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  • RTOM Moongel Damper Pads - Blue, 6-Pack
    Item # PA026DP
    | Mfg # MG
    | UPC # 678273000012
    The world's most highly acclaimed resonance control device ever designed, is effective, simple and versatile.When only the most effective means of controlling a percussion instrument's sound will do, percussionists turn to the Moongel Damper Pad.Theself-adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and mostpercussion instruments.The possibilities are endless, by simply movingthe damper pad around the surface, you can eliminate any unwante...
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  • Ludwig P40662 Complete Internal Tone Control System
    Item # PA004P40662
    | Mfg # P40662
    | UPC # 641064146527
    Ludwig P40662 Complete Internal Tone Control System
    $21.58 | SAVE 13%
  • Vater VBUZZ Buzz Kill Drum/Cymbal Dampener - 6 Pack
    Item # PB794VBUZZ
    | Mfg # VBUZZ
    | UPC # 641652669018
    The Vater VBUZZ Buzz Kill Drum/Cymbal Dampener is an easy to use gel system to control unwanted over ring and tone.  It can be easily cut to achieve the desired amount of dampening whether using it live or in the studio.  Buzz Kill is super tacky, so it can be used on both batter and resonant heads.  They're reusable and can be easily cleaned with water when dirty. The Buzz Kill Extra Dry features more weight and mass, which makes ...
    $8.98 | SAVE 39%
  • Drumtacs by Studio Lab Percussion
    Item # PC126DT
    | Mfg # DT
    | UPC # 866116000101
    Drumtacs are releasable, reusable, super tacky sound control pads for drums and cymbals. Conveniently apply the adhesive side to drums or cymbals for desired result. Used as directed, they will not flap, buzz, fly off or harm any percussive surface including: bottom heads, vertical heads, underneath cymbals, inside bells and blocks … even under heavy pounding and in extreme temperatures. Drumtacs can be taken off and reappli...
    $19.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Yamaha Sound Impact Strips
    Item # PA013
    | Mfg # MA200
    | UPC # 086792537139
    These strips were developed for the sole purpose of eliminating unwanted overtones and ring from all bass drums. Available in 15 foot rolls, this self-adhesive foam muffling comes complete with directions and is easy to apply.
    $12.88 | SAVE 19%
  • Slug Muffelt Wool Felt Strip for Bass Drum - 3" x 29"
    Item # PB56529
    | Mfg # MFT29
    | UPC # 810169004104
    Finest quality for superior sound and long lasting durability. This "old school" trick of the trade will give your drums a nice big, full and thuddy drum sound. Works wonders on reducing overtones and ring. Made in USA of 1/16" thick, 100% natural wool felt. Minimal stretching and maximum dampening. The Muffelt is the real deal!
    $13.38 | SAVE 29%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Aquarian TA1 Tone Tab, 5-Pack
    Item # PC431TA1
    | Mfg # TA1
    | UPC # 659007012655
    Aquarian Tone-Tabs give you the ability to fine-tune the tone and ring of your snare drum and toms. Simply place one on the outside edge of your drum head and the tab will immediately dampen annoying overtones that ring longer than you'd prefer.These tabs are slightly different than other muting devices - they're rounded to fit snugly along the perimeter of your head, and you can play on them with no effect on your performance!A proprietary adhes...
    $8.58 | SAVE 21%
  • This exclusive Cascio Interstate snare drum accessory pack is designed to give you all the tools you need to get started today! Browse our wide selection of quality snare drums to match perfectly with this accessory pack!Included Items: Protection Racket 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum Case Moongel Drum Muffler Damper Pads 12" Double Sided Drum Practice Pad PureSound Blaster Series Snare Wire - 14"Protection Racket 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum CaseAll...
    $85.99 | SAVE 49%
  • Gibraltar SC4235 External Tone Control Dampener
    Item # PA815
    | Mfg # SC4235
    | UPC # 736021279537
    The Gibraltar SC4235 External Tone Control Dampener is a hoop-mount tone control device that attaches to virtually any tom tom or snare drum.
    $15.18 | SAVE 30%
  • Vic Firth VICMUTE08 8" Tom Mute
    Item # PB864MUTE08
    | Mfg # VICMUTE08
    | UPC # 750795017218
    Made of non-slip pure rubber for real action, these mutes make quiet practicing an option on the drum set. Available in prepacks or individually. The item number listed on this page is for an individual drum mute, not a complete drum kit or mute set. The photograph on the left may be an example of a complete kit and is intended to be a representation of the single drum mute you are ordering. Please pay close attention to the description when or...
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  • DW Drum Workshop BDP16 16" Bass Drum Muffling Pillow
    Item # PA85316
    | Mfg # DSCPBDP16
    | UPC # 647139105819
    DW Drum Workshop BDP16 16" Bass Drum Muffling Pillow
    $25.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Evans Sound Off Fusion Mute Pack - 10", 12", 14"
    Item # PA8110244
    | Mfg # SO0244
    | UPC # 619987200237
    SoundOff™ drum mutes are the most popular line of volume control products available. The mutes provide a significant volume reduction to keep practice noise to a minimum. SoundOff™drum mutes feature a durable construction that can withstand frequent practicing.HQ Sound Off Fusion Mute Pack 1-10" 1-12" 2-14"
    $26.58 | SAVE 39%