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  • The musical term "Pesante" means to "play with weight and emphasis". With these extraordinary new marimba/vibraphone mallets, this is just what you can expect to achieve. All of the mallets within the Pesante Series produce a dark and bold sound that project with a beautiful sonority! M200-M204 models are designed with a thick yarn that helps to minimize attack and accomplishes a very lush quality. M205-M208 models are wrapped...
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  • Vic Firth T2 American Custom Cartwheel Timpani Mallets
    Item # SM036T2
    | Mfg # T2
    | UPC # 750795002993
    These six models reflect Vic's fifty years of experience as Solo Timpanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Each mallet is turned from a single piece of rock maple, which eliminates a core that could rattle and the need for a screw-on washer to secure the head. Coupled with round seamless heads, they produce bigger and brighter sounds. T2 Cartwheel Mallets are very soft and ideal for soft rolls, legato strokes, and the richest sounds. Head...
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  • Designed to the exacting specifications of Christopher Lamb, Principal Percussionist with the New York Philharmonic, this series has been created specifically for the orchestral snare drummer. The CL-1 is constructed of high quality maple and features a long taper for a great feel and quick response. The bullet shaped bead creates a full dark sound at pianissimo to mezzo forte volume levels. The CL-1L offers the same design as the CL-1, but it is...
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  • Manufactured by the leader in high quality keyboard mallets, the Fundamental Series Keyboard Mallets were specifically designed with the beginning percussionist and budget conscious band director in mind. This economical series offers the beginning percussionist and band director a line of quality keyboard mallets at an affordable price. The Fundamental Series is available in 15 different models. All models feature black painted birch dowels and ...
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  • Mike Balter 83BB Contemporary Series Medium General Marimba Mallets
    Item # SM08383BB
    | Mfg # 83BB
    | UPC # 638902708320
    Mike Balter's Contemporary Series mallets are longer in length, and dual-tonal. They are a must for today's marimba soloist. All are made with the highest quality birch handles.
    $25.58 | SAVE 50%
  • Basics are designed to provide the student and band program with an economically developed solution for obtaining mallets. With exceptional quality at an affordable price, this color-coded series has a model for every percussion situation. Balter Basics come with moderately thicker birch handles for more control and durability.
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  • Balter Ensemble Series Yarn Wound Marimba Mallets are made with the highest grade yarn ensuring excellent quality. They are a perfect weight for general marimba playing. Also availiable with rattan and 2-step fiberglass handles.
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  • Mike Balter T1 Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets
    Item # SM063T1
    | Mfg # T1
    | UPC # 638902755010
    Only the finest grade felt is used on Mike Balter Seamless Timpani Mallets. Each model is made with select maple handles. Color coded by hardness.
    $25.98 | SAVE 50%
  • Rhythm Band RB2312 Rubber Ball Mallets
    Item # SM10512
    | Mfg # RB2312
    | UPC # 037728508785
    3/4" Diameter Medium Rubber Ball for Resonator Bells 3/16" Wood Handle 7 3/4" Length
    $2.89 | SAVE 6%
  • Suzuki S-XM Large Yarn Covered Mallets (1 Pair)
    Item # EM861SXM
    | Mfg # SXM
    | UPC #
    Yarn-covered large Mallet for Bass Xylophone or Metallophone. Specially designed to enhance the tonal quality of each instrument, Suzuki mallets are also indestructible.Professional mallets use bamboo handles to provide just the right resilience and bounce, but bamboo is brittle and very expensive. Our handles use a specially formulated ribbed plastic that perfectly simulates the properties of bamboo, but lasts and lasts.
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  • Vic Firth Corpsmaster M171 Multi-Application Series Keyboard Mallet
    Item # SM129M171
    | Mfg # M171
    | UPC # 750795012695
    Medium yarn marimba mallet that is ideal across the full range of the instrument. Rubber core; birch shafts. Length = 17"
    $28.08 | SAVE 37%
  • Vic Firth M114 Robert Van Sice Medium Marimba Mallets
    Item # SM176M114
    | Mfg # M114
    | UPC # 750795002689
    Respected internationally as a soloist, teacher and masterclass instructor, Robert Van Sice designed this series of yarn wound marimba mallets with an exclusive hand-wrapping technique that virtually eliminates the sound of bar contact. A special interlocking stitch pattern maintains the integrity of the head. Handles are 17" long and made of maple for read and leverage.
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