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  • Pearl P2002C Chain-Drive PowerShifter Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PA6492002C
    | Mfg # P2002C
    | UPC # 633816164729
    The drummer's pedals are arguably their most important pieces of equipment. Performance, stability, versatility, and durability are absolutely critical, and nobody delivers on all of these components like Pearl. With the PowerShifter Eliminator you get the ultimate in customization and control so your pedal can perform exactly how you need it to, and with all Pearl pedals you'll find features and quality you just won't find anywhere else. The Pea...
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  • Pearl changed the game with the introduction of the Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal in 2009. Now in 2013, Pearl introduces the Demonator bass drum pedal. Featuring the industry leading characteristics of the award winning Demon Drive pedals, the Demonator is a wonderful addition to the Demon Drive family.   The Demonator is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style Powershifter long-footboard. An interchangeable cam (US Pat. #6172...
    $189.00 | SAVE 52%
  • Union Deluxe Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PB902D
    | Mfg # DP2012TW
    | UPC # 816627011158
    Deliver a consistent beat with the Union Deluxe Double Pedal. This pedal is up to par with all other leading manufacturer's pedals with quality construction and reliability. The sturdy design features a Single Chain Drive, 2-Sided Beaters, and an adjustable width axle. A plate on the underside of the slave pedal adds stability.Products from Union Drums offer Quality and Sound Value across their entire line, perfect for the young musician or the w...
    $99.00 | SAVE 52%
  • Yamaha FP8500B Lightweight Belt-Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal w/ No Base Plate
    Item # PA3428500B
    | Mfg # FP8500B
    | UPC # 086792897035
    The FP8500B is a simple, lightweight pedal with a smooth, belt drive system. The woven nylon belt is strong, lightweight and quiet giving you friction free feel and great dynamic control. The FP-8500B has no bottom plate; it uses a conventional wire frame with rubber coated tips where the frame locks into the main frame casting. This makes it easy to fold the pedal up for compact storage for the gigging drummer. The hole in the beater hub is tear...
    $95.00 | SAVE 56%
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  • DW Drum Workshop 9002 Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PA8519002
    | Mfg # DWCP9002
    | UPC # 647139225357
    The DW 9000 Series pedals represent the latest in drum pedal technology for incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action! To create an incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action, the 9000's Floating Rotor is not permanently affixed on a conventional drive shaft but is mounted on a free-floating drive shaft using friction-reducing ball bearings. In addition, the patented rotor can be infinitely adjusted using the Infinite Torque Adjustment for a varie...
    $599.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Mapex PF1000TW Falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PB525PF1TW
    | Mfg # PF1000TW
    | UPC # 635464644660
    The Mapex Falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal has hollow, stainless steel drive shafts, which offer the utmost in strength without adding unwanted drag or excess weight. This increases the slick operation of the pedals and gives the Falcon a sensationally smooth feel. By allowing the torque-free spring mechanisms to move independently, the Falcon's stroke and recoil motions are exceptionally fluid, and feel more natural to your feet.Every feature and p...
    $399.00 | SAVE 43%
  • Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PA041HP900PSN
    | Mfg # HP900PSWN
    | UPC # 606559716623
    The Iron Cobra continues to evolve! TAMA's innovative Cobra Coil pedal spring accelerates the return of the footboard to its original position. The result is unbelievably effortless action that sets the already smooth Iron Cobra apart from all other pedals on the market. The Cobra Coil is a standard feature on all Iron Cobra models. The Aluminum made connecting rod has made the light weight and smooth adjustment possible. Instead of the screws ...
    $399.99 | SAVE 37%
    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • DW Delta III Acceleration Double Pedal w/ Case
    Item # PA851AD4
    | Mfg # DWCP5002AD4
    | UPC # 647139221489
    We’ve re-engineered the pedal that established our reputation for innovation and quality. Because innovation is part of our DNA we thought it was time for some major improvements. Most notably, the toe clamp. The 5000 needed more gripping strength, providing a stronger connection between the drummer and kick drum. So, we developed the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp. Three independent 360 degree, rotating rubber pads firmly pinch almost any diameter an...
    $429.99 | SAVE 40%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Pacific DP402 400 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PA113DP402
    | Mfg # PDDP402
    | UPC # 647139113333
    Pacific's 400 Series bass drum pedals offer great performance at an affordable price-point. They include a choice of single or double models with the security and stability of steel pedal plates and the tonal flexibility of two-way beater balls. The DP402 pedal also features an economical chain and cam drive, built-in spurs, spring tension, and a three-position stroke adjustment.
    $109.98 | SAVE 49%
  • Pearl P3000C Demon Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Item # PA6493002C
    | Mfg # P3002C
    | UPC # 633816486715
    In 2009 Pearl established a new standard for bass drum pedals with the Demon Drive, the smoothest, fastest most versatile pedal in the world, and now it’s time for a little… chain. Introducing the all new Demon Chain with all the features of a Demon pedal plus the strength and power of a chain.Heavenly Feel.Your choice of Direct Link or Chain Drive, spherical bearings and a combination of custom settings create the smoothest pedal ac...
    $599.00 | SAVE 53%
  • The FP9500C is a double drive single pedal, and includes a woven nylon strap that can be installed using a drum key. The double chain drive is our most popular model, and is ideal for heavy-footed players. The nylon strap is growing in popularity, it is quiet, and has a light, quick feel to it. The FP-9500C has adjustments for beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tension. The pedal frame has a stabilizer bar cast into it below the rocker sha...
    $159.00 | SAVE 55%
  • DW Drum Workshop 5002TDL3 Delta III Turbo Bass Drum Pedals-Lefty
    Item # PA851TDL3
    | Mfg # DWCP5002TDL3
    | UPC # 647139142036
    DW Drum Workshop 5002TDL3 Delta III Turbo Bass Drum Pedals-Lefty
    $429.99 | SAVE 40%
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