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  • Mono M80 Cymbal Case and Shinjuku Stick Case
    | Mfg # MONODRUM1
    | UPC #
    Mono M80 Cymbal Case The M80 Cymbal Case is equal parts performance, protection, comfort and style. Your cymbals can make or break or your sound, so take your sound with you to every gig. High-grade nylon sleeves separate larger cymbals in the main pocket. Specialized storage compartments put your accessories right where you need them, while protecting delicate finishes.Features: Clutch Pocket: Your clutch lives here (instead of nicking the ed...
    $189.99 | SAVE 23%
  • Mono M80 Studio Stick Case
    Item # DC761ST
    | Mfg # M80STBLK
    | UPC # 649241878438
    Whether you need a stack of 5B’s to plow through your set or a range of sticks for versatility, the M80 Stick Bag keeps you armed and dangerous. A slim profile packing smart features, and rugged materials that feel as good as they look. Take it everywhere. You never know when your services might be needed. With a zip-through design the M80 Stick Bag lays flat against the floor tom, keeping your sticks at arm’s reach. The outer pocket...
    $79.99 | SAVE 11%
  • Mono M80 Shinjuku Stick Case
    Item # DC761SS
    | Mfg # M80SSBLK
    | UPC # 649241919308
    Inspiration can come from anywhere. In this case, it came from the Tokyo drum scene. Named after the world's busiest metro station, the Shinjuku is a super slim holster designed to hold only the sticks needed to do the job. Well appointed with rugged materials. Built to withstand the most intense urban environments. Whether you wear it or stash it in your EFX bag, the Shinjuku Stick Bag allows you to travel light without ever missing an opportuni...
    $49.99 | SAVE 23%
  • Mono M80 Snare Case
    Item # DC761SNBLK
    | Mfg # M80SNBLK
    | UPC # 649241919285
    If you're like us, you own a small army of snare drums. Each one has its own unique voice, and choosing the right snare for a particular studio session, gig, or tour plays a major role in defining your sound. We created the M80 Snare Bag with this selection process in mind. Inside, the M80 Snare Bag is instantly adjustable to create a custom fit for your weapon of choice. Outside, the steel riveted handle, industrial rubber sole, waterproof outer...
    $149.99 | SAVE 9%
  • Mono M80 Double Pedal Case
    Item # DC761DP
    | Mfg # M80DPBLK
    | UPC # 649241919292
    Speed. Accuracy. Precision. Feel. Bounce. Power. We choose our kick drum pedals based on our individual style, and those pedals become extensions of our body on the kit. We believe it's time to upgrade the pedal to first class. Introducing a sleek, flexible transport system for the almighty kick drum pedal. Whether you're a single or double pedal player, the M80 Double Pedal Bag makes travel seamless. Super light weight with smart features and bo...
    $149.99 | SAVE 9%
  • Mono M80 Cymbal Case
    Item # DC761CY22
    | Mfg # M80CY22BLK
    | UPC # 649241878421
    Fellow drummers, meet your new best friend. The M80 Cymbal Case is equal parts performance, protection, comfort and style. Your cymbals can make or break or your sound, so take your sound with you to every gig. Wear it backpack style for those long urban treks, or tuck the straps for an airport-friendly profile. Super durable yet super light. Go play. Our splash pocket is the first of its kind. Keeping the small ones away from the big ones means...
    $189.99 | SAVE 20%
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