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  • Meinl Mini Cajon - Baltic Birch Frontplate
    | Mfg # SCAJ1LBNT
    | UPC # 840553078411
    The new Mini-Cajons from MEINL are fun to play and easy to carry. At 8 3/4" tall, these miniature cajons are much smaller than a standard sized instrument. They are made from Birch wood which is known for its excellent musical tone and their thin front plate offers an excellent response to even the lightest finger rolls. Enjoy a spontaneous jam session with the new Mini-Cajon from MEINL. It is also a great gift idea. Features: Made in EU ...
    $29.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Meinl Headliner Birch Cajon w/ Dual Snares - Natural Finish
    Item # DRSHCAJ100NT
    | Mfg # HCAJ100NT
    | UPC # 840553075564
    Limited edition; Made with a solid birch front plate and dual snares for nice sounding hit.The MEINL Headliner® Series Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound atan affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or world music. They arealso very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmicfoundation for a whole band when a full drum set can’t be used.
    $89.00 | SAVE 58%
  • LP Latin Percussion Americana Snare Cajon
    Item # DRSLP1438
    | Mfg # LP1438
    | UPC # 731201335140
    Made entirely in the USA, LP’s Americana Series of Cajons are constructed using hand-selected, 11-ply, plantation grown Baltic Birch,which is highly durable and incredibly resonant. Each cajon is carefully made by hand using a uniquely engineered design that optimizes the instrument’s acoustic performance and delivers rich, deep bass tones.With a front plate made from hand-selected exotic lyptus and okoume wood, the Americana Snare St...
    $299.00 | SAVE 35%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Meinl HCAJ1NT Headliner Natural Finish Rubber Wood Cajon
    Item # DRSHCAJ1NT
    | Mfg # HCAJ1NT
    | UPC # 840553021530
    This Rubber Wood Cajon delivers the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco, World or any other kind of music. It is also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set can't be used. For more sound options, the top corners of the cajon can be adjusted, allowing the player to customize the amount of snap desired.
    $109.99 | SAVE 48%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC1914SBS
    | Mfg # PBC1914SBS
    | UPC # 633816515057
    Sister to the popular Sonic Boom Cajon, the Buzz adds fixed snares and a resonant Artisan Walnut front plate. This beautiful cajon really has the deep bass and punchy snare crack you need to emulate a drum set.  Birch body & Walnut front plate Add the amazing new Sonic Buzz Cajon to your percussion arsenal today!
    $289.00 | SAVE 48%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Pearl Brush Beat Boom Box Cajon
    Item # DRSPCJ633BT
    | Mfg # PCJ633BT
    | UPC # 633816495960
    This fiberglass constructed cajon features new textured playing surfaces which speak remarkably with brushes and other implements. The front and sides of the cajon feature large textured areas which fade to a smooth feel towards the top of the cajon. The Brush Beat Cajon is modeled after Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon, which features a fixed-snare system, as well as a built-in bass port that magnifies the cajon’s subsonic frequencies for a d...
    $199.00 | SAVE 50%
  • LP Latin Percussion LPA1331 Aspire Cajon
    Item # DRSLPA1331
    | Mfg # LPA1331
    | UPC # 731201317481
    Front ply hardwood playing surface Solid hardwood body with a textured seating surface Large rubber feet keep the cajon in place during play Internal snare wires are adjustable allowing for a traditional Flamenco sound and rich bass tones.
    $139.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Meinl CAJ3MBM Makah Burl Finish Cajon
    Item # DRSCAJ3
    | Mfg # CAJ3MBM
    | UPC # 840553059120
    Meinl String Cajons feature a built in adjustable sizzle effect. Strings which touch the frontplate on the inside and span from top to bottom, deliver a sensitive rattle that can be adjusted to fit various musical applications. The patented integrated string mute system controls the tension of the strings and ensures a dry and crisp sizzle effect. This Rubber Wood Cajon with a Makah Burl frontplate offers adjustable top corners, built in sizzle e...
    $169.99 | SAVE 39%
  • Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC1914SB
    | Mfg # PBC1914SB
    | UPC # 633816496356
    Pearl is very excited to introduce the new Sonic Boom Cajon! This Made-in-America beauty has a tonal impact like no other cajon on the market. The all Birch body and front plate provide wonderous resonance that speaks clearly through the Sonic Boom Cajon’s frontward facing bass port. The bass port is enhanced by a built-in scoop, directing sound and air pressure through the port, emitting a gloriously rich tone. A backwards tilted front pl...
    $249.00 | SAVE 50%
  • Rhythm Tech Eclipse Cajon
    Item # DRSRT5700
    | Mfg # RT5700
    | UPC # 644153003428
    The Rhythm Tech Eclipse Cajon features a set of wire snares for a tightertop end slap while retaining deep bass notes.The strong plywood front panel is tunable by changing the screw tensionand a textured seating surface and large rubber feet keep it secure andcomfortable
    $99.00 | SAVE 47%
  • Gon Bops Alex Acuña Special Edition Cajon
    Item # DRSAACJSE
    | Mfg # AACJSE
    | UPC # 816107000153
    Beautifully and painstakingly inlayed, this Peruvian instrument has been designed to reduce the sound of snare wires when playing bass tones. This allows players to get the best sonic characteristics of both a traditional Cajon and a Flamenco Cajon. Includes free bag.
    $269.00 | SAVE 46%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Gon Bops Rombero Cajon Peru Inlaid Cajon w/ FREE Premium Bag
    Item # DRSCJFR
    | Mfg # CJFR
    | UPC # 816107004700
    A premium flamenco cajon designed and manufactured in Peru by Gon Bops. Built from Nogal wood, the Rumbero features spectacular inlay design using Mohena and Requia wood. Two V-shape sets of flamenco guitar strings provide the �pop�. Includes a FREE premium gig bag! Features: 13"(w) x 18.5"(h) x 13.5" Nogal Wood Construction Mohena and Requia Wood Inlay Internal Guitar String Wires Hand built in Peru Adjustable Front Panel Free Premium Gig Bag
    $399.00 | SAVE 39%
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