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  • Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Stock Practice Pad
    Item # PB862HHPST
    | Mfg # HHPST
    | UPC # 750795012107
    This series of practice pads was designed to provide the most authentic feel possible. And with features that help the player maximize practice time and avoid developing bad drumming habits, the Heavy Hitter pads are a perfect choice for players of all levels and musical styles! Wooden base provides the support of a full sized pad, but without the added size and weight. Perfect to carry in a backpack with its 12" diameter. Open cell foam rubber o...
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  • Offworld Outlander 9.5" Red Drum Practice Pad - Small
    Item # PC061OLS
    | Mfg # OLS
    | UPC # 741360267909
    The OUTLANDER™ is a straightforward, budget-minded practice pad equipped with a slightly thinner layer of OffWorld's signature Darkmatter™ surfacing, allowing for a more realistic rebound geared towards fundamental chop development.Equipped with OffWorld's trademark Darkmatter™ formula as championed by the INVADER™ V3 series. Now featuring Offworld's patented Rims™ component, complimented by a non-slip neoprene ba...
    $30.95 | SAVE 29%
  • Offworld Shuttle Slim Drum Practice Pad
    Item # PC061SHUTTLE
    | Mfg # SHUTTLE
    | UPC # 741360267862
    The SHUTTLE™ is a budget-minded rudimental practice implement specifically designed with enough playing surface to allow for natural technique while spanning across a players lap or atop a 14" snare drum, yet it's slim enough to slide down perfectly into the center most stick bags for ease in transport. Features: Equipped with OffWorld's trademark Darkmatter™ formula as championed by the INVADER™ series. Finis...
    $35.75 | SAVE 29%
    *****4.5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • RTOM BLKHOL12 Black Hole Snap-on Tuneable Mesh Head Practice Pad - 12" Tom
    Item # PC44312
    | Mfg # BLKHOL12
    | UPC # 678273000029
    Want low-volume practice without sacrificing sound? Meet Black Hole, your new best friend. Black Hole snaps on and sounds exactly like your drum set, only quieter. Snap it on, tune to your desired tension, and you’re ready to go.A revolutionary way to practice on your drum set and keep those around you happy. Low volume practice with an 80% reduction in volume Sounds exactly like your drum set - just quieter! Easily snaps on to you...
    $52.99 | SAVE 36%
  • Vic Firth PADSG Steve Gadd Padd
    Item # PB862PADSG
    | Mfg # PADSG
    | UPC # 750795019380
    The Gadd Padd features a 3/16" thick black silicone rubber pad, mounted to a round 8" sturdy wooden base. This single sided pad features a non-skid rubber base and is decorated with the special commemorative 70th birthday logo. Built to Steve's desired specifications, this pad travels easily for the player on the go. 
    $36.98 | SAVE 38%
  • This exclusive Cascio Interstate value-pack is designed to give you all of the accessories you need to get started right away! Included Items: Vic Firth PADSG Steve Gadd Padd Vic Firth SSG Steve Gadd Signature Wood Tip Drumsticks Vic Firth PADSG Steve Gadd Padd The Gadd Padd features a 3/16" thick black silicone rubber pad, mounted to a round 8" sturdy wooden base. This single sided pad features a non-skid rubber base and is decorated wit...
    $36.95 | SAVE 52%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Evans RealFeel RF6GM Single Sided Gum Rubber 6" Drum Practice Pad w/ Mount
    Item # PA7806GM
    | Mfg # RF6GM
    | UPC # 019954951658
    RealFeel™ by Evans™ practice pads are the most popular practice pad option available. Featuring a natural gum rubber playing surface with a dark gray fabric finish which resists wear and tear, RealFeel™ by Evans™ practice pads provide the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum. A variety of models are available to suit individual practice requirements.This is a 6'' single sided gum rubber practice pad with a non slip...
    $21.18 | SAVE 35%
  • Futz Impact Discs (Set Of 4)
    Item # PC098FID04
    | Mfg # FID04
    | UPC # 188999000062
    New improved optional interchangeable impact discs allow you to adjust your volume and choose your feel. A pack of four discs includes: 1 soft and 1 medium rubber covered foam discs for quieter volumes and looser batter feel; 1 medium and 1 hard patented polymer covered foam disc for medium and loud volumes with medium and tight batter feel. These are all quieter than the maximum volume achieved by removing all discs from the impact area. 
    $9.99 | SAVE 37%
  • Offworld V3 Invader Practice Pad Rudimental Pad w/ Black Rim
    Item # PC061V3B
    | Mfg # V3B
    | UPC # 798304024722
    The industry-standard Pro-rudimental drum practice pad, the patented INVADER Series has been carefully engineered to as closely as possible duplicate both the physical functionality and realism akin that of a true rudimental snare drum.  This elegant and cutting edge device is created for all areas of drumming, including orchestral and combo-based, drum & bugle corps, scottish pipe snare, rudimental percussionists, dedicated to honing in...
    $61.95 | SAVE 31%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • ProLogix Zonix 5-Pad Tenor Practice Pad
    Item # PC103TZONE5L
    | Mfg # PXTZONE5L
    | UPC # 856269002077
    The ProLogix Zonix 5 marching tenor practice pad is formed in the layout of a 6", 10", 12", 13", and 14" set of tenors. Each of the pads has a laminate surface and a rim. The pads sit on Birch wood which gives the pad extreme durability. This pad will not fall apart from bumps and drops.The pad is heavy because of the wood base, but that will protect your pad for years. On the underside of the base are cutouts to allow you to mount the pad on a n...
    $164.95 | SAVE 35%
  • Remo PH011000 Practice Pad Coated 10" Replacement Drumhead
    Item # DH02710
    | Mfg # PH011000
    | UPC # 757242212165
    Remo PH011000 Practice Pad Coated 10" Replacement Drumhead
    $9.48 | SAVE 39%
  • Ahead 14" S-Hoop Corp Snare Sound Practice Pad
    Item # PB568AHSHP
    | Mfg # AHSHP
    | UPC # 753283000570
    Two new practice pads from Ahead have been specially developed to recreate the unique performance characteristics of marching snare drums so that marching band, Winter Guard and drum corps drummers can improve their technique without the potentially damaging volume, sonic frequencies and muscle fatigue often associated with high-tension drums.The 14" #AHSHP "S-Hoop Marching Pad" is a full-size practice pad features a hard, carbon-fiber surface an...
    $59.99 | SAVE 33%