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  • Vic Firth SD2 American Custom Bolero Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021SD2
    | Mfg # SD2
    | UPC # 750795000029
    The American Custom® line consists of a variety of models conceived and engineered by Vic Firth ? performer and teacher. The first manufacturer to apply the concept of a round striking surface to drumstick design, Vic developed the other originals that complete the line with jazz players in mind. Round tip. Perfect for light jazz, studio, orchestral and pit work. Length= 15 3/4? Diameter: .635?
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  • Vic Firth American Classic Metal Drumsticks - Nylon Tip
    Item # SM021CMN
    | Mfg # CMN
    | UPC # 750795000371
    The American Classic® line combines tradition and Vic Firth style. With bold designs for fuller sound, the Classics are turned from select hickory ? a dense wood with little flex for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is also capable of withstanding a great deal of shock, making it highly durable. The nylon tip is similar in size and shape to the Metal, providing enhanced performance and a feel closer to the original wood tip model. Nylon ti...
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  • Firestix/Fireballz Replacement Batteries
    Item # SM404RB
    | Mfg # FXRB
    | UPC #
    Keep your Firestix drumsticks, or your FIREBALLZ LED cymbal nuts lit up and fully charged! Replacement batteries for Firestix drumsticks or FIREBALLZ LED Cymbal Nuts . 
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  • Vater VSMFW Sugar Maple Series Fusion Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM168VSMFUSW
    | Mfg # VSMFW
    | UPC # 641652196019
    Between a 5A and 5B in grip diameter. Very well balanced with a gradual taper and small round tip. Length: 16" Diameter: 580"
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  • Vic Firth WB Jazz Wire Brushes
    Item # SM021WB
    | Mfg # WB
    | UPC # 750795002825
    A retractable wire brush with an infinitely adjustable brush spread capable of maintaining anyplaying position. A 5" spread and extra heavy gauge wire provide maximum coverage and sound.Dia. = .575" | Spread = 5"
    $17.98 | SAVE 52%
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  • Promark 747-R40 Neil Peart Rush 40th Anniversary Tour Drumsticks
    Item # SM009747WR40
    | Mfg # PW747W-R40
    | UPC #
    Promark is proud to introduce the Limited Edition Neil Peart 747 R40 Rush 40th Anniversary Tour drumstick! In honor of Promark’s longest running endorsee of over 30 years as well as Rush’s 40th anniversary or R40 tour, The Neil Peart 747 R40 tour stick features commemorative stick artwork in a metallic gold ink.The 747 was designed by Neil Peart of Rush. It features a classic 5A diameter but is ¼” longer and features a th...
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  • The FS-MM signature model marching snare stick is a larger version of the popular arena series drumstick designed to the exact specifications of Mike McIntosh, Music Coordinator and Percussion Arranger for the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps and Percussion Coordinator for the award winning Carmel High School Band. The FS-MM is the newest drumstick in the Field Series, designed specifically for the outdoor marching percussion environment. Mike's st...
    $9.58 | SAVE 47%
  • Firestix Light Up Drumsticks - Purple
    Item # SM404PR
    | Mfg # FX12PR
    | UPC # 082562086265
    Perfect for drum solos! Firestix drumsticks are made of durable Lexan and light up upon impact for a visually exciting and dramatic lighting effect. Firestix are available in five colors and include batteries. Replacement batteries are also available (sold separately). Choose from Green, Purple, Orange (Mango Tango), Blue or Red.
    $17.98 | SAVE 35%
  • On-Stage 5B Nylon Tip Drumsticks - One Pair
    Item # SM329H5BN
    | Mfg # HN5B
    | UPC # 659814355532
    To play with lightning speed you need sticks that are stronger, straighter, and last longer. These sticks are made from wood found deep in the forests of China that is perfect for just that. On-Stage drum sticks have been logged, air kiln dried, shaped, sanded, sealed and are ready to make some thunder! These are great hickory sticks with a nice weight and finish.
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  • Vic Firth SSG Steve Gadd Signature Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021GADD
    | Mfg # SSG
    | UPC # 750795000401
    Barrel tip for a great recording sound. Available in wood or nylon tip.Length: 15 3/4"  Diameter: .550"
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth SDW Dave Weckl Signature Series Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021WECKL
    | Mfg # SDW
    | UPC # 750795000425
    These SDW Dave Weckl Original Wood Tip Drumsticks have a barrel tip for bright and broad cymbal sound. These sticks are fast, with great leverage. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: .560"
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Extreme 8D Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021X8DW
    | Mfg # X8D
    | UPC # 750795018185
    For over 30 years, the American Classic® drumstick series has been the popular choice of countless drummers. “As successful as the American Classic® series has been, players throughout the world continue to request longer versions of some popular models,” states Vic Firth Director of Education and Product Development, Neil Larrivee. “We took those requests into consideration, along with some new ideas, and developed prot...
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