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  • Rhythm Band RB2306 Wood Mallets
    Item # SM10506
    | Mfg # RB2306
    | UPC # 037728509447
    1" Diameter Hard Maple Ball 3/16" Wood Handle 8" Length
    $1.99 | SAVE $0.01
  • Duplex Nylo-Tex Bell Mallets
    Item # SM035
    | Mfg # 1740R
    | UPC # 082562070608
    The amazing Nylo-Tex mallets are guaranteed against breaking! These solid nylon mallets give clear, brilliant tone to all bell lyres. Sold in pairs.
    $8.78 | SAVE 32%
  • Vic Firth Ney Rosauro Signature Symphonic Drum Sticks
    Item # SM021SNR
    | Mfg # SNR
    | UPC # 750795014637
    This is a versatile, multi-purpose snare drum stick featuring an elongated tip with increased surface area for enhanced sound quality. A long taper provides excellent rebound, while a slight taper towards the butt enhances the balance. These sticks are excellent for concert playing as well as for drum set. They are available in hickory with a length of 16.56" and a .6" diameter.
    $8.78 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Tom Gauger TG15 Drumsticks
    Item # SM282TG15
    | Mfg # TG15
    | UPC # 750795007097
    Tom Gauger developed his line of mallets during his 35+ year career with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Orchestras and as an educator at Boston University and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. Each product was developed on the job and for the job, designed to solve a technical problem or achieve a desired sound. A general snare stick with a round tip. Wood= Maple Length= 16 9/16" Diameter= .625"
    $8.78 | SAVE 51%
  • Promark TXC1W Concert One Series Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM010C1W
    | Mfg # TXC1W
    | UPC # 616022131488
    Promark Concert One Snare Drum Sticks are designed for both the student and the professional. Their diameter and long taper are balanced well for new drummers, providing immediate feedback about their technique.The long taper and moderate diameter of these sticks makes them feel light and airy, while the large oval tips are excellent for developing smooth, consistent buzz rolls. They're made of hickory, popular for its resilience, durability, res...
    $7.38 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion IP1 General Concert Snare Drumsticks
    Item # SM228IP1
    | Mfg # IP1
    | UPC # 819148000649
    The IP-1 is designed for general concert snare drum use. This stick is constructed of heartwood resulting in a denser and slightly heavier stick weight. The IP-1 is designed slightly thicker and longer for increased control and balance. The elongated oval bead creates a darker sound, while the short taper increases the tip weight for better response at lower dynamic levels. The IP-1 is an excellent multipurpose concert snare drum stick.
    $8.68 | SAVE 48%
  • Trophy 3515 Specialty Triangle Striker Mallet
    Item # PB313
    | Mfg # 3515
    | UPC # 082562075566
    Trophy 3515 Specialty Triangle Striker Mallet
  • Rhythm Band RB2320 10" Hard Mallets
    Item # EM98010
    | Mfg # RB2320
    | UPC # 037728507023
    7/8" Diameter Hard Plastic Ball 3/16" ABS Polystyrine Handle 10" Length
    $2.99 | SAVE 3%
  • Suzuki S-XM Large Yarn Covered Mallets (1 Pair)
    Item # EM861SXM
    | Mfg # SXM
    | UPC #
    Yarn-covered large Mallet for Bass Xylophone or Metallophone. Specially designed to enhance the tonal quality of each instrument, Suzuki mallets are also indestructible.Professional mallets use bamboo handles to provide just the right resilience and bounce, but bamboo is brittle and very expensive. Our handles use a specially formulated ribbed plastic that perfectly simulates the properties of bamboo, but lasts and lasts.
    $9.26 | SAVE 19%
  • Innovative Percussion IPJC James Campbell Concert Snare Hickory Drumsticks
    Item # SM228IPJC
    | Mfg # IPJC
    | UPC # 819148000663
    The IP-JC signature model concert snare drumstick is designed to the specifications of James Campbell, Professor of Music and Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Kentucky, and Principal Percussionist with the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. Jim's stick is constructed of heartwood hickory, and the oval shaped bead creates a full dark tone quality. The very short taper and small collar size give the stick an excellent balance and ...
    $9.98 | SAVE 47%
  • Rhythm Band RB2312 Rubber Ball Mallets
    Item # SM10512
    | Mfg # RB2312
    | UPC # 037728508785
    3/4" Diameter Medium Rubber Ball for Resonator Bells 3/16" Wood Handle 7 3/4" Length
    $2.99 | SAVE 3%
  • Rhythm Band RB2315 Medium Rubber Ball Mallets
    Item # SM10515
    | Mfg # RB2315
    | UPC # 037728508808
    3/4" Diameter Medium Rubber Ball for Resonator Bells 3/16" ABS Polystyrine Handle 8 1/2" Length
    $2.89 | SAVE 6%
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