Marching Percussion

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  • Yamaha MTM100 Hard Felt Field Master Marching Tom Mallets w/ Aluminum Shafts
    Item # SM042100
    | Mfg # MTM100
    | UPC # 086792537689
    Balanced for maximum projection, these tom mallets are available with either aluminum or hickory shafts.
    $27.78 | SAVE 26%
  • These mallets are designed to the specifications of leading marching percussion specialist Jim Casella. This series has been designed to meet the demands of both the indoor and outdoor marching percussion ensemble. This extensive line of specially designed indoor/outdoor mallets, offers the marching percussion ensemble the one most extensive variety of timbres available today. Jim Casella Series Marimba Mallets feature highly polished birch handl...
    $31.38 | SAVE 38%
  • Pearl Marching Tenor Tom Drum Stand
    Item # SS143MTS3000
    | Mfg # MTS3000
    | UPC # 633816453953
    The Pearl MTS-3000 Advanced Marching Hardware Tenor Stand is designed by experts in making the world's most reliable percussion hardware with the world's most experienced contemporary marching percussionists. The MTS-3000 Marching Tenor Stand features a traveling front leg that allows up to 13 inches of adjustment for placement of the stand in the bleachers or on any unlevel surface and is also fully height adjustable. The stand also allows fo...
    $165.98 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster MS6CO Rubber Tip Practice Sticks
    Item # SM021MS6CO
    | Mfg # MS6CO
    | UPC # 750795016877
    Field tested and field proven, the superior designs of the Corpsmaster® line developed throughout years of collaboration with the world's finest drum and bugle corps. Each season since the products were introduced, Corpsmaster® sticks and mallets have remained the most popular choice among the top high school bands, indoor percussion ensembles and DCI Championship corps. The Corpsmaster® Signature marching snare sticks feature design...
    $16.78 | SAVE 49%
  • This line of mallets is designed with durability, projection and tone quality in mind. Each marimba model has a hard rubber core with the weight to fill any stadium with the warmest fundamental tone possible. The wrap, used exclusively for the marimba mallets, is a special tightly woven multi-ply wool with proven strength and durability. Each of the vibraphone mallets has a mushroom shaped rubber core wrapped with a multi-ply cord and is construc...
    $30.28 | SAVE 38%
  • Ludwig Large Bass Drum
    Item # SM144L
    | Mfg # L5312
    | UPC # 641064133855
    Ludwig?s new Marching Mallets are made with rigid aircraft aluminum shafts that are silver powder coated and built for great durability and balance. The comfortable non-slip grips provide the ideal feel for the marching percussionist. Mallets feature high density felt discs and balls and Delrin discs and cartwheels for superior dimensional stability.
    $37.68 | SAVE 44%
  • Ludwig LF475 Multi-Angle Carrying Bar
    Item # PA129
    | Mfg # LF475
    | UPC # 641064123429
    Ludwig LF475 Multi-Angle Carrying Bar
    $27.88 | SAVE 20%
  • Pearl Quick Mount Lalo Rehearsal Pad
    Item # MA873LA
    | Mfg # PAD35LA
    | UPC # 633816517488
    Designed in collaboration with Pearl Artist and acclaimed percussionist Lalo Davila, this Quick Mount Rehearsal Pad provides a convenient way to practice and excerpt or keep your hands warm. The practice pad can be mounted to any snare drum, tenor drum, or bass drum using the appropriate multi-use holder (sold separately). Made with the intent for drumlines, but can be used by drum set players, orchestral players, keyboard players, and anywhere y...
    $24.88 | SAVE 27%
  • Vater MV11 Hickory Marching Drum Sticks
    Item # SM020MV11
    | Mfg # MV11
    | UPC # 641652231017
    Scaled down for younger players indoor and outdoor. Fast, balanced and durable sticks made from white hickory in 6 different models. Designed for Snare or Tenor drums, indoor or outdoor. Each model has that great Vater feel.
    $8.28 | SAVE 49%
  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster Extra Hard, Extra Heavy Gauge Shaft Multi-Tenor Mallets
    Item # SM129MT1AS
    | Mfg # MT1AS
    | UPC # 750795001576
    The multi-tenor mallets are available with heavy gauge aluminum shafts or Sta-Pac® wood shafts. The aluminum shafts offer excellent speed, response and durability, while Sta-Pac® provides the weight and power for a fuller sound with maximum projection. Both have durable textured handles for enhanced gripping. Features extra-heavy gauge aluminum for increased power and durability. Head is same as the MT1. Length: 14 1/2" Head= 1 1/4" x 1/2...
    $24.48 | SAVE 53%
  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster M171 Multi-Application Series Keyboard Mallet
    Item # SM129M171
    | Mfg # M171
    | UPC # 750795012695
    Medium yarn marimba mallet that is ideal across the full range of the instrument. Rubber core; birch shafts. Length = 17"
    $29.18 | SAVE 37%
  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster Tom Aungst Indoor Marching Sticks
    Item # SM021STA2
    | Mfg # STA2
    | UPC # 750795001286
    Corpsmaster® Indoor Marching Series is the most complete line of drumsticks and mallets designed specifically for indoor applications. They are engineered to produce a clear attack and a pure sound without unwanted and excessive overtones. All Corpsmaster® Indoor Series drumsticks are made of hickory. The IMT10 and IMB10 mallets feature heavy gauge aluminum shafts for reduced weight. A reduced version of Tom Aungst's Signature model. M...
    $11.98 | SAVE 36%