to most combo amps or cabinets between 8”-14” in depth. Can be used with any microphone weighing up to 16 ounces.
    $49.95 | SAVE 23%
  • Audix D-Clamp Percussion Mount Mic Clip
    Item # PB733P
    | Mfg # DCLAMP
    | UPC # 687471131077
    Clips to the lug and stays put.View all items from this brand The Audix D-Clamp Percussion Mount Mic Clip eliminates drummers' concerns about microphone positioning. With a low profile and low mass, the D-Clamp clips to the lugs of most percussion instruments and holds your microphone in a rock-solid grip. Simple to use and easy to position. Players and sound engineers will appreciate the D-Clamp's flexible neck and road-rugged composite material...
    $27.95 | SAVE 12%
  • Audix OM-2 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
    Item # MICOM2
    | Mfg # OM2
    | UPC # 687471101056
    The American-made Audix OM-2 is a hand-held dynamic vocal microphone designed primarily for live performance. With a hypercardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response of 50-16k Hz, the OM-2 mic has the same well-balanced, comfortable profile as Audix's high-end touring vocal microphones. The OM-2 featuries a low reflective black e-coat finish. Transformerless design, low impedance, and balanced output allow interference-free performance even ...
    $99.00 | SAVE 9%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Audix CBLDR25 - 25 Ft. Premium Microphone Cable - Right Angle XLR-XLR
    Item # CD474
    | Mfg # CBLDR25
    | UPC # 687471281116
    25’ Premium right angled XLR-XLR balanced mic cable. Quad conductor, twisted pair with braided shield for maximum conductivity. 6 mm PVC jacketed.
    $27.95 | SAVE 6%
  • Audix D-Vice Drum Microphone Clip
    Item # PB733
    | Mfg # DVICE
    | UPC # 687471131060
    Flexible mini-gooseneck with rim mounted drum clampThis gooseneck clip is designed primarily for use on drums with Audix drum mics. Works with Micro Series, D Series, and most other mics. Will work with all other mic clips using 5/8" thread! Features: Attaches to any rimmed drum Can be placed exactly where you want it Accommodates any 5/8" mic clip Can be put in place using just one hand Low profile, low mass Precision molded of...
    $27.95 | SAVE 12%
  • Audix OM-3 Hypercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
    Item # MICOM3
    | Mfg # OM3
    | UPC # 687471101063
    Clear, natural and accurate - for PA systems and venues of all sizes. Audix's OM3 is used for a variety of live, studio and broadcast applications. This mic provides accurate sound reproduction, resistance to feedback and ability to handle very high SPLs without distortion.The OM3 is made with a tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern that isolates the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage.A slight natural roll-off i...
    $129.00 | SAVE 13%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Audix ADX10FLP Condenser Microphone for Flute
    Item # MICADX10FLP
    | Mfg # ADX10FLP
    | UPC # 687471221488
    Miniaturized condenser flute mic for wired/wireless application.The ADX10FLP is designed with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, helping to isolate the area or section being miked from other instruments or vocals on stage. This low profile mic will provide natural sound with exceptional sound response.Specifically for use with standard size flutes, the ADX10FLP includes a clip that attaches to the flute head joint, an 8’ cable t...
    $229.00 | SAVE 16%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Audix D-6 Kick Drum Microphone
    Item # MICD6
    | Mfg # D6
    | UPC # 687471121047
    Provides huge kick drum sound. Ground shaking low end combined with exceptional clarity and attack.The D6 is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. Designed with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control, the D6 is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction.Lightweight, compact and easy to position, the D6 is an excellent choice for miking instruments requiring extended low frequen...
    $199.00 | SAVE 21%
  • Audix Micro-D Drum Microphone w/ Clip
    Item # MICMICROD
    | Mfg # MICROD
    | UPC # 687471221051
    The MICRO-D is a miniature pre-polarized condenser microphone that is very low profile and is exceptionally easy to use. The unique design works for a wide variety of applications including drums and percussion, guitar cabinets, cymbals, speech, vocals, and acoustic instruments. Available with three different types of specialized clips and two different types of capsules, the MICRO-D becomes a modular system that can fulfill a multitude of creati...
    $189.00 | SAVE 25%
  • Audix ADX60 Boundary Condenser Microphone
    Item # MICADX60
    | Mfg # ADX60
    | UPC # 687471061121
    Boundary condenser microphone designed for stage, studio, and broadcast applications.View all items from this brand The Audix ADX60 Boundary Microphone is a professional pre-polarized condenser microphone designed for stage, studio, and broadcast applications. The Audix ADX60 mic is known for its high sensitivity and ability to handle distance and area miking for a wide variety of applications including conferencing, plays, theatre, and acoustic ...
    $219.00 | SAVE 10%
  • Audix D2 Dynamic Instrument Microphone 3-Pack, w/DVICE Mounts and Bags
    Item # MICD2TRIO
    | Mfg # D2TRIO
    | UPC # 687471401163
    The Audix D2 Trio is everything you need for miking your toms, all in one convenient package.  The tailored frequency response of the D2 gives you all the punch, clarity and warmth needed for percussion without being muddy or boomy. The proprietary VLM™ (Very Low Mass) capsule technology provides superior transient response and more accurately captures every detail of your music.The included DVICE mounts let you squeeze these mics into...
    $349.00 | SAVE 27%
    $25 Cash Back w/ Mail-in-Rebate
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