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  • Innovative Percussion WBR-2X Heavy Retractable Wire Brush Drum Sticks
    Item # SM360WBR2X
    | Mfg # WBR2X
    | UPC # 819148007594
    Innovative Percussion WBR-2X Retractable Wire Brush Drum Sticks. Retractable sticks with pull rod, 7.5", heavy.
    $24.08 | SAVE 39%
  • The Fundamental Educational Packages are a set of three different educational products designed with input from today's leading percussion educators. Each package offers the necessary percussion tools for the beginner, intermediate, and college bound percussion student, all in one easy to purchase stick bag and at an economical package price. FP-2 Intermediate Pack Contains: F2 - Hard Marimba Mallets F9 - Xylophone Mallets CT3 - Medium Ti...
    $75.00 | SAVE 52%
  • The FS-JC signature model marching snare stick is the newest addition to the Field Series Drumsticks designed to the exact specifications of Jim Casella, former percussion arranger for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps. Jim's stick is constructed of heartwood hickory featuring an oval bead and a long taper for increased rebound and smooth action.
    $10.28 | SAVE 47%
  • Manufactured by the leader in high quality keyboard mallets, the Fundamental Series Keyboard Mallets were specifically designed with the beginning percussionist and budget conscious band director in mind. This economical series offers the beginning percussionist and band director a line of quality keyboard mallets at an affordable price. The Fundamental Series is available in 15 different models. All models feature black painted birch dowels and ...
    $14.68 | SAVE 40%
  • Paul Rennick, Director and Arranger of the University of North Texas Drum Line, and Percussion Caption Head and Arranger of the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, has designed the FS-PR signature model marching snare drumstick. Paul's stick is constructed of heartwood hickory for increased durability. The FS-PR features a long taper and a larger diameter teardrop shaped bead creating a quick rebound and response, while still creating a full t...
    $10.28 | SAVE 47%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Designed with the marimba virtuoso in mind, these mallets are wrapped with 100% wool around a hard rubber core which delivers a brilliant rich tone with the warmest fundamental possible in all registers of the marimba. The birch handles are polished for the smoothest natural finish.
    $33.18 | SAVE 38%
  • The FS-2 marching snare drumstick is constructed of heartwood hickory resulting in a denser and slightly heavier stick for excellent durability and increased response. The FS-2 features a short taper and a small reverse teardrop bead for strong rebound, quick response and crisp articulation at any dynamic level.
    $10.58 | SAVE 41%
  • Innovative Percussion Joey Waronker Standard Hickory Drum Sticks
    Item # SM344JW1
    | Mfg # JW1
    | UPC # 819148007099
    The Joey Waronker model features a quick taper with an elongated bead.  JW-1 Features: Hickory Elongated Bead Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .540"  
    $9.18 | SAVE 49%
  • The FS-MM signature model marching snare stick is a larger version of the popular arena series drumstick designed to the exact specifications of Mike McIntosh, Music Coordinator and Percussion Arranger for the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps and Percussion Coordinator for the award winning Carmel High School Band. The FS-MM is the newest drumstick in the Field Series, designed specifically for the outdoor marching percussion environment. Mike's st...
    $10.28 | SAVE 47%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Innovative NZ-1 Nir Z Signature Drumstick
    Item # SM344NZ1
    | Mfg # NZ1
    | UPC # 819148007662
    The Innovative NZ-1 Nir Z Signature Drumstick was designed for the Nashville-based Independent/Studio drummer who has appeared on countless hit records over the last 2 ½ decades.  This stick is very close to the size of a 5B style drumstick, and features an integrated taper with no visible collar.  The uniquely designed tip produces multiple timbres on cymbals. Length – 16 3/16” Diameter - .600” Jewel ...
    $9.18 | SAVE 49%
  • The FS-1 marching snare drum stick, like all Innovative Percussion drumsticks, is constructed of heartwood hickory. This wood results in a denser and slightly heavier stick with excellent durability and increased response. The FS-1 is designed with a comfortable thickness for any age level and a short taper for increased control and balance. The oval bead creates a full sound and excellent rebound. The FS-1 is perfect for marching snare drummers ...
    $9.58 | SAVE 46%
  • Innovative MG-1 Marcus Gilmore Signature Series Drumstick
    Item # SM344MG1
    | Mfg # MG1
    | UPC # 819148007655
    The Innovative MG-1 Marcus Gilmore Signature Series Drumstick is designed for the drummer of Chick Corea.  This stick is between a 7A and 5A, but features a unique reverse teardrop bead, which creates a bright, articulate, and very present cymbal sound. Length – 16 1/8” Diameter - .550” Reverse Teardrop Bead
    $9.18 | SAVE 49%
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