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  • Remo HD851600 16" Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drum
    Item # EM183
    | Mfg # HD851600
    | UPC # 757242100813
    The Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drum has a wide body shell and is provided with a thumb notch and four holes located around the circumference of the Acousticon shell. The four holes are placed in a manner allowing the use of many materials such as rope, string, leather or vinyl strips creating a handle to suspend the drum which increase the projection when struck with a mallet or hand. All frame drums are equipped with a Remo drumhead and are manufact...
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  • LP City Wood Bongos - Dark Wood
    Item # DRSLP601NYDW
    | Mfg # LP601NYDW
    | UPC # 731201387712
    Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the new LP City Series Congas and Bongos. Each pair of City Congas features 10″ and 11″ drums crafted from Siam Oak. Measuring at 28″ tall, City Series Congas come complete with height-adjustable conga stand. LP City Series Bongos include 6″ and 7″ diameter rawhide heads. Both City Series Congas and Bongos are appointed with black powder-coated hardware and available in natural...
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  • LP Latin Percussion Americana Snare Cajon
    Item # DRSLP1438
    | Mfg # LP1438
    | UPC # 731201335140
    Made entirely in the USA, LP’s Americana Series of Cajons are constructed using hand-selected, 11-ply, plantation grown Baltic Birch,which is highly durable and incredibly resonant. Each cajon is carefully made by hand using a uniquely engineered design that optimizes the instrument’s acoustic performance and delivers rich, deep bass tones.With a front plate made from hand-selected exotic lyptus and okoume wood, the Americana Snare St...
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  • LP Latin Percussion LPA256 Aspire Series 13" & 14" Timbale Set w/ Cowbell
    Item # DRSLPA256
    | Mfg # LPA256
    | UPC # 731201566452
    LP Aspire Timbales are a great and affordable place to begin learning the magic of timbale playing, whether used traditionally or as an addition to a drum kit. This timbale set consists of standard sized 13" and 14" timbales with 6 1/2" deep shells which provide characteristic timbale sound and project enough to cut through even the loudest bands. Features include resonant plastic heads, drum kit style tuning, standard tuning rods and lugs, tripl...
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  • Meinl HCAJ1NT Headliner Natural Finish Rubber Wood Cajon
    Item # DRSHCAJ1NT
    | Mfg # HCAJ1NT
    | UPC # 840553021530
    This Rubber Wood Cajon delivers the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco, World or any other kind of music. It is also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set can't be used. For more sound options, the top corners of the cajon can be adjusted, allowing the player to customize the amount of snap desired.
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  • Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC1914SBS
    | Mfg # PBC1914SBS
    | UPC # 633816515057
    Sister to the popular Sonic Boom Cajon, the Buzz adds fixed snares and a resonant Artisan Walnut front plate. This beautiful cajon really has the deep bass and punchy snare crack you need to emulate a drum set.  Birch body & Walnut front plate Add the amazing new Sonic Buzz Cajon to your percussion arsenal today!
    $289.00 | SAVE 48%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Remo TU051209 Pre-Tuned 26"x12" Tropical Leaf Tubano
    Item # DRSTU051209
    | Mfg # TU051209
    | UPC # 757242104521
    The Tubano is a Remo invention and an entirely new development for a musical instrument. Tubano drums are the preferred choice for drumming programs where students range in ages 5 to 85 and are very light and easy to store and maintain. 50 Series Tubano drums feature durable, weather resistant, pretuned Fiberskyn 3 Type 3 Mondo drumheads accurately pitched eliminating the need for tuning producing an authentic feel and sound. They are available i...
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  • Meinl Foot Rattle
    Item # PB040FR
    | Mfg # FR1NT
    | UPC # 840553067125
    The MEINL Foot Rattle goes with everything. Marks pulse with moderate volume and warmth. Features a velcro strap and rubber wood rattles. Natural finish.
    $24.99 | SAVE 35%
  • Meinl NINO 14" Wood Hand Drum w/ Plastic Head
    Item # PC060NINO29
    | Mfg # NINO29
    | UPC # 840553042504
    The NINO Wood Hand Drums are equipped with synthetic heads that are firmly attached on a scalloped wooden frame. These drums are perfect for young children because of their simplicity, and especially their durability. Features: Light Weight Wooden Frame Plastic Head Good for Elementary Students
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  • Meinl Nino African Style Rope Tuned Earth Rhythm Series Djembe - Small 8"
    | Mfg # NINOADJ3S
    | UPC # 840553062519
    The NINO® Original African Style Rope Tuned Wood Djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood. These high quality instruments are crafted with great attention to detail and provide an outstanding sound. Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood Hand selected goat heads High quality PP nylon ropes Hand carved shells Rope: 4 mm thick, 20 Runners
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  • Pearl Brush Beat Boom Box Cajon
    Item # DRSPCJ633BT
    | Mfg # PCJ633BT
    | UPC # 633816495960
    This fiberglass constructed cajon features new textured playing surfaces which speak remarkably with brushes and other implements. The front and sides of the cajon feature large textured areas which fade to a smooth feel towards the top of the cajon. The Brush Beat Cajon is modeled after Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon, which features a fixed-snare system, as well as a built-in bass port that magnifies the cajon’s subsonic frequencies for a d...
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  • Remo 3.5" X 14" Buffalo Drum
    Item # DRSE1031400
    | Mfg # E1031400
    | UPC # 757242100400
    The Remo Buffalo drums have been inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. They come with a rope handle, mallet and a choice of graphic or plain heads that can be self-decorated. All Remo Buffalo drums are manufactured with Remo's Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads and patented ACOUSTICON? drum shells. These drum shells produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pit...
    $57.98 | SAVE 24%