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  • Purchase the new Tune-Bot Gig at your regular price, and receive a ready-made Christmas gift that includes the Gig, Micro Fiber polishing cloth and a drum key presented in a Pearl Christmas stocking.Features: New Streamlined Design Match Lug Pitch Large LCD Display Clips to Any Standard Drum Hoop FREE Polishing Cloth, Drum Key, & Christmas Stocking
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  • Zildjian P1700 Cymbal Safe Case
    Item # DC036
    | Mfg # P1700
    | UPC # 642388104071
    The Zildjian Cymbal Safe will hold up to 12 cymbals, with a maximum diameter of 21". All of your cymbals will be safe and secure in this high impact ABS plastic case with strategically placed firm rubber cushioning. A real must for working drummers. Protect your investment.
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  • ProLogix Marching Bass Drum Practice Pad
    Item # PC103MBASS
    | Mfg # PXMBASS
    | UPC # 856269002268
    The Marching Bass Pad features a 14“ wide setup with a 3“ target and acountersunk “PTR“ Poly Tech rim segment at the top of the playing areafor rim knocks. Also, the player can see stick angles, heights, and sideto side line up up of mallets while practicing. Mounts to any 8mmcymbal stand. Weight: 4lbsFeatures: The Marching Bass Pad features a 14“ wide setup with a 3“ target and a countersunk “...
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  • Kaces Snare Drum Backpack Bag w/ Cart
    Item # DC114WC
    | Mfg # KDP160W
    | UPC # 672485221029
    Ace Bag Backpack w/Cart features water resistant, luggage-grade nylon, thick protective padding, durable wheels & handle, zippered accessory pockets and built in handy backpack.
    $89.95 | SAVE 20%
  • Ahead Armor 16X16 Floor Tom Case
    Item # DC190AR2016
    | Mfg # AR2016
    | UPC # 753283220312
    Ahead Armor Cases begin with their unique shape. Featuring Revolution’s patented TruForm™ design, the shape of each case corresponds to the “true” shape of the drum plus its mounting hardware. The universal teardrop design allows for a much snugger drum fit. It also allows dealers to reduce their inventory by eliminating the need to double-stock separate bags for tom-toms with and without suspension mounts and bass drums w...
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  • Made of non-slip pure rubber for real action, these mutes make quiet practicing an option on the drum set. The MUTEPP3 package includes 12", 13", 14", 16", 22", hi hat mutes, crash mute, and a ride mute. The item number listed on this page is for a set of drum mutes, not a complete drum kit. The photograph on the left may be an example of a complete kit and is intended to be a representation of the drum mutes you are or...
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  • Kaces III Crash Pad Drum Rug w/ Nylon Bag
    Item # PB744
    | Mfg # KCP5
    | UPC # 672485203223
    The Kaces KCP5 Crash Pad drum rug is the world's best-selling drum rug, and is designed to keep your kit in place. Heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric provides sturdy anchoring for spurs and stands, and an additional wood barrier is located at the edge to help keep the bass drum firmly in place. We also include a nylon carry bag for easy transport to and from gigs or for storage when not in use. Rug dimensions: 5.5' x 4.5' (167.6 cm x 137.2 cm)...
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  • Meinl Black Drum Rug
    Item # DC590MDRBK
    | Mfg # MDRBK
    | UPC # 840553009774
    The specially designed Meinl drum rugs in four different unique finishes make for an absolutely special look. The entire bottom side is covered with rubber to avoid sliding and it comes with a bag for comfortable transportation. 160 cm (5.25 ft) x 200 cm (6.5 ft)
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  • Offworld V3 Invader Gum Rubber Suface Practice Pad w/ Red Rim
    Item # PC061V3RGR
    | Mfg # V3RGR
    | UPC # 741360267879
    The industry-standard Pro-rudimental drum practice pad, the patented INVADER Series has been carefully engineered to as closely as possible duplicate both the physical functionality and realism akin that of a true rudimental snare drum.  This elegant and cutting edge device is created for all areas of drumming, including orchestral and combo-based, drum & bugle corps, scottish pipe snare, rudimental percussionists, dedicated to honing in...
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  • Protection Racket 16x16 Floor Tom Case
    Item # DC7492016
    | Mfg # 2016
    | UPC # 847792000388
    One Piece Construction: effortless to use no need to muck about with lids buckles and straps. No buckles to break no straps to break. The Stitching Thread: Bonded nylon that doesn't deteriorate and holds the case together even if an area of stitching is breached. Double Stitching: To first complete the wall and two ends separately and then to join them together giving twice the security at the corners and edges for greater protection and durabili...
    $73.99 | SAVE 39%
  • Evans Real Feel Bass Drum Practice Pad
    Item # PA780BASS
    | Mfg # RFBASS
    | UPC # 019954955847
    The Real Feel Bass Drum Practice Pad is designed to work for either single or double bass drum pedals and can fold flat to fit in any travel bag. The foam rubber beater pad was selected for its resistance to wear, soft and unobtrusive sound, and its realistic rebound that will allow drummers to practice foot technique without compromising the feel they'd obtain from a real drum. (Pedal not included). Features: Folds Flat For Easy Transport ...
    $61.97 | SAVE 46%
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  • Evans Sound Off SOSETFSN Fusion Complete Drum Set Mute Box Set
    Item # PA811SOFSN
    | Mfg # SOSETFSN
    | UPC # 019954954543
    The SoundOff Assortment was created to serve any drummer on a budget by giving them the value of assortment package pricing. SoundOff can be purchased in various assortment options, from toms and snare only to the full kit with bass and cymbal mutes. This fantastic combination allows drummers of any financial range to enjoy the high caliber quality that the SoundOff name delivers.SoundOff drum mutes allow players to practice on their normal drum ...
    $79.98 | SAVE 49%
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