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  • Remo 16" Pinstripe Clear Drumhead
    Item # DH04416T
    | Mfg # PS031600
    | UPC # 757242150450
    Clear Pinstripe® heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar® plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the "fat" sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B and for those who want a low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics.
    $18.18 | SAVE 53%
  • Remo BA031000 10" Clear Ambassador Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH00210
    | Mfg # BA031000
    | UPC # 757242145012
    Weatherking Clear Ambassador heads are medium weighted heads made with a single ply 10mm film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty of attack. They can be used as batter and resonant heads.
    $12.68 | SAVE 53%
  • Evans B14DRY Genera 14" Dry Snare Drum Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH00714D
    | Mfg # B14DRY
    | UPC # 019954500061
    The Genera is a 10mm single-ply with the fat spread of a double-ply. A 2mm overtone control ring on the underside "floats" with the head, eliminating excessive overtones. Additional dry vents eliminate stray harmonics.
    $15.78 | SAVE 53%
    *****4.5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Remo BE011400 Weatherking 10" Coated Emperor Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH00310
    | Mfg # BE011000
    | UPC # 757242147863
    Coated Emperor® heads are warmer and more durable than Clear Emperor®s. They’re made with two free-floating plies of 7-mil Mylar® film, which gives consistent open warm tones which accounts for their popularity among many of today’s Studio, Pop, R&B and Rock drummers.
    $12.68 | SAVE 53%
  • Remo SD011400 Diplomat Extra Thin 14" Transparent Snare Side Resonant Drumhead
    Item # DH00614S
    | Mfg # SD011400
    | UPC # 757242146682
    These extra thin, hazy transparent drumheads by Remo are used equally in live performances or studio recording, and are ideal for concert, jazz, rock & pop.
    $13.38 | SAVE 54%
  • Evans Genera G1 14" Coated Drumhead
    Item # DH19614
    | Mfg # B14G1
    | UPC # 019954516369
    The single-ply industry standard...G1s blend warmth, sustain, and articulation. The high-performance 10mm film ensures that the G1 is both durable and expressive. The coated version adds additional warmth, focus, and depth.
    $13.98 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo AX-0114-00 Ambassador X Coated 14" Drum Head
    Item # DH45614
    | Mfg # AX011400
    | UPC # 757242500750
    Ambassador® X - heads from Remo® utilize the same film as the industry standard Coated Ambassador® but are 20% thicker producing greater attack, volume and wider mid range tones while increasing durability and providing a unique feel for enhanced stick rebound. Available in sizes 8" through 16".
    $14.98 | SAVE 54%
    *****4.5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Remo SA0313TD 13" Ambassador Mylar Clear Marching Snare Side Resonant Drumheads
    Item # DH00213S
    | Mfg # SA0313TD
    | UPC # 757242146606
    These high tension, low collar Mylar snare side heads are designed for marching use. drumheads drumhead drum head heads
    $12.88 | SAVE 53%
  • Ludwig LW3314 Weather Master Coated 14" Medium Weight Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH22814M
    | Mfg # LW3314
    | UPC # 641064126727
    Newly redesigned Weather Master drumheads offer great sound, durability, and response for rock, jazz, concert, orchestra and marching. Choose from coated, clear, black, Power Collar, and Silver Dot. Drumheads are manufactured with the unique mechanical headlock system and guaranteed not to pull out.
    $12.88 | SAVE 56%
  • Remo P30114BP 14" Coated Powerstroke 3 Snare Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH05214
    | Mfg # P30114BP
    | UPC # 757242150955
    A unique sound-enhancing underlay zero ring retains the tonal clarity of traditional Ambassador sound, but with unparalleled resonance control. Powerstroke 3 series feature a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. This creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke 3 one of Remo's most preferred drumhead models.
    $15.68 | SAVE 54%
  • The clear drumhead is Remo's brightest and most open sounding head. They're known for their bright tones, resonance, and sustain. Clear heads are best known as batter and resonant heads opening up the sound of tom-toms and bass drums. The Clear Powerstroke 3 features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. This creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke ...
    $38.18 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo VA011200 Vintage A 12" Tom Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH41412VA
    | Mfg # VA011200
    | UPC # 757242477854
    The first Weatherking Drumhead was made of newly introduced Mylar from DuPont. 7mm & 3mm ply films were combined to make the first Ambassador drumhead. It was the drumhead that changed the sound of the world. Vintage A Drumheads feature Ambassador durability with a unique soft feel reminiscent of calf heads with accentuated snare response for back beats, ghost notes, brushes and press rolls.
    $14.38 | SAVE 53%