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Cascio’s 15th Annual DrummerFest Excites Wisconsin Drummers

New Berlin, WI (December 7, 2015) - Casio Interstate Music SuperStore’s annual DrummerFest is one of the highlights of the year for the hundreds of the store’s drum customers who attend this outstanding free event. A standing-­-room only crowd attended DrummerFest 2015 on October 24th to see and hear major drummers Peter Erskine, Glen Sobel, Sean Fuller, plus Glen Caruba with Raymond Massey.

“Once again, Cascio Interstate Music was proud to present some of the world’s finest drummers in a unique and intimate format at DrummerFest 2015,” said CEO Michael Houser. “We believe this event continues to help inspire musicians, both young and old.”

“This year’s lineup featured a wide range of styles, from country rock to jazz to metal to rock to world music,” said Scott Thayer, Cascio Interstate Drum Buyer. “Many thanks go to our great drum supplier partners for helping us put forth this outstanding event once again with these major performers.”

First up was Sean Fuller, a name recognized and associated with one of country music's colossal superstar bands, Florida Georgia Line. For anyone who's seen the band, they have certainly noticed the flamboyant, powerhouse personality behind the drum kit. Sean Fuller takes charge, and adds an edgy, powerful element to the band. He held nothing back from his performance at DrummerFest. Playing extended solos on his Saturn V MH Exotic kit with fierce intensity and flashy showmanship, it's easy to see that Sean's roots are from the heavy metal and hard rock genre. Showing his versatility, he then played along with a seemingly endless barrage of FGL mega hits, executing his power, precision and rock influence to the slick Nashville sound. Sean was warm and friendly, and instantly bonded with the hundreds in attendance. Supported by Mapex Drums and Zildjian Cymbals.

Next up was a rhythmic extravaganza, with two performers and session musicians from Nashville – Raymond Massey (The Wooten Brothers, product specialist) on drumset and Glen Caruba (Jimmy Buffet, studio percussionist) on full percussion array. Their skill and experience resulted in a beautifully combined blend of sounds, working together as one. They played complex and intricate rhythms and patterns, with and without tracks, and were mindful to maintain perfect balance and dynamics. Mixing it up were solos by Raymond on his Pearl Reference Pure kit, playing with ease and finesse, commanding a fusion style of beats and chops. Glen also performed solos on his massive set-­-up, consisting of Pearl Havana congas, bongos, timbales, djembe, cajon, bells, blocks, cymbals, shakers and more. Glen also gave demonstrations on the cajon and djembe, as well as showing and explaining different hand techniques played on the congas. Supported by Pearl Drums.

Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Sixx A.M.) is an awesome drummer. His amazing abilities and versatility were instantly evident in his playing, whether laying it down for some of the hardest rock songs ever recorded, or playing dazzling solos with drumming gymnastics and athletics. His blinding speed and precision around the kit was exhilarating, pushing the limits while at the same time casually twirling and flipping his sticks. Glen soloed numerous times, and played along with tracks from Alice Cooper, Jennifer Batten, and performed with custom mixes featuring the most famous drummers and beats of all time. This was a very inspiring and entertaining presentation, supported by Sabian Cymbals and Mapex Drums.

After all the fireworks and decibels were allowed to quell, it was time for jazz statesman Peter Erskine (Weather Report, jazz great) to take the stage. Peter started with the simplest of jazz beats at low volume, and in contrast to the day's prior activities, the subtleties of this simple beat rang volumes. Slowly gaining in complexities, the beat evolved to include even more subtle fills, and silky, rich textures that emphasized "feel." Watching him crafting his beats, Peter's face showed serious, thoughtful expression, until at last, the warm grin would shine out. There are not enough “o's” in the word “smooth” to describe Peter! Supported by Tama Drums and Zildjian Cymbals.

About Cascio Interstate Music:

Cascio Interstate Music ranks in the top 15 nationally among musical instrument retailers and is one of the nation's top drum retailers. Cascio provides musical instruments and accessories to musicians of all ages, including music educators at over 100,000 schools and universities, and music professionals worldwide. The company started in 1946 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Cascio's involvement in the Milwaukee music community has included concert sponsorships at area theaters and venues including the Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival, sponsorship of a stage for local/regional bands at Summerfest, (the world's largest outdoor music festival), the Bucks Beats drumline for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, and live performance/educational clinics at their New Berlin retail store.

Over 100,000 musical products are marketed nationwide via catalogs and online, and locally at their SuperStore in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Cascio's retail location offers private music lessons, free educational clinics, instrument rentals, musical instrument and electronic repair, and more. Under their ARU Music group of brands, Cascio designs, markets and manufactures proprietary brand musical instruments Union Drums, Archer Guitars, Ravel Band Instruments and Melokia Ukuleles for consumers, major eCommerce online retailers and schools worldwide. Connect with Cascio on Facebook and on Twitter.

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