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  • Ludwig LW4222V Vintage Logo 22" White Bass Drum Resonant Head w/ Black Logo
    Item # DH23522
    | Mfg # LW4222V
    | UPC # 641064127601
    Ludwig's re-issue of their Vintage Logo Drumheads are an exact replica of the heads that adorned the famous drumsets of the sixties. Smooth white in color, these heads have the black "old script" logo at the top.
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  • Remo BA031600 16" Clear Ambassador Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH00216
    | Mfg # BA031600
    | UPC # 757242145159
    Weatherking Clear Ambassador heads are medium weighted heads made with a single ply 10mm film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty of attack. They can be used as batter and resonant heads.
    $16.38 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo P70114C2 Powerstroke 77 Coated Drumhead - 14"
    Item # DH39714C
    | Mfg # P70114C2
    | UPC # 757242542897
    The 14" Remo P7-0114-C2 Powerstroke 77 Coated Drumhead features two-plies of 7-mil Mylar® construction with a small 7-mil underlay ring (P3 style) to reduce overtones, and a 5-mil clear center dot for added durability. Provides excellent response from center to edge.
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  • Evans S14H30 Standard 300 Hazy Snare Side 14" Thin Drum Head
    Item # DH33614
    | Mfg # S14H30
    | UPC # 019954502881
    The 200 features a Single ply, lightweight textured film, sensitive snare response. The 300 series features a single-ply, medium weight, textured for general use.
    $12.88 | SAVE 54%
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  • Remo BA011200 12" Coated Ambassador Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH00112
    | Mfg # BA011200
    | UPC # 757242144589
    The Coated Ambassador heads are medium weight heads made with a coated single ply 10mm Mylar film to produce a warm open, bright, and resonant sound with a warm attack. Coated Ambassador heads are the standard of the industry for both live and recording situations.
    $13.38 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo KL-1214-SA Falams XT Snare Side Marching Snare Drum Head - 14"
    Item # DH02514XT
    | Mfg # KL1214SA
    | UPC # 757242504840
    Combining the great sound and quality of the Falams® II Kevlar snare side drumhead with a Mylar underlay ring for higher pitch capability and greater durability, the Falams® XT is ideal for situations where extreme tension is required for maximum articulation. Currently played by The Cadets, Carolina Crown, Blue Stars, Santa Clara Vanguard, and many more.
    $37.28 | SAVE 54%
  • Union 6" & 7" Bongo Head Pair for Union One Earth UB1 Bongos
    Item # DH509BHPR
    | Mfg # BHPR
    | UPC # 816627013510
    The 6" and 7" natural hide heads produce a rich, authentic sound and fit the Union One Earth UB1 Bongos (DRSUB1)
    $9.99 | SAVE 44%
  • Remo BE011400 Weatherking 14" Coated Emperor Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH00314
    | Mfg # BE011400
    | UPC # 757242147931
    Coated Emperor® heads are warmer and more durable than Clear Emperor®s. They’re made with two free-floating plies of 7-mil Mylar® film, which gives consistent open warm tones which accounts for their popularity among many of today’s Studio, Pop, R&B and Rock drummers.
    $15.08 | SAVE 53%
  • Ludwig LW4314 Weather Master Coated 14" Heavy Weight Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH22814H
    | Mfg # LW4314
    | UPC # 641064128004
    Newly redesigned Weather Master drumheads offer great sound, durability, and response for rock, jazz, concert, orchestra and marching. Choose from coated, clear, black, Power Collar, and Silver Dot. Drumheads are manufactured with the unique mechanical headlock system and guaranteed not to pull out.
    $12.88 | SAVE 56%
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  • Remo 10" Pinstripe Clear Drumhead
    Item # DH04410T
    | Mfg # PS031000
    | UPC # 757242150245
    Clear Pinstripe® heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar® plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the "fat" sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B and for those who want a low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics.
    $13.58 | SAVE 53%
  • The clear drumhead is Remo's brightest and most open sounding head. They're known for their bright tones, resonance, and sustain. Clear heads are best known as batter and resonant heads opening up the sound of tom-toms and bass drums. The Clear Powerstroke 3 features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. This creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke ...
    $35.98 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo VE011400 Vintage Emperor Coated 14" Batter Drumhead
    Item # DH43914
    | Mfg # VE011400
    | UPC # 757242491072
    A reissue of the first Remo Emperor drumhead that changed the art of drumming in the late 1960s. Constructed of 2 plies of 7.5mm polyester films, they feature the sensitivity and snare response of the Coated Emperor, accentuated mid and low frequencies and increased durability. Available in 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", and 18".
    $15.88 | SAVE 54%
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