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  • Manhasset 53D Drummer Stand
    Item # ST042DRUM
    | Mfg # 53D
    | UPC # 706576053500
    The new Manhasset Drummer Stand is designed specifically for the drummer and percussionist. It is extremely portable with a full desk and 16" chrome shaft that attaches via a multi-angle, multi-clamp to all varieties of drumset tom mount hardware. It's now possible to place the music exactly where the drummer needs it- without taking floor space.The Drummer Stand provides: Drum Students - comfortable, efficient tool to improve their practice r...
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  • Gibraltar Lug Locks - 6 pcs w/ Polybag
    Item # PB881LL
    | Mfg # SCGLL
    | UPC # 736021311787
    Gibraltar Lug Locks are made from durable plastic.  Comes with 6 pieces to package. The Lug Locks fit over standard tension rods and Locks tension rod in place. Greatly prevents drums from detuning.
    $6.88 | SAVE 31%
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  • Boomwhacker 13 Note Floor Stand
    Item # EM970BWST
    | Mfg # BWH13
    | UPC #
    Heavy-weight stand for Boomwhackers, holds 13. Set it in a window with a lot of sunshine and watch your students oooh an aaahh as the light shines through the Boomwhackers. Great for storage, too.
    $10.99 | SAVE 15%
  • Gibraltar 10.5mm Hinged Memory Lock
    Item # PA543HML105
    | Mfg # SCHML105
    | UPC # 736021259584
    10.5mm Hinged Memory Locks - Memory lock with hinge adjustment that makes it easy to place and move.
    $7.88 | SAVE 21%
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  • Slug Percussion CW152 Grey Felt Cymbal Washers - 2 Pack
    Item # PA399CW152PK
    | Mfg # CW152
    | UPC # 810169004289
    This 2 Pack of Slug Percussion CW152 Grey Felt Cymbal Washers are 1.5" in diameter and are 1/2" thick felt cymbal washers to protect your cymbals from hardware and wing-nut damage.Use for crash and ride cymbal stands.
    $1.99 | SAVE 32%
  • TnR Products 1001 Booty Shakers for Floor Tom Legs - Red 3-Pack
    Item # PC1081001
    | Mfg # 1001
    | UPC # 728028202427
    Introducing the TnR Products 1001 Red Booty Shakers for Floor Tom Legs. Uncover the rich, low notes of your floor tom that are lost to the floor, riser, or stage. They also increase sustain and provide smooth decay to the note.Foam floater “booties” that slip onto the legs of any brand floor tom. The size and weight specific polyethylene base of the Booty Shakers® combines the patented “slotted receptacle” to the ha...
    $22.39 | SAVE 30%
  • Gibraltar Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch
    Item # PA543QRHHC
    | Mfg # SCQRHHC
    | UPC # 736021311800
    Save time and aggravation with this revolutionary clutch system, just pull on the metal sleeve and the auto clutch releases. Slip off the felts mount your hi hat cymbal then push in at the bottom of the metal sleeve and you’re locked in place. All metal design uses a spring and ball bearings to hold sleeve in place.
    $24.58 | SAVE 38%
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  • TnR Products 3001 Little Booty Shakers for Snares or Toms - Red 3-Pack
    Item # PC1093001
    | Mfg # 3001
    | UPC # 728028244892
    Introducing the TnR Products 3001 Red Little Booty Shakers for Snares or Toms. Specially engineered foam-floater “cleats” that attach to the snare drum stand with Velcro® straps to float a small tom or snare drum. Their patented shape, with adjustable Velcro® straps, and the point of application between the drum and stand make them universal and stable at even the highest of performance volume.Foam floater “cleats”...
    $15.39 | SAVE 30%
  • Danmar Tom Kick Riser
    Item # PB731
    | Mfg # 1035BW
    | UPC # 659848103529
    Turns toms into kick drums. Danmar Kick Riser will adapt any 14? to 18? diameter tom into a kick drum. It also will adjust the depth up to 18? deep. Unit is compact. light and rigid. Easy on and off in seconds. Designed to enhance tonality.
    $109.00 | SAVE 46%
  • Gibraltar Swing Nut Attachment For 8mm Tilt
    Item # PB566SNA
    | Mfg # SCSNA
    | UPC # 736021311770
    Gibraltar's patent pending Swing Nut auto cymbal tilter. Just press down on the spring loaded tilter turn the swing nut, mount the cymbal and felt and that's it, no wing to lose and you saves you time.
    $25.68 | SAVE 41%
  • Gibraltar 6713EA Electronic Modual Stand
    Item # ST4146713EA
    | Mfg # 6713E
    | UPC # 736021438514
    The “GEMS” Electronics Mounting Station was developed by Gibraltar to give a solid mounting option for electronic components needed by today’s musician. The GEMS stand is lightweight and portable, yet secure and sturdy enough to handle many types of electronics. 6700 HD Double braced Electronics mounting stand features: Great for Hybrid E-kit set ups Double braced design makes this stand extra stable 360° adjustment...
    $107.00 | SAVE 19%
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  • Gibraltar SCBDHG Bass Drum Hoop Guards
    Item # PA749BDHG
    | Mfg # SCBDHG
    | UPC # 736021367234
    The Gibraltar SC-BDHG Bass Drum Hoop Guard protects lacquer bass drum hoops from the bass drum pedal hoop clamp. They are sold in packages of two.
    $8.58 | SAVE 14%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)