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  • Vic Firth HB Heritage Brushes
    Item # SM021HB
    | Mfg # HB
    | UPC # 750795002887
    This retractable wire brush features a smooth rubber handle. Light and fast. 5" spread.
    $17.98 | SAVE 52%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Vic Firth WB Jazz Wire Brushes
    Item # SM021WB
    | Mfg # WB
    | UPC # 750795002825
    A retractable wire brush with an infinitely adjustable brush spread capable of maintaining anyplaying position. A 5" spread and extra heavy gauge wire provide maximum coverage and sound.Dia. = .575" | Spread = 5"
    $17.98 | SAVE 52%
    *****3 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Vic Firth SB Split Wire Brushes
    Item # SM021SB
    | Mfg # SB
    | UPC # 750795019311
    These Vic Firth SB Split Wire Brushes are designed with 2 separate rows of wire producing unique weighting of sound with different qualities of articulation.  Triple crimped pull-rod for enhanced setting capability. Sold as a pair (2 brushes).
    $27.48 | SAVE 49%
  • Ludwig L191 Red Grooved Handle Brushes w/ Loop End
    Item # SM016L191
    | Mfg # L191
    | UPC # 641064130700
    Well balanced, Ludwig retractable brushes have a natural sound and feel. These L191 brushes have red grooved handles with wire loop ends.
    $20.28 | SAVE 41%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Promark Broomsticks - Medium
    Item # SM153BRM1
    | Mfg # PMBRM1
    | UPC # 616022130818
    Promark medium Broomsticks play most like a traditional drumstick with a similar diameter. Broomsticks are a hybrid between brushes and Promark Rods made from actual broomcorn. Broomsticks offer greater volume than brushes, though less attack than rods. Adjustable O-rings allow the player to change the spread of the bristles much like one would with a pair of brushes. Features: Hybrid of brushes and Promark Rods Length: 14 1/2" Diameter: 7/...
    $18.98 | SAVE 48%
  • Vic Firth Live Wire Brushes
    Item # SM021LWB
    | Mfg # LW
    | UPC # 750795016891
    These new brushes feature a metal ball at the tip of each wire providing more sound color when swishing your brushes, more snap of the snare and a brighter cymbal sound. These brushes feature a red rubber handle with retractable wires.
    $23.38 | SAVE 49%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Regal Tip 551WXL Extra Large Handle Wire Brushes
    Item # SM027551W
    | Mfg # BR551WXL
    | UPC # 065338212551
    Regal Tip set the industry standard in design and reliability of fixed and adjustable spread brushes. You will feel the difference with Regal Tip brushes. Play with the best... and see for yourself!
    $15.98 | SAVE 51%
  • Regal Tip 561A Aluminum Handle Brushes
    Item # SM027561A
    | Mfg # BR561A
    | UPC # 065338212561
    Aluminum Handles are light, fast and responsive. Adjustable.The retractable brush handle is intended to protect the brush wire and come in adjustable and non-adjustable spreads.
    $17.68 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth SGWB Steve Gadd Signature Wire Brushes
    Item # SM021SGWB
    | Mfg # SGWB
    | UPC # 750795012961
    Steve and Vic have solved the age-old problem of wire brushes snagging on new coated drumheads by slightly angling the wires in the top 3/4" of the playing end. The wires glide across the head, allowing a smoother sweep and a velvet swish sound.
    $19.88 | SAVE 50%
  • Promark TB3 Light Telescoping Brushes w/ Rubber Handles
    Item # SM005TB3
    | Mfg # TB3
    | UPC # 0616022103911
    The Promark TB3 telescopic brush was inspired by the original Gene Krupa jazz brush. It features a smooth rubber handle with great balance for fast response.Features: Medium wire bristles produce a traditional jazz sound and are retractable allowing any preferred amount of spread Handle Diameter:  .500” Length with bristles extended: 12 5/16", Length of handle only: 6 13/16" Smooth rubber handle All Promark drumsticks ar...
    $20.98 | SAVE 50%
  • Regal Tip 582RJR John "JR" Robinson Brushes
    Item # SM027582RJR
    | Mfg # BR582RJR
    | UPC # 653382005820
    Regal Tip and our Platinum level endorser, John Robinson, teamed up to produce this John Robinson Performer Series brush. The extra long handle has a soft grip and great balance. The retractable wire brush features a patented, adjustable spread.
    $25.28 | SAVE 41%
  • Regal Tip 595N Vinyl Covered "Whiskered" Nylon Brushes
    Item # SM027595N
    | Mfg # BR595N
    | UPC # 653382005950
    Regal Tips Whiskers are a lightweight, vinyl covered aluminum handle brush with nylon bristles for soft, full sound. The fixed spread bristles give a fuller, fatter sound quality. Every stick bag should have a pair!
    $16.98 | SAVE 52%
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