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  • Gibraltar Lug Locks - 6 pcs w/ Polybag
    Item # PB881LL
    | Mfg # SCGLL
    | UPC # 736021311787
    Gibraltar Lug Locks are made from durable plastic.  Comes with 6 pieces to package. The Lug Locks fit over standard tension rods and Locks tension rod in place. Greatly prevents drums from detuning.
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  • Ludwig Snare Cord (10 Yards)
    Item # PA145C
    | Mfg # P4078A
    | UPC # 641064146541
    Ludwig Snare Cord (10 Yards)
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Pearl PC8 Pipe Clamp for DR80 Drum Rack
    Item # PA782PC8
    | Mfg # PC8
    | UPC # 633816066542
    Pearl's PC8 pipe clamp features hinged, quick release jaws for quicker set-ups. It accommodates 7/8" posts and also features Stop-Lock receptors. Click here for Pearl ICON Series Drum Racks Click here for Pearl ICON Drum Rack Pipe Clamps
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  • Slug Percussion CW152 Grey Felt Cymbal Washers - 2 Pack
    Item # PA399CW152PK
    | Mfg # CW152
    | UPC # 810169004289
    This 2 Pack of Slug Percussion CW152 Grey Felt Cymbal Washers are 1.5" in diameter and are 1/2" thick felt cymbal washers to protect your cymbals from hardware and wing-nut damage.Use for crash and ride cymbal stands.
    $1.99 | SAVE 32%
  • TnR Products 1002 Booty Shakers for Floor Tom Legs - Black 3-Pack
    Item # PC1081002
    | Mfg # 1002
    | UPC # 728028353549
    Introducing the TnR Products 1002 Black Booty Shakers for Floor Tom Legs. Uncover the rich, low notes of your floor tom that are lost to the floor, riser, or stage. They also increase sustain and provide smooth decay to the note.Foam floater “booties” that slip onto the legs of any brand floor tom. The size and weight specific polyethylene base of the Booty Shakers® combines the patented “slotted receptacle” to the ...
    $29.99 | SAVE 25%
  • TnR Products 3002 Little Booty Shakers for Snares or Toms - Black 3-Pack
    Item # PC1093002
    | Mfg # 3002
    | UPC # 728028353556
    Introducing the TnR Products 3002 Black Little Booty Shakers for Snares or Toms. Specially engineered foam-floater “cleats” that attach to the snare drum stand with Velcro® straps to float a small tom or snare drum. Their patented shape, with adjustable Velcro® straps, and the point of application between the drum and stand make them universal and stable at even the highest of performance volume.Foam floater “cleats&rdqu...
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  • Union Single-Braced Pro Straight Cymbal Stand
    Item # ST991
    | Mfg # CS56N
    | UPC # 633076100703
    Union Single-Braced Pro Straight Cymbal Stand features a lightweight, single-braced tripod for an affordable, lighter weight option, yet is constructed with large diameter tubing for ultra-sturdy performance in any situation. This Union Cymbal Stand offers a great value for any drummer.Products from Union Drums offer Quality and Sound Value across their entire line, perfect for the young musician or the weekend gigging musician. Be sure to explor...
    $27.98 | SAVE 43%
  • Dixson Bass Drum Lift
    Item # PB912BDL
    | Mfg # BDL100
    | UPC #
    Now musicians everywhere can transform their drums from time-keeping devices to instruments which explode with sound at every beat with The Bass Drum Lift. The Bass Drum Lift benefits 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24" bass drums. Better sound: The Lift allows the beater to strike the drum head at more desirable position Better projection: The Lift raises the bass drum to offer more room to resonate Double pedal frie...
    $39.95 | SAVE 39%
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  • DW Drum Workshop DWSMRKML15 1.5" Hinged Memory Lock
    Item # PB889ML15
    | Mfg # DWSMRKML15
    | UPC # 647139161570
    A wide assortment of clamps and accessories are available for DW's Drum Rack System.
    $8.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Vic Firth VKB1 VicKick Felt Bass Drum Beater
    Item # PB580VKB1
    | Mfg # VKB1
    | UPC # 750795018758
    Known for having the most comprehensive line of sticks and mallets in the business, Vic Firth Company is always aiming to offer players the highest quality implements for all of their performing needs. Built on that principle, the new VicKick™ line is designed to raise the standard for drum set bass drum beaters.Available in felt, wood and fleece, VicKick Beaters™ feature spherical heads that provide a consistent striking surface. The...
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  • LP Latin Percussion LP338 bass drum hoop mounted cowbell/percussion bracket provides rock-solid stability for your cowbell when you use this professional-grade bracket.
    $16.38 | SAVE 34%
  • PureSound Blaster Series Snare Wire, 20 Strand, 14 Inch
    Item # PB778B1420
    | Mfg # B1420
    | UPC # 046716576750
    Designed for 14" snare drums, the Blaster Series snare wires feature 20-strands of medium-gauge wire, allowing for an increased snare presence.Designed for 14" snare drums; 20 strands of wirePremium-grade steel-alloy wires developed for high volume, high intensity drummingExclusive bent end clips offer increased snare response and projectionSteel coil produces a quick and crisp snare responseAll PureSound Snare Wires are designed and manufactured...
    $18.48 | SAVE 40%