Omar Hakim, Dom Famularo, Thomas Lang and Derrick McDowell pose after the ending jam session at Cascio's DrummerFest, October 18, 2014.(Not pictured is Brian Frasier-Moore.)

Cascio Interstate's 14th Annual DrummerFest Brings Top Drum Artists to Metro Milwaukee

New Berlin, WI (October 31, 2014) - Cascio Interstate Music's popular DrummerFest on October 18 was presented to a huge crowd of drummers and music fans. The 14th annual event brought together southeastern Wisconsin's drumming community to see, hear, and be inspired by Dom Famularo (author, clinician, motivational speaker and "Drumming's Global Ambassador"); Brian Frasier-Moore (of Justin Timberlake, Christine Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Madonna, The Whitehead Bros.); Omar Hakim (of Kate Bush, Daft Punk, Trio of Oz, Sting, Weather Report); and Thomas Lang (Drumming Superstar, Composer, Producer, Author, Educator, stOrk).

Cascio CEO Michael Houser commented, "After 14 years of presenting Drummerfest to our regional drum customers, it has been our pleasure to work with incredible artists over the years including Bill Bruford, Dennis Chambers, Steve Smith, Mike Mangini, Cindy Blackman, Peter Erskine, Hannah Ford, Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati, Bun E. Carlos, Keith Carlock and many, many more. This year we had another exceptional line-up with Dom, Brian, Thomas and Omar." Houser added, "Our Cascio SuperStore and SoundStage was packed with enthusiastic participation throughout the entire day. We thank the artists, our customers, valued vendor partners and always, our expert internal Cascio drum staff for presenting and organizing this premier drum event every year."

Dom Famularo began the day in his 7th return to DrummerFest. A long-standing favorite, Dom began his appearance with words of encouragement and inspiration, and his performance was filled with dexterity, dynamics and passion. Sharing his belief that this is the generation to move things forward with drumming, he concluded his appearance with asking the crowd one favor, which was "to prove him right." Mapex Drums and Sabian Cymbals presented Dom's appearance.

Next up was Brian Frasier-Moore for his first appearance at Cascio Interstate, and, as it turns out, his first formal clinic. He immediately connected with the crowd with his attitude and humor, encouraging everyone to not forget that drums should be fun. To prove that point, Brian brought a young attendee to the kit to "trade licks." His performance was a study in finesse, power and taste. Pearl Drums presented Brian's appearance.

Omar Hakim presented a clinic that was an incredible display of touch, tone and taste. Playing Pearl MCX Series Maple Drums, he demonstrated the possibilities that are available when used in a musical context. Omar connected with the crowd with his infectious spirit, as he shared his experiences, and he also echoed the sentiment to remember to "have fun." In celebration of his late father's birthday, Omar's clinic was dedicated to the memory of Hasan Hakim. Omar's appearance was brought to Cascio courtesy of Zildjian.

Fresh from his recent European appearances, Thomas Lang ended the day with an unbelievably epic 30 minute drum solo, which was a tour de force of power, ambidexterity, and precision, proving his credo "to play the unplayable." Thomas' massive 9-piece kit was augmented by a thunderous 20" gong drum, which literally shook the walls. Thomas expanded on his methods for various coordination exercises, as well as enhancing one's technique. Thomas' appearance was brought to Cascio by DW Drums and Meinl cymbals.

DrummerFest's traditional ending jam session, "The Big Bang," brought a surprise to one lucky Cascio Interstate music customer. Earlier in the day, expectant father Brian Frasier-Moore had booked the first available flight out. To fill his available seat, Milwaukee drummer Derrick McDowell was given the chance to sit-in and play the pulse while the other three traded licks around him. The jam was "conducted" to a thunderous conclusion by Dom Famularo.

All of the clinicians brought an overwhelming positive and inspiring spirit to this year's DrummerFest. Cascio Interstate Music would like to thank all of the vendor reps who were on hand and instrumental in helping to organize this year's event, including Sarah Hagan and Dennis Gerrits from Zildjian, Juels Thomas from Drum Workshop, Mark Terek and Mike Farriss from Pearl, Bob Melville from Mapex, Bob Rupp from Sabian, and Jeremy Page from Meinl.

Cascio's roots began in 1946 in Milwaukee from a small music store to what is now the nation's 16th largest musical instrument retailer, providing instruments and accessories to music educators, professionals and hobbyists worldwide. Today, over 100,000 musical products are marketed nationally online, and at their SuperStore in the Milwaukee suburb of New Berlin.

Brian Frasier-Moore at Cascio's DrummerFest, October 18, 2014.

Omar Hakim and Thomas Lang during the jam session at Cascio's DrummerFest, October 18, 2014.

Photo Captions & Credit:
All photos by Gary Sabin

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