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  • RTOM Moongel MGWP Workout Drum Practice Pad - 14"
    Item # PA026PAD14
    | Mfg # WP14
    | UPC # 736021931466
    This pad gives what the name implies; a workout! Made of the famous Moongel silicone, this pad is designed to absorb, not rebound the way normal pads do. This has the effect of practicing on a feather pillow, producing a workout like no other pad! Practicing on the Moongel Workout Pad is guaranteed to accelerate muscle development. Because of its super soft gel material the Workout Pad allows no free rebounds. To play fast rudiments on the Worko...
    $49.00 | SAVE 30%
  • Gibraltar Pocket Practice Pad w/ Leg Strap
    Item # PA757PPP
    | Mfg # SC-PPP
    | UPC # 736021408555
    The ultimate mini practice pad. Equipped with durable 4" Gum Rubber playing surface & 22" leg strap. Portable and works great for table top practice too.
    $16.45 | SAVE 51%
  • Offworld Percussion Large Outlander Pad w/Black VML Surface
    Item # PC061OLLVMLB
    | Mfg # OLLVMLB
    | UPC # 039517746347
    The OUTLANDER™ series are the “little Brothers” to the Invader V3 series. They are sleek, portable and budget-conscience practice devices equipped with a layer of OffWorld's signature Darkmatter™ surfacing, allowing for a more realistic rebound geared towards fundamental chop development. A great addition to wide range of drumming applications from rudimental players to combo and concert-based percussionists.Features: E...
    $42.00 | SAVE 26%
  • Offworld Percussion Small V3 Red w/ Black VML Surface Drum Practice Pad
    Item # PC061V3RVMLB
    | Mfg # V3RVMLB
    | UPC # 721762792254
    Offworld's Patented, flagship pro rudimental practice implement, the cutting edge in pad technology.   The pad that revolutionized the practice pads.  The INVADER - V3 Series are an elegand and other-worldly creation, representing years of in-field research and innovation.  Featuring the original 360" stick-saving, patented RIM element and our incomparable Darkmatter liquid polymer playing surface, presenting a revolutionary feel ...
    $66.00 | SAVE 30%
  • ProLogix 6" Logix Drum Practice Pad
    Item # PC103LOGIX06
    | Mfg # PXLOGIX06
    | UPC # 856269002091
    The Logix pad features our signature 3/16“ red gum rubber formulated playing surface simulating the rebound and feel of an actual snare drum. An 8 mm threaded insert on the underside for placement on a cymbal stand.Features: The Logix pad features our signature 3/16“ red gum rubber formulated playing surface simulating the rebound and feel of an actual snare drum The pad base is constructed from Baltic Birch providing excellent ...
    $22.95 | SAVE 39%
  • ProLogix Zonix 5-Pad Tenor Practice Pad
    Item # PC103TZONE5L
    | Mfg # PXTZONE5L
    | UPC # 856269002077
    The ProLogix Zonix 5 marching tenor practice pad is formed in the layout of a 6", 10", 12", 13", and 14" set of tenors. Each of the pads has a laminate surface and a rim. The pads sit on Birch wood which gives the pad extreme durability. This pad will not fall apart from bumps and drops.The pad is heavy because of the wood base, but that will protect your pad for years. On the underside of the base are cutouts to allow you to mount the pad on a n...
    $164.95 | SAVE 35%
  • ProLogix Zonix 6-Pad Tenor Practice Pad
    Item # PC103TZONE6L
    | Mfg # PXTZONE6L
    | UPC # 856269002084
    The “Zonix 6“ Marching Tenor Practice Pad is a full scale zoned layoutof an actual set of 6”x (2), 10”, 12”, 13” and 14” drums. The playingsurfaces have been designed and cut for both standard and scrape playingareas. “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) replicated rim segments outline all drumsjust like an actual set of tenors to improve one’s accuracy when movingdrum to drum during practice and perfo...
    $174.95 | SAVE 36%
  • Remo RT0010ST 10" Grey Tunable Drum Practice Pad w/ Adjustable Stand
    Item # PA118ST
    | Mfg # RT0010ST
    | UPC # 757242114261
    These Remo Grey Tunable Drum Practice Pads are the perfect tool for the beginning drummer, but also great for the advanced drummer. They come equipped with Coated Ambassador timpani heads, so they produce the timbre of timpani but with a distinctive tone.
    $66.28 | SAVE 45%
  • Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Practice Pad
    Item # PB862HHPSL
    | Mfg # HHPSL
    | UPC # 750795012091
    This series of practice pads was designed to provide the most authentic feel possible. And with features that help the player maximize practice time and avoid developing bad drumming habits, the Heavy Hitter pads are a perfect choice for players of all levels and musical styles! Very thin rubber mounted on a sturdy wooden base gives the feel of a contemporary marching snare drum. The Slim Pad has a 12? diameter to easily sit on your lap and fit i...
    $31.48 | SAVE 42%
  • Vic Firth HHPBASS Heavy Hitter Marching Bass Practice Pad
    Item # PB862HHPBASS
    | Mfg # HHPBASS
    | UPC # 750795012886
    The Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Basspad features the original "barbell" design which mounts on a cymbal stand for vertical and quiet practice of the marching bass drum. The player can see stick angles, stick heights and "side-to-side line up" while practicing on a 14" wide set-up - just like an actual marching bass drum. The Basspad offers sturdy steel construction, a mounting post designed to fit all brands of cymbal stands and 1/4" thick gum rubber ...
    $69.98 | SAVE 36%
  • DW Drum Workshop - DWCPPADTS5 Go Anywhere 5-Piece Practice Set
    Item # PB900TS5
    | Mfg # DWCPPADTS5
    | UPC # 647139155371
    Never again will you have to be without the ability to practice. The 5-piece portable Go Anywhere™ Complete Practice Set allows you to sharpen your independence, groove, and coordination without bothering others. Notable features include heavy duty construction, natural feel and rebound, and easy setup.Complete 5 pad set with stand - includes: (2) 8" pads for tom and cymbal (2) 10" pads for snare and floor tom bass drum pad
    $169.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Remo PH010600 Practice Pad Coated 6" Replacement Drumhead
    Item # DH0276
    | Mfg # PH010600
    | UPC # 757242212080
    Remo PH010600 Practice Pad Coated 6" Replacement Drumhead
    $7.88 | SAVE 41%